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  1. Do we expect to see N-1 Starfighters in the Republic squadron pack? I know it wasn't part of the GAR, but it's such an iconic ship from the prequels, I can't imagine them not being present.
  2. I just had an exogorth wipe FIVE squadrons, including one of my own, in a single round. I didn't even care. It was amazing and hilarious.
  3. Hey all, Need a quick answer as a game is under way. For Infested Fields, when you overlap an obstacle to claim a token, do ships still suffer the damage effects from overlapping an obstacle? Or does the objective iverule the normal damage given out. Thanks!
  4. Well I just got mine this past Wednesday from Asmodee/FFG, when I ordered on 6/2. Out of the two LGS I would visit in IL, one is still closed from Corona virus and the other hadn't gotten any restocks of Armada in Months. I'll go buy another Starhawk from them tthe one LGS to make it even.
  5. Do you have a pic of yours? Or have you posted it before in a thread. I love to see what everyones done to their SSDs.
  6. Sorry to be bringing up an old thread, but do you thin with some painstakingly good taping, this paint job could be recreated without complete disassembly of the model? I've never painted anything, and I'm even more nervous to take it apart. It just looks so **** good!
  7. Genuinely curious, because I liked the film, what did people dislike about L3? I've seen it come up a few times.
  8. Quasars are available in the Asmodee store at MSRP!
  9. Yeah, I actually didn't even care about getting a second deck. I was reinforcing my rebel fleet with a purchase and just happened to get one. The question remains, for casual players, is it more fair for each side to use their own or do you just share one deck?
  10. So I assume FFG intended both players to be able to share the one included damage deck, which I've always done for my casual games at home. However, I recently acquired a second one through a used starter fleet. Now that I have a second, is it more fair for each player to have their own deck during a game? Or does it not matter? Out of curiosity, do official tournaments have a clear rule on the matter?
  11. I'm glad this movie is getting some love!
  12. Just wondering, once the world resumes semi-normalcy, if folks think current GCW ships that are hard to find will become easier to get or even harder as we approach the Clone Wars launch? Obviously on FFGs end the importance will be to push new stock (which I, for one, am stoked for), however, it would be nice to get raked over the coals on the secondary market filling in the gaps of my current fleets. I've done WORK over these past few weeks getting stuff on Ebay and FB groups, but I grow tired of the grind. Thoughts?
  13. I've thought about this hard on the past year. I always said EX-e-cue-tor, (as in one who executed people) but looking it up that's not a real word. I guess I was thinking about the word executioner. It almost had to be ex-EC-u-tor, as in one who executes a will or specific action. Did any of that make sense?
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