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  1. The Marvel Champions card sleeves from the Asmodee store are awesome. But I admit they were a bit of surprise to see at the store since I don't recall reading an announcement from Fantasy Flight about these. They also only cover the core set characters and Captain America as the first expansion pack. Does anyone know what plans are for future sleeves and tentative release dates? Would love to get a hold of some Dr. Strange ones, if they ever come out...
  2. So...it sounds like a "no" then 😆 Fair enough.
  3. Has there been any discussion or thought given to a competitive version of Champions? It might be really cool to have a "Civil War" expansion deck that provides scenario specific cards that would adjust the mechanics of the game to allow for head-to-head battling. Perhaps some permanent setup cards could be in play that adjust base stats and each player has their own "scheme" card with an issue they're dealing with and have to keep in check while they battle the other. Not sure what that could possibly entail but I've been trying to give it some thought. Anyone attempt anything like this?
  4. Been having a lot of fun with this expansion, both as a campaign and playing the villains individually. However, I recently ran the campaign on Expert and came away very frustrated. When you reach Red Skull, it adds the rule: "if you lose this scenario, you lose the campaign." That is ridiculous, especially given how punishing his schemes can be early on before you've had a chance to get set up. I ran a great campaign up to that point, with full health and never having to add an obligation to replenish. Reach Red Skull, get an extremely unlucky sequence of encounter cards and side schemes that cripples me before I even get going and could never recover from, and all the time I spent on the campaign became worthless. After losing, I just ignored it, started over, and beat him. But because of how random the decks can be, this seems more like a Heroic rule than an Expert campaign rule. So, for whatever it's worth: in reprints or future campaigns, I think the "lose [last scenario], lose the entire campaign" is unnecessary and severely diminishes replay value at Expert difficulty.
  5. How is "control" understood in Kang's Time-Travel Hijinks obligation? The rules reference states that the player controls the cards in their out-of-play area, which includes their hand, deck, and discard pile. Am I supposed to search my entire deck for the highest costing card or just select from what's in the play area? There's no instruction to reshuffle so it's not clear whether the deck was intended too.
  6. I usually build as a solo deck and use that while playing multiplayer and really appreciate themed synergies built into each character. I had a ton of fun running an aggression deck with Captain America using cards from the Hulk pack. He's more resilient than Hulk (despite the higher HP) and many of those new cards require exclusive use of fighting energy and that's easy to generate with some of his other cards like Super Soldier Serum. Shared this in another post, but one of my favorite moments with it was exhausting Martial Prowess for Toe to Toe then using Shield Block to prevent all damage from the villain's attack before dealing out 5 damage for a low cost. Moments like that when synergies flow is one of my favorite parts of the game. Doctor Strange is another favorite and I think his greatest strength (as to be expected) is in his own skillset: the invocations. I run him with a solid protection deck to buy him the time and space he needs to control the board and I've been pretty successful with him. Others, like Hulk, sometimes feel like they need other characters in the game to be effective and I haven't found a great solo deck for him. Now, Spider-Woman has been a pleasant surprise. Did not expect to like this character as much as I have but she is really good. The deck construction is all over the place though with all four aspects represented in some form or fashion and it would be tough for me to deviate from her preset deck. It's the only preset deck I haven't seen the need to tweak much to be effective anyway.
  7. This expansion is fantastic. Love it. My only issue is that it came out too soon...I haven't finished getting my fill of the Red Skull set yet. Played with a Dr. Strange Protection deck solo and beat him "easily." I put that in quotes because while the outcome was lopsided in my favor, it could have gone in a completely different direction numerous times with different card draws. Got a bit lucky. I began with Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and Master of the Mystic Arts, so I was able to knock out Stage I fairly quickly. Glad to finally have consistent use for Vapors of Valtorr in this scenario. Kang's obligation cards are a beast though... Really enjoyed the mechanics and am looking forward to trying out multiplayer.
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