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  1. But yeah, I want to find out for sure Rizgrif I'll be playtesting these cards, including combining them with Biggs, and I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. I sometimes think people overestimate how good Biggs is. There seems to be an opinion around that Biggs is so strong that everything FFG releases for the rebel faction has to be weak to stop it being broken as part of a Biggs list. I don't buy that. Yes, he is the most useful X-wing pilot at the moment, but I don't think he has ever really dominated the meta, at least not in the way Fat Han, Whisper, Thug Life, Palp Aces and U-boats have been dominant. A year ago I was hardly ever seeing him, the Stresshog was a far, far more popular use of 26 points. He has enjoyed a resurgence recently, as the Biggs+R4+Int combo is a decent answer to alpha strikes (perhaps the rebels only decent answer). But if Biggs was available to all factions, I don't think he would be all that popular to Scum or Imperial players. They have so many better options in my opinion. With relatively few rebel lists in tournaments lately, I don't think this little boost to Biggs will be a problem. Yes it gives him an evade, but he has so few green moves that it makes him predictable and easy to shoot. Add R2 astromech and he becomes less predictable, but he can't absorb those big hits without R4. The Kanan Biggs combo looks solid on paper, but it haven't seen it have any sustained success so far in the tournament scene (correct me if I'm wrong) so the addition of an evade taken (at the cost of an opponent knowing where Biggs will be and lining up easy shots) doesn't break the game for me. It would make me want to fly other X-wing pilots than Biggs, because they would be efficient enough to compete.
  3. Reading this, my primary train of thought is that if FFG put out a preview article tomorrow about a Rogue One expansion and it was EXACTLY like this, I would feel like I came home and caught my wife in bed with Margot Robbie and they wanted me to join in and eat lasagne afterwards. It really is that good. It really is everything I want the X-wing and Y-wing fix to be. It is thematic, it seems balanced and I fully intend to play test it in the next few weeks.
  4. That was my first idea to use the stresshog alongside Eaden and Leebo. Decent chance to double stress two ships in a single turn. My worry though is that opponents would just focus fire on Eaden and then the list would lack punch after he dies. Eaden needs to get in close to get that 4 dice primary turret against stressed ships, but getting close makes him vulnerable without Biggs.
  5. I was thinking the same thing yesterday, the YT2400 has this brilliant dial and the Outrider title is so expensive, and the donut hole is such a vulnerability. I thought maybe there is a way to make it work. One issue is that a fringer without the title is almost the same as a contracted scout...just five points more expensive and without a pilot talent. Any build you put together just feels so much weaker than a triple u boat list. But I'll have a go: Leebo: Draw their Fire, Fletchette Cannon, Tactical Jammer, Tactician Biggs: R3A2, Integrated astromech Eaden Vrill: Tactical Jammer Basic plan is to pile on stress so Eaden hits a bit harder with the primary, while Biggs hides behind the tactical jammers. Draw their Fire hopefully keeps Biggs alive a bit longer, but he would probably need R4D6 for this list to have any hope against ordinance. It's not a strong list, but I'd give it a go and have fun with it, and I'd love to see the look on an opponents face if I could win with two 2400s without Dash or the Outrider title.
  6. I just don't like facing Scum. I always play rebels, my wife always plays Imperials, we mostly play against each other. I know rebels and imperials inside and out and I know how to beat them. But every time I play against Scum, it just feels like I'm facing this ridiculously efficient and overpowered combination of upgrades on a bunch of ships that just don't feel remotely Star Wars-y to me, and that I don't have enough knowledge or experience to overcome. I know the best answer is to get some Scum ships and play them at home with my wife, but the only ships that I'd want to have on my shelf from the Scum faction (Firespray, Shadow Caster, K-fighter) aren't the ships that are causing me problems.
  7. I had a pretty long phase of running Dash with the Mangler. My favourite combo now is Mangler, Outrider, Predator and Chopper. The main difference with this build is that mobility actions are nowhere near as important. The barrel roll is still useful to get off an asteroid and get out of an arc now and then, but mostly this Dash build can just keep firing away. You no longer need Engine Upgrade or Push the Limit or Kyle, and It is much less vulnerable to stress or bumps compared with the classic Super Dash, and it won't die to something like Soontir or Whisper staying in the donut hole. It is also much cheaper at just 48 points. I can afford to run Biggs with R4-D6 and integrated and a Stresshog (Y-wing with TLT and A4 title), which are two of the best rebel ships, alongside this Dash build. That being said, once the Kanan card came out, I started running the Rainbow Dash build (Push the Limit, Heavy Laser Cannon, Outrider, Engine upgrade, Kanan) and had a lot of success with this, and I prefer it to the classic Super Dash (same but with Kyle Katarn). 4 dice is huge, but the donut certainly is a significant weakness. Mangler Dash is rarely seen, but I've won more games than I've lost with Mangler Dash, Biggs and a Stresshog. I'd certainly say it's worth giving it a go.
  8. So in this case...if closest point to closest point is inside range 1 (but this is measured from out of Reys arc), but the Ventress ship is simaltaneously in Reys front arc (even if the 'in front arc' measurement happens to be range 2...then Rey gets the range one 4 dice attack, and also gets to use her 'in arc' ability (as well as the Finn crew). Is this correct?
  9. I was just watching this Trinity Squad Gaming report... ...and towards the end of the game there was a point when Rey was measuring range for a shot on Ventress. Measuring from the primary arc was range 2, but if measured from the closest point to closest point via the 360 arc, it was range 1. In this case, should this be a range 2 primary arc shot or a range 1 360 arc shot? How do the rules apply in this situation? Can the player making the shot choose to use either the primary arc or the 360 arc?
  10. Saw this in the Bay Area X-wing group. Ivan has done an excellent job here.
  11. Exile Rogue

    T65 a New Hope

    Wedge, Wes, and Biggs are all good choices in this current meta. I think Vectored Thrusters is already going to boost them further, and I believe T-70's will be much stronger following Heroes of the Resistance. FFG have made it clear that there will be no single X-wing fix. There are multiple options and these will increase in the coming months., There were new pilots and astromechs in the Rebel Transport, there was the T-70, there was Integrated Astromech. We know Vectored Thrusters is on the way, also a bunch of T-70 pilots and further upgrades that we don't know about yet. FFG will see how the X-wing performs in the months following Wave 9 and Heroes of the Resistance, and I have a feeling the old X-wing is going to do pretty well. I actually like the OP's idea and I would jump for joy if it happened, because I love X-wings, but I also think it would make certain pilots and upgrades too good. R2-D2 is already really, really strong for 4 points, despite the X-wings poor dial.
  12. Although that Wedge build could be swapped for Poe with Adaptability, R5-P9, and Autothrusters. Still 3 PS9's and probably getting more out of R5-P9 with Poe's ability and the extra shield.
  13. OK I'm giving double Vectored Thrusters a go this week, with the following list: Wedge with R5-P9, Predator, VT Wes with Adaptability, R2-D2, VT Jake Farrell with Veteran Instincts, Proton Rockets, Guidance Chips 3 PS9's for flexibility. This Jake set up is very good at getting a good Procket shot in early. I'm hoping this will tempt players not to shoot at Wedge or Wes in the early going. After that, the high PS, arc dodging and double regen should be a decent counter to most lists. I don't think it will match up well to triple boats, but I think it will be fun to play...
  14. Yeah and I also feel the best lists at the moment reward skillful play. Palp Aces is still the leader, but doesn't that represent the era of Star Wars in which this is set? If you want to win, you need to take down the Emperor. But even T-65's can take it down with Wes, Wedge and Biggs. I'm tempted to crack out Luke Skywalker again
  15. The meta in my area seems to be a good place right now. There are a huge variety of entries and winners in post-faq tournament results. I've been around since Wave One, and I think this is the most balanced the game has ever been. I'm alternating between Palp Defenders and Poe/Wes/Biggs and having a blast.
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