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  1. That's where I had started! I was just making sure there was nothing else I was missing. Thanks!
  2. Hello All, Unfortunately,I won't get my hands on RitR for a couple months, but the task force play intrigues me and I'd like to play some games using those conditions. Can someone with the expansion please give the exact details of how to play using 200 pt. Task force rules? I've looked at the wiki and seen some of the differences (no squadron cap, suggested scenarios) but I feel like it doesn't have everything. Or have I missed FFG uploading rules somewhere? Much Appreciated!
  3. For a binder, I use these from BCW for all my ships (squadrons and upgrades have different size). Tarot sized cards usually slip in from sides, but with a small cutt to the top edge, SSD card slide in from top, AND I can still display my title cards for easy selection. Binder Page for SSD Page Dimensions
  4. I'm sure someone else has said this, but I wish the stands for the SSD were taller. It's annoying taking smaller ships off their bases when they get close to the big guy.
  5. Those dimensions were the brown shipping box. Crazy I know. It fit my SSD box like a glove!
  6. 24"x16.5"x4" It's beautiful.
  7. What's your favorite laser pointing device to use?
  8. So now that we have the Starhawk and Onager announcement as SWM32 and SWM33, are people still thinking SWM28 is still an upcomming release? Or can we just assume whatever it was, it has been scrapped?
  9. Just got my shipping email from Miniature Market! Scheduled to ship out today from St. Louis and arrive to me by the end of tomorrow (Chicago)!!!!!
  10. If I remember correctly from Star Wars Celebration, engines are blue. Based on unit they had on display.
  11. Hello All! I am a Completionist when it comes to Armada, usually just collecting one of each ship/expansion for casual games with the wife. I do collect both factions, and as you know even collecting one of everything is still pretty pricey in the end (I still want that SSD, gods willing!). Especially with the recent article on huge ship play and rules for X-Wing, I've been wondering whether to get into it or not. I feel you can't really be a Completionist for X-WING, but rather need to buy multiples of many ships to build different squadrons and what not. Since I've only watched/read about X-WING and don't know that much, I'm wondering if people from the Armada community dabble in both games, and whether it's worth investing into if I'm not really Keen on doing multiples of everything I buy? Again, if I did get into X-Wing, it would just be casual play, not tournament level. Thanks!
  12. Hi. Love the look of your products. You wouldn't by chance offer painted versions of asteroids/stations, even at an upcharge? I think I can guess your answer, I'm just a horrible painter!
  13. Super excited for the Armada info given at Celebration panel today. Curious if people know the next gaming event/convention/etc. where we might get the official announcement on what the "two decent sized ships" coming before end of year are?
  14. From the choices given: Clone Wars. However, in the realm of make believe:a standalone Yuuzhan Vong fleet that jumps out hyperspace to force the Rebel/Empire factions to unite for humanity!
  15. Hello everyone, Looking for a clarification on the Grav shift and grav well cards. Both are used before "deploying" fleets. I take this to mean you place the markers at the start of the game in set-up and they do not move for the rest of the game. Am I interpreting these cards correctly? Thanks!
  16. Hello all. Brand New to the forums, relatively new to Armada, but getting the hang of things. One question I was hoping to get answered that I didn't find while scrolling through topic threads: Do upgrade cards that come with different ship expansion packs apply to ONLY that ship, or can they be used for any ship in that faction? For instance, if a Star destroyer comes with tractor beam upgrades, can those cards be given to other ships as well our just the star destroyer? Thanks in advance!
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