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  1. Yea I think it would be fun to run in a casual game for sure! That's a great suggestion with cool hand. I like the synergy of the two officers with the twin ion Mk.11 to clear that stress and gain it back each turn.
  2. Alright thank you guys for letting me know. I think I'll swap out Esege for Kyle Katarn in that case.
  3. Hear me out! There may be some use for Omega Ace with the addition of Imperial Veterans. This list I've created in theory should get OA her target lock and focus before she even takes an action, leaving her with the ability to use expose as her action to ensure 3 crits each attack. The list doesn't completely cater to her either, as Rexler and Bren both hold their own. Let me know what you guys think. Omega Ace (20) Tie/fo Fighter Expose (4) Comm Relay (3) Stealth Device (3) Rexler Brath (37) Tie Defender Veteran Instincts (1) Tie/D (0) Tractor Beam (1) Tomax Bren (24) Tie Bomber Crack Shot (1) Tie Shuttle (0) Fleet Officer (3) Systems Officer (2) Twin Ion Engine Mk.11 (1) Total: 100
  4. When you use Esege's focus token with Jake it doesn't count as using a focus action?
  5. This is just a list I put together utilizing Esege's ability with some pilots that love focus tokens. Advanced SLAM allows Esege to catch up with the ace pilots wherever they may go on the field. Let me know what you think. Esege Tuketu (36) K-Wing Twin Laser Turret Advanced Slam Poe Dameron (38) T-70/X-Wing Veteran Instincts R2-D2 Autothrusters Jake Farrell (26) A-Wing Veteran Instincts Cool Hand Chardaan Refit A-Wing Test Pilot Autothrusters
  6. Great list! Might I suggest changing Predator to Juke since you will likely be getting the evade token each turn, and with the extra point adding the Twin Ion Engine MK.11 to the defender to help clear stress from PTL.
  7. How do we feel about including a Tie Bomber with a couple of Tie/fo Aces in a mini tie swarm? Tomax Bren - Crack Shot - XX-23 S-Thread Tracers x2 - Extra Munitions - Guidance Chips Omega Leader - Squad Leader Omega Ace - Expose Academy Pilot Academy Pilot Tomax combined with crack shot and guidance chips essentially assures that you will get hits 4 times in a row with the thread tracers, giving your entire swarm a target lock for up to 4 targets. Omega Leader will use her lock to keep the defender from modifying dice, and with squad leader she will allow omega ace to expose with a focus and target lock to get 3 crits on each attack. Then the ties come in and clean up whatever is left of the enemy. What do you guys think?
  8. Looks good! I like the way you equipped Bossk. You could also run a base level Black Sun Enforcer Starviper with autothrusters instead of the G1-A to have an arc dodger to cause even more annoyance..
  9. Hey there fellow X-Wingers, I am new to this forum and to competitive play. I would like some advice on this list I have made, as well as the current meta I may face. My list is as follows; Darth Vader - Adaptability - Engine Upgrade - Tie/x1 - Accuracy Corrector Rexler Brath - Veteran Instincts - Tie/D - Tractor Beam The Inquisitor - Adaptability - Tie/v1 - Autothrusters. Thank you!
  10. Hey fellow X-wingers, I am new to this forum/competitive play in x wing. I am looking to go to my local store in the coming weeks to test out my new build. Just picked up Imperial Vets and I'm looking to use it right away. I want to see what kind of advice you guys have for my 3 ace build, and also any comments you may have on the current meta. Thank you kindly. Currently I am running; Rexler Brath - Veteran Instincts - Tie/D - Tractor Beam Darth Vader - Adaptability - Engine Upgrade - Tie/x1 - Accuracy Corrector The Inquisitor - Adaptability - Tie/V1 - Autothrusters Let me know what you think! Thanks.
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