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  1. I hear that people who mispronounce "Uthuk Ylan" are eaten first.
  2. The biggest issue I'm running into is that they have already announced the Latari. There are several people in my area that have decided to wait it out figuring that the release cant be that far away if they are showing models. If they follow some release time table where it takes 6 months from announcement to tabletop a lot of people are going to forget about Runewars and move on to something else. Having only 2 factions at start is fine. But if you announce stuff and show the product you have to have a fast turnaround.
  3. That's the joy of being a pioneer in a new game system. With only two factions power level comes down to which side figures out their army first. It will balance out over the long haul.
  4. I'm a huge warhammer fan and really like rune wars so far. It captures everything I love about rank and flank fantasy games. I've found that the movement mechanics are one of the best things about how they made runewars. Rank and Flank games have always had very specific and restrictive movement mechanics. The movement templates keep that feel while making movement much faster and less fiddly.
  5. I honestly don't see the issue with not being able to get literally every neutral upgrade from the expansions of a single faction. Nothing they have put out so far is so powerful the other armies can't compete without it. It isn't like Waiqar and Daqan will suddenly suck because they don't get that card. It adds variety to the game, and that is a good thing. The caveat to this is that the neutral upgrades stay balanced enough that they don't invalidate a faction if it doesn't have it. If you have to have a neutral upgrade to compete and it is only available in one expansion box that will be a problem.
  6. Heh, units being corner-to-corner is a corner case...
  7. You have to define terms the way that the rulebook defines them. Like it or not, the only way the rulebook defines whether something is melee or ranged is the icon on the card. Also, using an undefined term that doesn't appear within the section of the rules where the definitions of the games terms are given isnt proper interpretation technique. Undefined terms are given meaning by defined terms. You cant just make up your own definitions. It may not be the intended meaning, and it may get changed later, but currently within the rules kari's special is melee not ranged. That means it doesnt require line of sight.
  8. So, where is everyone reading the rule that states that if an ability uses the range ruler it is a ranged attack or ranged effect? the only places where I've seen definitions for melee and ranged abilities are: 1.1- If a unit's ability is preceded by a melee icon, it can use that ability when performing a melee attack action. 1.2- If a unit's ability is preceded by a ranged icon, it can use that ability when performing a ranged attack action. To clarify when using surges: The bullet point in 1.3- abilities preceded by a surge icon are associated with either a melee or ranged icon. To use such an ability, a unit must spend the appropriate number of surges while performing the corresponding attack action. 4.3- Units perform actions during the activation phase. Each icon represents a different action as follows: Melee attack (melee icon), ranged attack (ranged icon). To summarize: An ability is melee or ranged based off of its icon. Surge abilities are linked to an icon and can only be used when performing the attack action that matches that icon. The actions you take are defined as melee or ranged based on the icon you select on the command dial. Kari's surge ability to preceded by a melee icon. Melee icons specify that a surge ability is used as part of a melee attack. Melee attacks do not require line of sight. Therefore, Kari's surge ability does not require line of sight.
  9. My worry would be taking multiple charges at once. It may be hard to put enough blight into enough units to keep it from getting mulched if you make a positioning mistake. Blight may work best as a distraction in this list. Get your opponent so worried about the archers and lancers that your big scary block gets to dictate combats.
  10. But they only get a defense modifier if they rally, reform or shift. And all of those actions take place after another unit would have attacked them in melee. That means that the defense modifier plus regeneration synergy really only works if you have prepared properly prior to being charged. I will admit that my gripe may have more to do with how the mechanic feels than how it actually performs. It is far more satisfying to just straight mitigate damage like spearmen can. Losing 6 figures and getting 1-2 back just isnt satisfying on any level.
  11. The biggest difference is the synergies with the rest of the army. Ardus synergizes well with the Waiqar and is also their most powerful combat unit. Not having the ability to take a greater number of upgrades on your units and losing the best unit for using the blight you put out hurts. Kari, on the other hand, doesn't effect anything else if she isn't there. For her points you can take a unit that may put out less damage, but is more resilient and might even fit your army build better.
  12. While I completely agree that the game will change over time I don't see how that will really help regeneration. The core issue with the mechanic is the damage output of even the most basic unit in this game. The only model in the core set that isn't threat 2 base is the carrion lancer. With the readily available rerolls it is very easy for units to kill a whole tray of defense 1 figures. This isn't a "core set" issue it is a game mechanic issue. As long as every unit is running around doing 2+ damage per hit regeneration will be mediocre. I doubt we'll see the core mechanics of the game change. And, to me, that is what has to happen for regeneration to shine.
  13. For casual games I have no problem with playing with unpainted models. I'm going to do my best to be fully painted before I play in any events though.
  14. I like 'em. The paint scheme makes them look brutal.
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