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  1. I received it on Monday, I think the new ships they included that aren't already in another source book are: The ISD II-class, MC75, Starhawk, Onager, Arrestor Cruiser, and Gladiator-class SD. Edit: There is a picture for every entry (I think) Starfighters & Shuttles: Aggressor Assault Fighter, Alpha-class XG-1 Assault Gunboat, Auzituck-class Gunship, RZ-1 A-Wing, B-Wing, Delta-class Shuttle, Protectorate Starfighter, Firespray Patrol Craft, G-1A Starfighter, Kihraxz Starfighter, Kimogila, Lambda-class Shuttle, Scyk Interceptor, Sentinel-class Landing Craft, HH-87, Starviper, TIE Adv. v1, TIE Adv x1, TIE/ln, TIE/ag, TIE/rb "Brute", TIE/d, TIE/in, TIE/mg, TIE/ph, TIE/ca (punisher), TIE/rp, TIE/sk, U-Wing, VT-49, X-Wing, Y-Wing, Z-95, Zeta-class Cargo Shuttle Cruisers & Frigates: Arquitens, Assault Frigate mk2, Braha'tok, Cantwell (Arrestor), CR90, C-ROC, DP20, Dreadnought, Nebulon-B, Gozanti, Hammerhead, Indulgent-class Starliner, Marauder Corvette, MC30, MC40a, Pelta, Quasar, Raider, Neutron Star Cruiser Battleships: Assertor Dreadnought, Death Star I & II, Executor, Gladiator, ISD 1 & 2-class, Interdictor Cruiser, MC75, MC80 Liberty, MC80 Home One, Onager, Secutor, Starhawk, Victory II-class
  2. 11/16/2019 - Gameology (Upland, CA) I only remember top 3 for this one: 1. I believe @BrobaFett is the handle, he can dump his list 2. https://armada.ryankingston.com/fleet/68925/ 3. https://armada.ryankingston.com/fleet/69686/
  3. Welcome back and thank you for the feedback! It is by design that you see the other Heavy Weapon upgrades that exist for that faction. I made this decision because when I'm building a list I find it useful to see all the other upgrades (even if I cannot select) for comparative reasons. There are features currently being worked on right now that will allow users to customize exactly how they want the builder to display cards when going through the list building process.
  4. Apologies, I made some recent changes so I'll keep a very close eye on it today. I think you meant to post in the Tabletop Admiral thread, I don't support inventory management (yet). 😁
  5. Most likely, but to be honest it's lower on the priority list and likely wouldn't be implemented until end of October-ish. I think I'm more likely to put some sort of warning or alert somewhere that explains the current list is not legal and the reason for it.
  6. It is indeed possible. Right now you can add multiples of the same unit in the 'role window' by incrementing the stack but I definitely like the idea of being able to add multiple different units from one window without removing the selection when you pick one, similar to how adding command cards currently works (in the 2.0 version). I'll add this to the list. 😉
  7. Still have not reworked the list consolidation, hopefully I can find time this week to do that soon. I have also updated both builders with all the new point costs revealed in today's stream and have also added Offensive Push (training upgrade), Luke and Vader's new 1 pip, and Vader's new 2 pip. Unfortunately, with the new point costs, if you have a saved list in the 1.0 builder you will have to remove and re-add units/upgrades for their point changes to take in effect. This was part of the reason why the 2.0 version is being built, I was very sloppy with the first one. Also, I will probably be moving forward with decommissioning the 1.0 builder in October. All saved lists in the 1.0 builder will be ported into the 2.0 list builder. As for user interface concerns, please let me know if there's something with the 2.0 builder that you don't like.
  8. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/1/a-new-age-of-battle/
  9. Updates: Moved all functionality that was revealed through a hover over into a menu (the icon that is the 3 dots in a vertical) on the far right. This icon can be pressed to open a menu where you can add upgrades and do things like increment/decrement the stack and delete the stack This icon can be held to drag and drop the row if you wanted to rearrange the order of rows in your list (this also fixes the scrolling issue on mobile) Eventually I will also make the list automagically consolidate rows that are identical as well as adding upgrades modifying just 1 unit in the stack instead of all (perhaps in a couple days this'll be done). Let me know how you guys feel about the new row configuration. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll definitely try reworking the row configuration and reconsider how stacks currently work.
  11. Update: Comms technicians now add an upgrade slot. I haven't tested this much so it could still be a bit buggy. I've increased the margin on the right where you can use your finger to scroll on mobile. Firefox mobile (and perhaps other mobile browsers, but I have found Chrome Mobile works correctly) thinks you're trying to drag and drop when you try to scroll with a finger. This will take a bit more time to come with the correct solution. I've heard feedback that the point totals can be a bit buggy sometimes so I've reworked how list point totals are calculated. I've been fiddling with how to do text exports so any feedback on how to format this is welcome. Here is an current example of the new text export: Edit: Command cards are now included when you share a URL to your list Compared to the previous builder's text export:
  12. You are both in luck! These two issues (scrolling and comms tech) have been on my radar for a while and are going to be resolved by the end of today. For my phone, I've found the scrolling issue disappears on Google Chrome, so that could possibly be a temporary fix for today; mobile web development can be so finicky at times!
  13. Bug Catcher Thraug over here... a fix for this has been deployed. 😁
  14. Legion-HQ 2.0 changes: Hey guys, I have pushed out an update to export images of your list, feel free to test it and let me know if you have any issues with that. I've also reworked the left panel to be a bit more reminiscent of the original builder; the intention is to keep the simplicity but also improve the overall structure of the rows as well as reduce the number of clicks to perform the basic operations (adding upgrades, deleting a unit, etc.). I also turned the list point total into a button that switches between 3 formats: the 500-point mode that's been going around, standard, and grand army. Comments and feedback are all welcome as always. 😉
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