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  1. Emperor Palpatine should has "Ion 1' keyword on his Force Lightning attack. Change my mind / discussion.
  2. [edit] Disregard (or, please remove this post). I have to learn how comma works. :v
  3. Please, forgive me if such topic already exists, I may be terrible at searching things here. :< Ad meritum- what do you think of support type of units? Would future waves will add any type of regeneration/healing /recover mechnics? Healing Jedi, bacta packs, compassionate rebel troopers aiding their comrades-in-arms? What about the Empire? Yes, I admit, I'm an X-wing player, where regeneration is limited to one fraction (or, maybe two, in rare cases), and could be difficult to walk around and deal with (e.g. Poe with R2-D2 and autothrusters). Do you think Legion will share this strategy, where the Empire does not actually care of their troops, or in some way will also help them. Or repair vehicles with engineer units?
  4. Can even TO ignore newest FAQ and put it in vacatio legis in situations as mentioned above?
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