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  1. Hi everyone. Most of you have heard of I Rebel, for those who haven't I would like to share with you about who we are. I Rebel is a podcast created on the foundation of community, being unique, and giving back to the community. It is hosted by me and features a different guest each episode. We are about 20 guests in and have had on such guest as Sugi from Knights of Ren, Jay from Double Blanks, Mr. Chip from DIscard to Rereoll, DHaus from Jedi Trials and many more. We are up on most podcast services and can be contacted via our Facebook page at We also have a webpage that focuses on the same ideals. Every weekday we put up a new article and have even have reports from Regional events top finishers. You can find our webpage at If you would like to follow me, you can do so on Twitter at @Jedigeekgirl Thanks to everyone who has already checked us out and if you have any questions or feedback please reach out to me.
  2. It has been 3 months since I Rebel was founded and in that time, thanks to you, we continue to grow and thrive. It is a brand new year and with that new year, I Rebel is proud to announce some up coming content and features to I Rebel. Every weekday for the next two weeks we will be announcing news about I Rebel and opportunities to for you to partake on our Facebook page. The first announcement we would like to make is that I Rebel now has a webpage. Our webpage is at This new feature from I Rebel is centered around extending what I Rebel was founded on, provide public resources, and to be an outlet for those who would like to write or contribute however they see fit. If you would like to write for our new webpage, we offer two ways to do this. Part time Writer: A part time writer would be responsible for providing an article each week. Upon completion of a month of writing, this person will receive ALL of the Patreon I Rebel fan made reward cards we made for that month and any other bonuses we may send out that month. This position is earned and is given upon completion of your first month completed of weekly free lance writing. Free Lance Writer: A free lance writer is not held to any set schedule and can submit an article anytime they want. Upon posting of said writer's article, they will be sent any previously made Patreon I Rebel fan made reward card of their choice per article. All writers will be listed in our writers sections and part time writers will be listed as contributors to I Rebel. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us though this Facebook page or though our email at Stay tune for more and May the Force be with you -JGG
  3. So who’s getting the nerf: Rey, or Poe?

    IF IF IF IF one of the two get hit, it would be Poe by one point.
  4. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, please delete where appropriate. I would like to take this time out to share with you a brand new Star Wars: Destiny podcast called I Rebel. I Rebel is a fun, unique, and insight podcast hosted by JediGeekGirl that features a different guest each week, bringing with them their own unique voice, opinions, and knowledge. We are already 5 episodes in and have had guests on such as Leighton from Three Man Meta, John from Starkiller Base, Jay from Double Blanks, and more. You can find our podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, and our home We Be Geeks. You can also find us on Facebook at
  5. Quarter 4

    3 Damage counters, Isolation, and Jetpack
  6. [Article] Empire at War - Top Five Most Wanted

    Very nice. Short, quick, and solid. Good Job and hope to see more
  7. With the kick off to a new Meta it is time for a further breakdown of The State of the Meta(SotM) Survey going forward:-It will be a place to collect and store information from results submitted to me from any source. These sources are, but not limited to: My Facebook page, A dedicated thread on FFG and on CardgameDB, a direct email, and of course the survey itself. -The data will be used to put out a weekly report, breaking down that data.-This data will be available upon request for a targeted amount of data (Hey what is the largest event, where was it, and what won that was reported?, What did well at events with 40+ people, etc)-The data will be moved to a separate spreadsheet for anyone to access after approximately 2 weeks of being reported.-Everyone who submits a report will be entered to win something for the following SotM Report. This will be noted in the survey by submitting an email address. These prizes will be from other content providers as much as possible. The first Report giveaway will be a cute Lego style Death Trooper done by Dael Jordon.-If you are interested in donating to the giveaway please reach out to me and let me know.-The first SotM report is scheduled for September 25thI think I got everything covered, but if you have any others questions please reach out and contact me. MTFBWY.
  8. Introducing The State of the Meta. A community resource to collect as much data as possible about what is doing well in competitive play and spiting out that information. You can submit data by contacting me anyway you wish and provide me with the following data: When it took place Where it took place Attendance What kind of tournament it was and lastly what decks placed in the top 4 and their order If you do not wish to submit the data via the survey, please feel free to comment here and I will be sure to report them. The State of the Meta Survey:
  9. Poe Errata?

    FN should get hit before Poe. IF FN gets hit, then we can talk Poe.
  10. Palpatine vs Kylo Ren & Captain Phasma is not pretty

    hmmmm I find this so entertaining and satisfying ...... Palpy losing to e2Player Decks
  11. As we approach our One Year Anniversary, we wanted to do a very special give away. FOUR winners will be selected from those who complete the survey linked below. What do you win? One of the four cards below: Extended Art Luke Skywalker, Extended Darth Vader, National's BB-8 and National's Emperor's Throne Room. Provide us your answers by September 9th at 11:59pm EST for your chance to win! The winner will be announced on Episode 53 of our podcast on September 12th.
  12. As Prices continue to go down, FN-2199's big guns Z6 and Rocket Launcher are going up in price:
  13. Our Store Championship page as been updated: Total Results report for week ending in 8/19/17: Thank you to everyone who has contributed. If you would like to contribute, please submit your data by following this link:
  14. Jason and Amanda discuss all the latest Star Wars: Destiny news, analyze Aftermath (SR123), and are joined by Terrie and Matthew to play Watto’s Whaddya Know, a Star Wars: Destiny Quiz Show. We also award this week’s giveaway, and kick off next week’s! So stick with us, and don’t leave your Destiny to chance…
  15. Stability is the name of the game this week. The Top 10 lists are for the most part staying the same with very little changes. Prices are still going doing but slowly this week.