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  1. Is this any help? The hangars are where the engines themselves "should" be, which does look rather poor doesn't it. I'd have preferred to see the hangers along the centre line, facing outwards.
  2. I've never taken 2 ISD's (I'd have to borrow one ), but I don't think it would go well somehow . Do you think your success was partly down to the surprise/shock element?
  3. I'm sorry, you seem to have lost me there. I was saying it would be foolish to mod the game without making a few tweaks to restore balance, and then complain about the loss of balance. How do tournament results with the standard game help with this? Congratulations on your success by the way. I too have a soft spot for the mighty ISD .
  4. I think only a fool would do that. When modding a game it's almost always necessary to also make some minor changes to restore the balance isn't it.
  5. Those two lists are spookily like a couple of mine - you must be a mind reader! Have had a lot of fun with both of them, especially now Ciena has finally got a regulation haircut . The pass rule isn't bad for the game, just changes it to a form we all prefer. Give it a go, you might like it .
  6. I think you may be right. Nobody in our group is a win-at-all-costs type of player, not in any of the games we play. I'm beginning to realise what a huge gulf there is between the meta of a casual game, and the rarefied upper reaches of the serious competitive scene. Many people seem to genuinely enjoy the thrill of tournaments though, so go for it I say. It's just not my cup of tea I'm afraid.
  7. No offence, but this is why I don't play in tournaments. If anyone came to one of our group games with this list they would suffer death by derision and scorn . But of course, each to his own, that's the joy of this hobby isn't it.
  8. At the risk of being off topic, can I just heartily recommend returning to 40K, they really do seem to have got it about as good as it will ever be. Shame you didn't keep some of your old models, as you say GW is still eyewateringly expensive isn't it .
  9. I don't think it matters so long as both players are happy with it? Had to chuckle at your friend's AoS modding - we did much the same, and still can't get a decent game out of it . I don't want to give the idea that House Ruling is the best way to go by the way, far from it. We are having a blast with Star Wars Destiny, X-Wing, and even the latest 40K straight from the box. As people have said, it's great for casual pick-up gaming if everyone is on the same song sheet.
  10. Oh dear, looks like I'll have to do the boring, half page, off topic post after all . One of the great things about table top games is how easy it is to modify them to suit your own personal taste. Most members of our group have been gaming for many years, and have definite preferences when it comes to game mechanics, especially the Cantankerous Old Git section . There's only a couple of guys interested in tournaments, and of course there they use the standard tournament rules. The problems we have with the standard game are these: 1) The same person goes first every turn. Alternating Activation games have been around a long time, and our 3 preferred mechanics are an initiative based system like X-Wing and the new Runewars game, take turns to go first, or the bidding system we use for Armada. If you use any of these systems you don't need the asymmetric missions that come with the standard game - much more fun to make our own. 2) With an AA game we much prefer to allow a player to pass if his opponent has more activations remaining. This avoids the contrived "gamey" situations that occur in the standard game where the more numerous fleet has complete freedom with his last few units. If he also knows he's going first next turn it's even worse. 3) Not impressed with the standard collision rules. We don't allow deliberate ramming, if an overlap is unavoidable the incoming ship is forced to reduce speed, and/or randomly pivot 45 degrees. It also risks taking engine/steering type damage. Games are like music, art, cars, and women - we all have our own personal tastes. Game designers are only human, and there's no such thing as the perfect game, they evolve with time.
  11. We do use missions, scenarios and objectives in our games, just not the standard ones.
  12. He's not dominating our games, we just don't like the way he plays, just doesn't feel right. Making the spotter squadron use it's activation seems a more interesting way to go.
  13. Many thanks for the intelligent comments, it's fascinating to see that other people are perfectly happy with Sato - just goes to show how the meta in one group can be so different. With hindsight, I really should have either not mentioned our changes to the game, or explained them more thoroughly. Much confusion seems to have arisen about them. I just didn't want to have to write a half page post off topic. Please take my word for it that our house rules don't unbalance the game, and are not the cause of our dissatisfaction with the way Sato plays. In any case, this isn't really a question of balance, which is only one aspect of game design isn't it. Jeez, I've been playing 40K for years, and they still haven't got close to balancing that one have they. I think we will be staying with our modded Sato, but reducing his cost by 3 or 4 points.
  14. It certainly is a significant decrease in effectiveness for Sato. Surprisingly, we found that there was usually a squadron in the right place, at the right time provided you take around 7 or 8 to start with. The big negative is that your squadrons get well hammered because they are loosing their activations, either fighting, or bombing. This is much less of a problem if the Rebels concentrate their attacks on one ship at a time, which is a good thing anyway isn't it. We're thinking maybe dropping a few point off our modded Sato, which seems a bit bonkers doesn't it .
  15. Absolutely agree, his rise to prominence in our group has very much mirrored the rising standard fleet points total.
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