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  1. I figured I'd post an update as to how my day went. I've been a bit busy all week so I'm sorry I didn't get around to it sooner, if anyone actually does happen to be interested. Here's a link to the standings for the day: https://tabletop.to/sc-hyperspace-trial. I placed 29 out of 43 (or 42, since I see now that the 43 includes a player who registered and wound up not being able to make it that day). This is kind of a review of how the event went for me as a whole, and not just how the list handled, so hang in there please (I promised elsewhere that I'd post how the day went, so I'm going to copy-paste it there when I'm done typing). It was the biggest event I've been to yet. The amount of people the last two Store Championships drew wasn't too far off from that, but we didn't have players coming from as far away and the day didn't go as long in those events. Thisnone started a bit after 10AM and I left around 8:30 after the cut when prizes were handed out to everyone that made Top 16, so that I could show my support for the other locals. The local community showed up in force but there were a lot of people who drove from hours away; people from all over the state showed up, Krayts from NC made appearances (making me super-jealous of their custom Krayt Cup "Kamino" playmats), and players from Atlanta even made the trip. I met a lot of cool people for sure. The event is kind of making some news on the main FFG forums, the X-Wing subreddit, and an X-Wing podcast out of Florida over how it was handled (as well as events this TO has handled in Florida apparently). I'm not posting here to talk about that but it involved issues like the store not being correctly notified as to how the tournament was being ran and what time it would end, causing players with 0 or 1 win at the end of match five being asked to drop so the store could make room for a YGO card tournament, and a streamed match being stopped shortly after beginning and the players asked to final salvo for a score because the store wanted the streaming room for something else (among other issues spelled out in a lengthy google doc that is floating around which someone made to send to FFG). The venue wasn't bad, for being a place almost everyone there had never played in and didn't know what to expect. Tables were mostly not good; they were standard white card tables pushed together that left a hump running through the middle of every mat. One table had a mat that was hanging about an inch over the side of the table, cutting some space off of the side of the game of whoever played on it. They are a sort of game cafe and sell food and drinks, though I didn't try any food. The store looked like a good place to play regular games in though and had a good selection of demo games. They knocked 50% off of all 1.0 stuff for the day (I regretted not buying the C-ROC, a Silencer, and a Decimator at those prices). Space for large events such as this one wasn't that great, as we learned after the aforementioned Yu Gi Oh tournament got close to starting and suddenly the amount of people in the store more than doubled and card game players were in everyone else's way; I was watching the game of one person I knew, in round 5, who had to keep pausing his game as groups of people kept pushing past him carrying chairs on their backs while he was getting ready to roll dice for an attack. It definitely irritated me seeing trains of people interrupt him while excusing themselves, so I can only imagine how he felt. A couple mistakes made by me that did not involve how I played: -I was not properly hydrated. I understand the importance of being well-hydrated for a regular day of playing but failed to drink much water in the days leading up to the event. Maybe for a regular event at the main store that hosts OP days I would have been fine but the temperature in this particular venue that ran the Trials was insanely hot. Everyone was drenched in sweat and downing water all day. I drank a ton of it but waiting until the day of to begin hydrating means you are way behind. I know the importance of being properly hydrated from my military days but didn't do so and have no one but myself to blame. -I did not stretch before the event. This is something I've never seen suggested, unlike tips like drinking water and bringing snacks, or bringing deodorant to stay 'fresh.' It's now something I won't forget. The constant up-down in and out of my chair, combined with standing during the match and standing around in between matches, as well as being tensed up during my matches because of the stress, left me very sore afterward. My calves were stiff for like three days after the event. I'll be stretching at the beginning from now on. Now for the actual game play. I liked the list quite a bit and would even consider flying it in extended. I had some really good opponents though who definitely outflew me and some times where I just blanked out on strategy and didn't know how to handle what I was facing. I didn't do as badly as I could have done though, especially with my last matches before this day being more than four months ago, so I'm ok with my performance I guess. Though doing better and getting dice would have made my day, the middle of the bottom half is probably where I deserve to be. I had high hopes when I was 2 and 2, when the matches I had lost were not blowouts but also I had scored a decent amount of points in the ones I had won. But I knew I needed to have a strong showing in the next two. Early on in match five I realized I was not only going to lose but lose badly to someone who wound up making the cut. I agonized for quite a while over whether I should equip the Shield Upgrade on Fel or not. I decided that if I took the shield I'd lose points off the bid, and I thought the bid would be really important. I figured that either way I would wind up regretting not going with the other option: either I keep the large bid and see Fel get one-shotted multiple times and wish he had a shield, or I take the shield and run into other lists that beat me on bid by a few points and wish I had not brought the shield. I beat everyone on bids (I'd have to look on the list but I may have had the largest bid there) and the matches I won made good use out of it; I doubt I'd have won those without it. Fel didn't immediately blow up too much though; I waited all day for it to happen and it took until match 5 for him to blow up in one attack. Here's a run-down of the games I played: First round was a match against a First Order list comprised of a Kylo Silencer with Hate on it and two more generic Silencers. Went to time, 93-69 in my opponent's favor. I was only able to get half points on Kylo and another Silencer. Round Two was against some of the day's popular ships, from the Rebel Beef lists. My opponent flew a Cassian Andor U-Wing with Leia on it, Braylen and Ten Numb in B-Wings, and an X-Wing piloted by Thane Kyrell. I wound up taking that after time was called, 150-38. Third Round was a fight against an Atlanta player. He flew a list that was a bit similar to the last one: Cassian in a U-Wing with Leia, Wedge instead of Thane, and Braylen and Ten Numb B-Wings. I started the game off suuuuuuper-slow and was far away from any engagements for a long time, because I wanted his blob of Rebel ships to split up so I could pick them off. He flew them perfectly and did not split them up ever, and it was a loss for me after time was called at 65-25. The fourth engagement was against a guy who plays in Charlotte. He flew an Imperial list and finally my 15pt bid came in handy. It was Major Vermiel in a Reaper, Fel, and a Vader kitted out the same as mine. I killed the Reaper in one round of fighting and got half points on the rest; he got half points on Stele. 151-27 me. Fifth round was a match against a player who made top 8 flying something similar to my second and third match. Cassian in a U-Wing with Leia, Ten Numb, Than Kyrell, and a generic Y-Wing. I tried to bait her into chasing Vader and she then did what I was hoping my opponent would do in round three and split them up, but then she brought them together at the perfect moment and melted Stele and destroyed Fel. I had left him too close in one round and decided I needed to go on the offensive to keep him alive so I flew the other two to his rescue and they paid the price. Vader had no hope except to take out a Y-Wing before blowing up. 200-45, my loss Sixth and last round was a battle against two Firesprays with lots of bombs and mines. My opponent flew Emon and Krassis. Stele died to bombs fast and Fel got blown up quick too, but not before he and Vader put enough damage on Emon for Vader to kill him later. Krassis had full health and Vader was in a bad spot. I debated throwing in the towel and stated my intention to my opponent, but then I acknowledged that he probably drove out to actually play games and not have people quit, so I played it through. Vader died a round or two later, making it my opponent's win at 200-95. So 29th place. About middle of the bottom half. Not as bad as I was worried about though, so that's good. Despite the heat in there, I had a lot of fun still. Glad I got to play for the first time in months. It got me wanting to go to the System Open in Atlanta in two weeks but I don't think I can manage that one. That is also a 4+ hour drive for me, compared to the hour to get to this event. Thanks for the advice. The list is great, just maybe not the person flying it so much. But I did have some tough competition too, so I don't want to take anything away from them. That rebel list with Leia in it is a tough one as well; I've seen the complaints in a lot of places after facing it and I'm not going to call for nerfs or anything, just acknowledge that it is a hard one to beat. Thanks again though-
  2. In addition to the tips about hydrating and eating, I'd recommend stretching a bit before the event. I had a Hyperspace event over the weekend that drew 43 people and ran 6 rounds before the cut; it was the largest event I've been to yet. I showed up at 9AM and left at about 8:30PM (didn't make the cut). The constant sitting, and then being hunched over a bit while seated (that may just be on me though; my posture isn't the best), and then rapidly standing up and sitting down a ton, and then long bouts standing, plus being tensed up for most of the day during the matches (and even after, since I had to drive an hour to get home in a torrential downpour that left me unable to see the lines on the road even, so I was tensed up then too)... it definitely wore on me a bit. I'll admit that I'm not in the best shape, and I am getting older, but it couldn't all be because of that. My lower back was sore that day and my calves and thighs were stiff until yesterday, I'm assuming from the constant up-and-down of playing. Sunday night at work while walking around I definitely made a mental note to do some light stretching before my next "big" event.
  3. Ah, okay. I only this week bothered to look them up and see what they did. I figured Vader with Afterburners could make great use out of them by flying through for Defense and being able to get actions through his ability post-Afterburner. That is pretty situational though, Fel and Stele don't get out of the gas clouds, and rocks that prevent ships from shooting or debris that hand out stress still seem a lot better. I've got so much experience navigating obstacles with Interceptors and Advanceds from 1.0 that I'm not worried about rocks or debris hurting me. So I guess no rush on my Strife box getting here in time for the event then. Bringing a mix of rocks with one cloud like you said doesn't seem like a bad idea. But who knows, maybe other people will have them and I'll get to place some of theirs; I am out of the loop in regards to what my local scene has been flying since January.
  4. Glad to see you pop back up in the topic. I didn't mean to hijack your thread; sorry. Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll have some thinking to do over the next few days as to whether I go with 2x Barrage Bombers or Stele in their place. Just bought a Servants of Strife pack online for the gas cloud obstacles which I figured would be great for aces like Afterburners Vader to fly through and use defensively, but it won't be here in time. So now I also need to think about picking up the Guardians of the Republic pack before Saturday if I want to use gas clouds or not.
  5. Wow. And here I thought Maarek wasn't going to be good in Hyperspace yet with the choices of ships that can support him so far. Now I've got more things to think about. Luckily I was wrong before about needing to enter my list by Wednesday; I have all the way up to Friday to do it. I'll consider this one (or something similar; I don't have Hate yet, but if I decide to run this list I would buy something by Saturday to get Hate). I typically have never ran more than 3 ships, and three high-PS named ships is something I'm a lot more comfortable with than mixing multiple high- and low-PS ships. In the past I've One all high or all low, but run into problems with bumps and blocks when I start mixing them and adding more to the list.
  6. I was getting ready to post a similar list to get opinions on it but I then I saw this thread. I've got a Hyperspace Trial this weekend and I still have no idea what to fly. I haven't even played the game since an event in January that I won with 2 Defenders and a Lambda (really wish I could take that list since it was fun, but it's not Hyperspace-😥). I decided to fly Imperial over Rebel or Scum though. I've never flown my Bombers, haven't ever used Barrage Rockets, and have not used anything in 1.0 or 2.0 that relied on a Bullseye arc (but I better get the hang of the Bullseye and learn to love it, since that is what the game has turned into now). But I've flown a lot of Vader and a lot of Fel in 1.0, so I'm at least familiar with how Advanced and Interceptors fly, as well as ways to keep them alive until end-game. I kind of wanted to fly another Advanced with Stele in it, or some more Interceptors (two of them I guess), or even just one Bomber rather than two and put Jonus in it with a ton of stuff. I know that since the launch of 2.0 more ships have been valuable than less, so that ruled out Stele or Jonus. I was also worried about Stele being the ship I dangle out first to die and not really getting to use his ability, which I only put value in because of how punishing 2.0 crits can be. Two generic Interceptors sounds fun since I absolutely love Interceptors period but more hull on a Bomber and the Barrage Rockets make them seem like the better choice: they'll take longer to kill (less of a chance of them getting one-shotted by a single ship) and the Rockets should make them punchier. I've yet to use Afterburners but in my research I'm seeing a lot more people recommending them on Vader than FCS. I'm still not sure which I'll spring for. But I'm 99% sure I'm going with those four ships roughly built the same though. I've gotta upload my list by the end of tomorrow so I can't do my usual "wait until Friday night, possibly Saturday morning right before I leave for the event" to decide. Have you gotten a chance to fly the list yet, OP? I figure I should do what I always do obstacle-wise with Vader and Fel and that is to bring the largest obstacles I can. How well can the Bombers handle that though?
  7. Well yeah. Ideally they would have an app that works offline, but again that's an improvement, so not likely to happen.
  8. They could be added to the app but that would be an improvement to the app, so I don't imagine it'll happen.
  9. I was looking at your first list a bit. Given what upgrades you chose, obviously the Reaper is meant to block or just run into an enemy ship to reduce their agility value using Intimidation and present an opportunity to proc Stele's Ruthless against. I know that coming in from a flank and out-of-arc on the enemy is most ideal with Vader and Stele but for situations where you are coming in from the front, Tactical Scrambler might be a good option for the Reaper as well. It'd add two more points, putting you at 195 total (so losing a few points from your bid) but blocking or ramming with the Reaper would also mean whatever the enemy is shooting at through the Reaper gets an extra die.
  10. I guess I agree with you OP, if only because their attempt to eliminate that "one good upgrade in a category that every ship uses" has made it to where there are several categories that have no interesting upgrades at all. Yay, I can add another hull... or another shield! So at least with Afterburners I'd have something fun in the mod category to equip on a medium-based ship right now instead of waiting however long it takes to get these ships re-released with better upgrades.
  11. Its a dumb rule and I'm not gonna be using them anyway. I know, I know: They correspond to the new target locks. Well, I'm not using the new target locks either.
  12. I'll use mine for a bit but I too dislike the size of it, so I'm only going to be using it until AllWings releases their alt-art damage deck (that will still be American mini-sized).
  13. A guy in town was worried about the possibility of not getting one, so he preordered from two different places. He wound up getting two damage decks that way, and then he gave me one. So that was pretty cool.
  14. I was a bit surprised to see that there were no missions in the Core Set "rulebook." They could have just reprinted the original Core Set's three missions, couldn't they have? I can't think of anything in, say, the Senator's Shuttle Escape mission that would cause it to not work with a 2.0 Core Set. The original three missions were the first thing I tried way back when I got my first Core Sets and they were very helpful with learning the game but I shouldn't be too surprised though; nothing about the 2.0 launch or Wave One makes it seem more noob/beginner friendly.
  15. My game store had these plastic Dragon Shield lidded card boxes that hold up to 300 sleeved cards. They have three dividers inside making four compartments and have different colors (so color-coded like Orange for Rebels, Black for Empire, Red for F/O, and more). I picked up two just to see how much I like them. They aren't as cheap as the cardboard long boxes though; this store wanted $8 a box.
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