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  1. Except only against nattie crits. Since defender modifies first, proton torps still push crits through.
  2. stevenk3


    FFG no longer cares about IA that's why. World's is Saturday and we got the article about prizes on Friday.
  3. stevenk3


    This was in reference to Imperial Assault I know the person who contacted Jimmy
  4. What are you most excited for next week at world's? I'm most excited to see the all the amazing members of the community. And get in a bunch of games. I'm hoping we get a prize wall similar to other games, and fingers crossed for a new wave announcement. What about you?
  5. Ewok deployment and 1-2 unique Eeoks please, scout troopers, updated Leia, would be awesome. I'm still holding out for a Rogue one wave with Krennic, Jyn, Cassian, Saw etc.
  6. stevenk3

    Saw's Renegades

    The only Hyperspace legal U- wing pilots come in Saw's Renegades.
  7. UVX Special (100) Dash Rendar (14) Outrider (14) Bistan (10) Perceptive Copilot (1) Trick Shot (6) Stealth Device Points 145 (43) Partisan Renegade (0) Pivot Wing (2) Tactical Officer (2) Deadman's Switch (8) Advanced Sensors Points 55 Total points: 200
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