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  1. For me it is 3 factions. I play mostly Imperial. My son plays only Rebels. I am a true mercenary with Scum though. I only buy ships with money earned through commission work (ie Bounties).
  2. Sounds like dancing on a razor's edge. How very Mandalorian of you. I approve. On the other hand I have had some great success with triple bounty hunters. It is reasonably easy to fly, yet maneuverable enough to be interesting.
  3. I have flown it a fair bit. Fenn is fun but he doesn't deal well with mistakes. I found that my Firesprays were doing most of the heavy lifting so I just traded Fenn in for another base Firespray.
  4. Here is a set of template tray's I made for a friend. It's not templates but I figured it could fit here.
  5. When I am stuck for a name I use the suggested words feature of my phone. I start typing a random letter and then pick squad names purely from what the keyboard suggests. My favorites are "Hey There" and "I'll Let Ya Go"
  6. I'd rather find a way to include Death Troopers on Vermeil. They make for sad ships when they are scared to use their linked actions. The Reaper can do a deceptively deep dive into where the opponent is going to be - preventing actions (which dovetails nicely into Vermeil's ability). No, no, no - even better - swap out Countdown for a base Reaper with Death Troopers. That I1 ship can pick it's spot and give out coordinates! It will even leave you 2 points for predator on Vermeil.
  7. That looks pretty good. Found a bug. The Auzituck gunship shows coordinate instead of reinforce.
  8. That is awesome. Thanks. Now I wish I hadn't spent hours using your previous tools to build a full sets of quick builds. I have the Imperials finished and most of the rebels. These quick build cards are great to to do demo games with. Everything is in one place.
  9. Awesome! This will be great for quick build escalation tournaments! I'm also going to use these cards to teach my students to play X-Wing. I have been looking for something like this. Thankyou. Any ideas of how to use this to make the quick build ships that break the standard squad builder rules? It would be awesome if you figured out a way to make it work with more upgrades. I just made the Luke quick build card and it didn't all fit. It would probably work better if there was some space between the generated card and the generator itself. That way even if the text reaches below the card itself I can still clip it out without unwanted text.
  10. I use a thinned down ink on my panels. I base coat everything (with an airbrush) then I apply a thinned down ink to the panels. If I slop any ink off to the sides then I can just touch it up with the base coat color and the brush. http://makeperday.blogspot.com/2017/02/project-255-painting-tie-fighters-for-x.html?q=X+wing
  11. I have always been using the back side of my template tray lid in 1.0. I stick the sleeves on with double sided tape. I am hoping that my lists will continue to be simple enough to fit everything on.
  12. I have 3D printed a set of the tiles. I used them to replace a broken drawer front on my desk at work. The wife veto'ed the Death Star themed headboard for our bed. The tiles are great to look at and make dioramas from but I would not play over them (unless I put a layer of clear resin over top). If you have access to a 3D printer the files are available on the internet. If you had to pay for printing time then yes they are expensive. (I figure I would have to charge at least $4.00 per tile to make any money). The filament costs are not terribly high - it is just slow.
  13. Norra's a bit over the top. unfortunately this model won't reflect her 2.0 traits. The idea for the guns came from somebody else on Reddit I believe.
  14. The Striker That Ate ALL the Pies! (I can't remember who described it that way but it will never be the Reaper in my mind again.......)
  15. "I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be, than me." ― The Bad Guy Affirmation 1. I'm too aggressive at times. What is this pulling back and regrouping thing you speak of? 2. I am a bit of a special snowflake and have to run something different than everyone else. It isn't always a great list. It also means that I don't fly and get to know some of the top ships in the meta (ie Miranda and Nym). 3. Most of my practice is against my 11 yr old (who beats me more often than I would like to admit.) 4. I don't understand my win conditions well enough and don't approach each battle with a specific plan for success. (Kill em all isn't quite good enough.) On a side note coming in dead last in my first regional cured my of one of reasons for being bad. That is the last time I picked a list based upon what ships I had repainted. Now I repaint based upon the lists I want to fly.
  16. Okay - I have a bone to pick with you folks. I just tried this list on Vassal and fell in love with it. It is pure joy and a great way to practice arcs for 2.0. The real problem - Do I buy a second pricey silencer for just a couple of months of tabletop play? What if I don't use the second one in 2.0? Grrrr......decisions.
  17. Poultrybane


    Operations Specialist for the win! I play this list against my son every once in a while when he gets cheeky. Imperial Trainee (17) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Imperial Trainee (17) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Imperial Trainee (17) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Imperial Trainee (17) Lightweight Frame (2) Adaptive Ailerons (0) Scimitar Squadron Pilot (16) Operations Specialist (3) Rebel Captive (3) Lightweight Frame (2) TIE Shuttle (0) Total: 100 View in Yet Another Squad Builder
  18. I bring an 11 year old with me. The only time it is a real problem is when I play against that 11 year old. Luckily he lies very poorly and I can tell when he is trying to mess me up. Actually, the first time I came across a Shadowcaster I did not believe my opponent.............
  19. I'll trade you. I am color blind. The red and green maneuvers look identical to me.
  20. "I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be, than me." ― The Bad Guy Affirmation (Wreck It Ralph)
  21. Great work gentlemen. We tried out all the objectives during the holidays. We made a few modifications to suit our needs. Many of the games involved 3 people. Not all of the objectives worked with 3 but several did. Our first change was to change to 60 point lists (more on this later). The smaller lists kept the board from getting too crowded. Deployment zones were two corners on one side (with a range ruler creating at a 45 degree angle) and a range ruler in the middle of the opposite side. Some of the objective zones were changed from a band to the center square. We also had a gentleman's agreement to avoid some of the traditional points fortresses (Miranda, Corran Horn, etc). We also changed the win condition to 60 points. Many of the objective points were changed as well. (With the exception of the proximity objectives - those were harder with 3 players). As written most of the objectives add up to 100 points - we just change them to add up to 60 (the size of one list). Everybody always seemed to gang up on the scariest ship then ignore the rest of that list to move onto the next scariest ship. As a player gained advantage the other two always ganged up on him. As for the 60 point lists - they ended up being really interesting. You had to make enough sacrifices that it brought out lots of rarely used pilots. We just kept using 60 point lists in 2 player games. They stayed fun.
  22. Deadeye works just fine if you don't have a weapons disable token. Use it on the initial approach and any where you didn't have to reload/slam.
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