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  1. Right, but the Es should already have their 2 locks each before engaging. Unless I'm missing your point?
  2. Came up with something similar with the new points: total: 200/200 Rogue Squadron Escort — E-Wing 56 Fire-Control System 2 Proton Torpedoes 12 R3 Astromech 3 Ship Total: 73 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 3 Rogue Squadron Escort — E-Wing 56 Fire-Control System 2 Proton Torpedoes 12 R3 Astromech 3 Ship Total: 73 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 3 Magva Yarro — UT-60D U-Wing 50 Leia Organa 2 Tactical Officer 2 Pivot Wing 0 Ship Total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 4 Collect 2 locks on turn 1, slow roll into the engagement as a group, with Magva providing defense to the Es. Es get their torps off, then next turn use Leia for white k-turns to fire off the second set of torps. Magva can coordinate to help out too, or block with a red stop.
  3. I was playing around with the same list, but Wedge is naked, and I dropped the marksmanship and swapped R4 for R3 on the E wings. Get two locks on the first turn, then focus on when you are at range 3, fire off both torps. Wedge is clean up. I've also considered swapping Wedge for Garven with R2 and predator for added support to the Es, and some regen. The combo of R3, FCS and torps on the E wing just seems too good to pass up. Will have to test it though.
  4. Same here, I was thinking something like: Garven (47) + trickshot (1) + r2 (6): 54 Biggs (48): 48 Arvel (36) + intimidation(3): 39 Dutch (42) + ion (6) + r5 (5) + selfless (3) + hull (2): 58 total: 200 Either have Arvel flank, or fly all 4 in formation, Dutch and Garven pass around, Biggs and Dutch soak up hits. Alternatively thinking about swapping out Dutch with Evaan for increased defensive wonkery and the option of putting an r2 on Biggs: Garven (47) + trickshot (1) + r2 (6): 54 Biggs (48) + r2 (6): 54 Arvel (36) + intimidation(3): 39 Evaan (36) + ion (6) + r5 (5) + selfless (3) + hull (2): 64 total: 200 Garven can pass his focus to Evaan, who helps soak up damage from someone else with beefed up agility.
  5. I'm hoping it's a campaign box (a la Star Wars armada) like others have speculated. The armada campaign box is including several new squadron cards that will be tournament legal, so the xwing campaign box could conceivably contain fixes for the t-65, e-wing, scum ships, and new astromechs, crew, etc. maybe even package the campaign box with the rogue one partisan xwing model to cash in on Rogue One hype.
  6. Ya, I think the biggest problem with him would be the target on his back: ~35 points, 1 agi, and the stressbot means he would probably get focused down fast. Maybe he could be paired with Biggs or someone carrying Jan Ors, but I wonder if that much of an investment is worth it. Edit: In a world without U-boats, a list with the above Keyan, Biggs+R4-D6 and 38 point Poe could be pretty fun.
  7. Like the title says; I'm a big fan of Y-wings, and I would love to fly a kitted out Keyan in a Y-wing (he was the only Y-wing pilot that survived the Battle of Yavin after all...). Something like: Keyan (Y-wing) Rage (1) TLT (6) R3-A2 (2) BTL-A4 title (0) A Keyan stressbot with rage would have disgustingly good accuracy, should clear all of his stress if he can double tap with the title, and can then perform actions as well. Maybe even throw vectored thrusters on him for repositioning ability. Would this be so broken that FFG would never put him in a y-wing though?
  8. Is there any merit to the possibility of putting these on gold squadron y-wings for a cheap, re-positionable bomber? Something like: Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Autoblaster turret (2) Vectored thrustersT (2) Extra Munitions (2) Seismic charges (2) total (26) Or is the K-wing just a better bomber?
  9. Long time lurker, finally bit the bullet and registered. Anyway, I've been trying to brew around rebel lists for a little while now, and was wondering if something like this (http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/529192/wes-biggs-ezra)%C2'> have any legs to it. Biggs soaks up hits, Wes is a regen ace hunter who can mess with enemy tokens, and Ezra does his thing with Chewie and a hull upgrade for a little more beef. Wes could be swapped for a standard 38 point Poe too. I'm intrigued by the attack shuttle, it can be a surprisingly sturdy ship that can hold its own against some aces. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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