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  1. Thanks for posting up your list Green Dragoon. I copied you and have been running it for the last couple of months and took it to Krayt Cup this past weekend. This is my version: Lieutenant Bastian — Integrated S-Foils, BB Astromech Jessika Pava — Integrated S-Foils, BB Astromech Temmin Wexley — Composure, Integrated S-Foils L'ulo L'ampar — Trickshot I ended up 4-2 with it in the team tournament. My 2 losses were close. One was Lando, Wedge, Norra and the other was Lando, Wedge, Luke. The action efficiency of those lists and the fact that they both move after all of my ships and shoot first was something I just couldn't quite overcome. My wins all came against swarms. A Howlrunner swarm, an Inferno Squad swarm, a Vader and Academy swarm, and a Y-wing swarm with ion turrets and Veteran Turret gunner. You beat one tie swarm and guess what your team captain decides you get to do the rest of the day? This list is a lot of fun and a sneaky good jouster.
  2. PAX Unplugged should have one in Nov/Dec this year. I am not sure if they have a date yet. You can look at wherever Cascade games goes to have X-wing System Opens and pretty much guarantee that Keyforge will be there too.
  3. Looks the same as the Flambeau “Quotient” series they sell at Walmart here in the states. Not sure who would sell them in Australia, but you might try searching for that brand name. https://www.flambeauoutdoors.com/ike-quotient-iq-series-utility-box-small.aspx
  4. The target lock isn’t passed until after the primary shot.
  5. Both of the stores I go to said they have already ordered their store champ kits from their distributor. They are just waiting to have them in hand to announce their date. They said the window is from June till early August.
  6. I found a two-ring binder on clearance at Michaels that works. It's a tight fit, but didn't require any modification.
  7. Welcome to the Krayt meta...
  8. I've been using this list lately, though for fun I usually use Determination instead of VI on Rey. Chewbacca (42) A Score to Settle (0) C3-PO (3) Chopper (0) Rey (45) VI(1) Finn (5) Kanan(3) Millennium Falcon (TFA) (1)
  9. I would add K4 security droid, engine upgrade and maybe glitterstim to Ketsu.
  10. How about Pure Sabaac with title, lightweight frame and swarm leader? Or my old favorite, Deathfire with Conner net, concussion missles, extra munitions and guidance chips or long range scanners. Wampa and an academy tie might be good to throw in as blockers, too.
  11. To make Ezra even tankier, have you considered swapping rage for elusiveness?
  12. Yes and no. Kanan interrupts the resolution of Inertial Dampeners as soon as the maneuver is executed and must be resolved right then and there. You don't get to put him on hold, move forwards past that trigger point, then come back to him so he actually does something. 1. Reveal your dial, triggering Inertial Dampeners. 2. Execute white [0 stop]. 2a. Move the ship (or not). 2b. Check pilot stress. 2c. Cleanup 3. Kanan's "After you execute a white maneuver" trigger is met and he interrupts the resolution of Inertial Dampeners.* 4. Dampeners continues to resolve & applies stress token. Refer here for a near-identical situation with Kanan and Daredevil. * Though note Kanan could trigger here and get rid of an existing stress token (ie. you find you want to use ID the turn after performing a red move). It's not like there's no synergy at all here. Thanks for the help. That makes more sense now. Soon we will need a flow chart for the movement phase, too.
  13. I'm not sure I understand why Kanan can't remove stress from inertial dampeners. Kanan's ability triggers after the cleanup substep of the Execute maneuver step but before the perform action step. Isn't that the exact same time Inertial Dampeners assigns a stress token? After you complete a white (zero) maneuver, but before you take an action?
  14. I ran a similar list in a tournament a couple weeks ago and went 3-1. Bossk Fearlessness Mangler cannon Zuckuss 4-LOM Dengar Inertial dampeners Title Assaj VI Shadowcaster title Gyroscopic targeting BMST Rigged cargo K4 security droid Now I have modified the list to swap the Hounds Tooth title for cluster missles and guidance chips, VI for adaptability for more freedom of movement, and Rigged cargo for glitterstim because the debris really didn't seem to do much and I hardly ever bothered to drop it. I am still debating between cluster missles and concussion missles though...
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