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  1. Any particular reason? Asking as one who never really used BGG before now.
  2. Indeed it does. My personal opinion is that for an answer to a rules question, Discord would get you the fastest response. As an overall forum though, I'm leaning towards BGG which may give you more in depth answers and better organization. Seems like some of the bigger hitters who usually answer my questions will be spread out amongst all the options.
  3. Reddit, Discord, BGG seem to be the consensus.
  4. Are you asking because of people migrating over to bgg before these shutdown or because you think there are people in search of components?
  5. What are people doing with their extra starter pack components? Much as I like having five sets of obstacles and six damage decks...haha. I've never thrown extra components away (I have an original core set box full with extra tokens, dials, etc), but I'm thinking about it now
  6. Hello all, I just got my second separatist starter set and realized (because of a bent antenna that eventually broke off) that the Munificent ship model IS supposed to have a little comms antenna on top near the bridge! Both my ships came with this miniscule piece broken, so tiny in fact I didn't notice it missing the first time. It triggered VSD antenna nightmares all over again. Did most people come intact? Not worth returning for such a small issue in my opinion. Just curious.
  7. I'm missing both (sets) my ARC-170 ships (six total) from my Squadron pack. Anyone have duplicates?
  8. Can I use reactive gunnery if my available readied defense tokens were all accuracy'd?
  9. This, I understand. But do you actually get to use the effect of the CF token (reroll) as you are spending it to unlock GT? I saw an old post from June where you had commented on a rules question " when you spend a token as part of the cost of a card Effect it does not also Grant the resolution of a command or other card effects." Just want to be sure I've been using the "spend" action correctly.
  10. And one copy of each superweapon?!?! Like anybody has less than three Onagers 🤪
  11. It just clicked for me. I wasn't thinking about it being a single attack step, a maneuver step, and then a new attack step. I think that's where my confusion came from. Thanks!
  12. Nope. Same situation I on here. I also had a seppie squad in my order. Nothing
  13. And another one; Demolisher. Based on the new RRG clarification, "Demolisher only affects one of the ship’s attacks. It must perform its other attack during the Attack step of its activation or that attack is forfeited." 1.)Does that mean I could choose to forfeit my first attack, maneuver, then complete my second attack? 2.)Or is it always attack-maneuver-(optional) attack again? 3.)Can I choose to not use the maneuver and just do two normal attacks? Thanks in advance.
  14. Were there any changes made to the writing or effects of damage cards? I could possibly see myself using all the standard sized card upgrades and whatnot but sticking with the mini damage decks, assuming there was no change.
  15. Thanks for that link; thats awesome, and had no idea the pic was from that legends timeline!
  16. I had a slight inkling thats what they were, just couldn't remember! Thats awesome! Bring in those babies.
  17. With the bigger card sizes, I'm noticing a few more details in some card art. Can anyone tell me what the ships shown in the background art for 'Intensify Firepower!' are? They look somewhat familiar but also look rather Star Trek-y.
  18. I saw on one of the other postings something about how Engine techs used to be used for double ramming and how the new 1.5 updates stopped that by adding "if you overlap a ship exhaust this card". I'm assuming the new statement refers to the original maneuver the ship makes, not the additional maneuver granted by engine techs? So example: I execute my first maneuver and end overlapping a ship, I therefore exhaust Engine Tech card, now I am unable to make an additional maneuver with that card. Is all this correct?
  19. Sorry, I've been chatty today. Does there exist any program where I could enter how many sets of each expansion I have to total up the different upgrade cards I have? Maybe one of the fleet generators (i don't often use so I'm not familiar)? I could then use this to see how many upgrade card packs I would need IF I wanted to replace all my minis. I know they're still legal, but I may want all the updated info and I'm slightly OCD
  20. The Hardcell's are gorgeous little ships...and by little, I mean MASSIVE!!! On the box they look like they're about 1/2 the size of the front of the Munificent. In real life they're just as big as the front of the Munificent. I've never had an issue with the proportions in Armada, but this just seemed more egregious than others. Also I forsee that little stand peg snapping off. Still gorgeous!
  21. I've never pre-ordered from them, but I have bought from them and it was a good experience. I dunno, my Miniature Market order has shipped and is arriving today while my order straight from Asmodee hasn't done anything and says pending.
  22. For the past two weeks we've all participated in the 'airing of greivences', so now we can all truly celebrate a Happy Festivus (where my "Seinfeld" fans at?!) with the release of Clone Wars and the arrival of our Starter sets! Time to dance around the poll, unbox your ships, and let the dice roll!! A Happy Festivus for the Rest of Us!
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