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  1. I've got Hoth Leia, Lando, Loku, Vereena, the Grand Inquisitor, and Vinto coming along shortly.
  2. Just speaking towards Legion and other Star Wars games. That license alone is big, big bucks. That's where the majority of price points come in to play with these figures.
  3. Thanks. It's subtle but there are two greys dry brushed for the cape.
  4. Finally got over some painter's block. Agent Blaise up first.
  5. Some Rebel Troops. I'm not to pleased with the way the white went down on their helmets.
  6. Thanks for the compliments. I totally agree with you on the Aliens and Creatures/Droids. There's so much more to work with there. I have the Tusken Raiders on deck next.
  7. Really love the pose on Biv. I just wish the gun was a little more detailed. And bigger.
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