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  1. When I look at the Mission Control Missions, I notice several of them (Like the Hoth Asteroid Field) have a cool tech looking background that's a cool grey or tech color, as opposed to flat white it has by default. Furthermore, the Hoth mission among other show the pilots labeled according to faction and they have cool frames around them. How do I get my missions to display these? Thank you!
  2. A lot of games will feel "broken" due to cheese dicks who fly the meta builds to win. It's like the friend who always picked Oddjob in Goldeneye. Some people only have fun when they're winning. If you avoid tournys, most of what's wrong with X-Wing is barely noticeable.
  3. That's because closing S-Foils give X-wing literally no benefit. Yes it does. It did in the movie released less than a year ago... Close the S-Foils, you're more maneuverable and faster. You could easily make it where closing X-Wing foils gives you a two boost or something then opening them gives you an attack bonus that round. Just spit balling but you get the point.
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