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  1. Any chance of late signups? Got an empty spot you need to fill? Sorry - I missed this post.
  2. For me it is 3 factions. I play mostly Imperial. My son plays only Rebels. I am a true mercenary with Scum though. I only buy ships with money earned through commission work (ie Bounties).
  3. Sounds like dancing on a razor's edge. How very Mandalorian of you. I approve. On the other hand I have had some great success with triple bounty hunters. It is reasonably easy to fly, yet maneuverable enough to be interesting.
  4. I have flown it a fair bit. Fenn is fun but he doesn't deal well with mistakes. I found that my Firesprays were doing most of the heavy lifting so I just traded Fenn in for another base Firespray.
  5. Here is a set of template tray's I made for a friend. It's not templates but I figured it could fit here.
  6. When I am stuck for a name I use the suggested words feature of my phone. I start typing a random letter and then pick squad names purely from what the keyboard suggests. My favorites are "Hey There" and "I'll Let Ya Go"
  7. I'd rather find a way to include Death Troopers on Vermeil. They make for sad ships when they are scared to use their linked actions. The Reaper can do a deceptively deep dive into where the opponent is going to be - preventing actions (which dovetails nicely into Vermeil's ability). No, no, no - even better - swap out Countdown for a base Reaper with Death Troopers. That I1 ship can pick it's spot and give out coordinates! It will even leave you 2 points for predator on Vermeil.
  8. That looks pretty good. Found a bug. The Auzituck gunship shows coordinate instead of reinforce.
  9. That is awesome. Thanks. Now I wish I hadn't spent hours using your previous tools to build a full sets of quick builds. I have the Imperials finished and most of the rebels. These quick build cards are great to to do demo games with. Everything is in one place.
  10. Awesome! This will be great for quick build escalation tournaments! I'm also going to use these cards to teach my students to play X-Wing. I have been looking for something like this. Thankyou. Any ideas of how to use this to make the quick build ships that break the standard squad builder rules? It would be awesome if you figured out a way to make it work with more upgrades. I just made the Luke quick build card and it didn't all fit. It would probably work better if there was some space between the generated card and the generator itself. That way even if the text reaches below the card itself I can still clip it out without unwanted text.
  11. I use a thinned down ink on my panels. I base coat everything (with an airbrush) then I apply a thinned down ink to the panels. If I slop any ink off to the sides then I can just touch it up with the base coat color and the brush. http://makeperday.blogspot.com/2017/02/project-255-painting-tie-fighters-for-x.html?q=X+wing
  12. I have always been using the back side of my template tray lid in 1.0. I stick the sleeves on with double sided tape. I am hoping that my lists will continue to be simple enough to fit everything on.
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