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  1. If you were to play Sense, would it be better on an I4 so you can guarantee moving first to block? You could play Mace with Sense and have an extra force charge.
  2. You can define ace however you want, bud. Just because I don't consider it an ace doesn't mean you have to get bent out of shape. That said, player skill being equal, an I5 "ace" with the same abilities won't beat an I6 ace heads up. What makes the I5 an ace then? To me, an ace is what I described because it wins against all lower initiative ships heads up, player skill being equal. The question then isn't which ones are most cost effective because they're all rare and should cost a lot. The question is if you need that effect in your list.
  3. You're right. He's probably not an ace in 2.0 although he was in 1.0. Ok
  4. Pilot abilities, beyond repositioning, have nothing to do with whether a ship is an ace. "Disturbingly" is pretty melodramatic. Haha
  5. Yeah, I forgot Anakin. He's definitely an ace.
  6. What? An ace is an I6, double-repositioning ship with three attack dice and, usually, three defense dice. The only aces I can think of right now are Soontir Fel, Fenn Rau, and Poe Dameron. Kylo Ren and Obi-Wan Kenobi are very close to being aces. Darth Vader is an ace as long as he has Afterburners charges.
  7. I wonder why. You can still fit Braylen, Ten, Cassian, and a blue squadron in a list. (51) Braylen Stramm [A/SF-01 B-wing] (48) Ten Numb [A/SF-01 B-wing] (51) Cassian Andor [UT-60D U-wing] (0) Pivot Wing (6) Leia Organa (41) Blue Squadron Escort [T-65 X-wing] (0) Servomotor S-foils Total: 197 You could put Swarm Tactics on Ten so you have three ships at I4 if you really want it.
  8. That poll is way too long. Basically, I think the "nerfs" were about as mild as could be and didn't change things much at all. The fact that Vader is still cheaper than Fenn Rau is criminal. Vader with Afterburners should be at least 80 pts. I laughed when I saw the Phantom changes. So you can still run three full Sigma's and some other ship like, Gideon Hask? It's exactly what I said it would be if they didn't make Phantoms 50 pts. Yes, they took a hit but it's relatively mild and since every other top tier list also took a slight hit (Drea took a big hit actually) their relative power is similar to what it was before. I can run the same lists as before with minor concessions. This point update was pointless.
  9. It would be like 3mb. 😐
  10. I don't know what that has to do with anything. I literally don't know a single person that uses the official app. Why are we downloading 7+ documents for a points update? Also, it's 2019 bro. Use Launch Bay Next.
  11. Holy ****. These are very milquetoast changes. Way to shake the meta up. /sarcasm
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