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    Could the Rules and FAQ be added to the X-Wing App?

    Well yeah. Ideally they would have an app that works offline, but again that's an improvement, so not likely to happen.

    Could the Rules and FAQ be added to the X-Wing App?

    They could be added to the app but that would be an improvement to the app, so I don't imagine it'll happen.

    Imperials Second Edition Only

    I was looking at your first list a bit. Given what upgrades you chose, obviously the Reaper is meant to block or just run into an enemy ship to reduce their agility value using Intimidation and present an opportunity to proc Stele's Ruthless against. I know that coming in from a flank and out-of-arc on the enemy is most ideal with Vader and Stele but for situations where you are coming in from the front, Tactical Scrambler might be a good option for the Reaper as well. It'd add two more points, putting you at 195 total (so losing a few points from your bid) but blocking or ramming with the Reaper would also mean whatever the enemy is shooting at through the Reaper gets an extra die.

    Afterburners should be Small or Medium base

    I guess I agree with you OP, if only because their attempt to eliminate that "one good upgrade in a category that every ship uses" has made it to where there are several categories that have no interesting upgrades at all. Yay, I can add another hull... or another shield! So at least with Afterburners I'd have something fun in the mod category to equip on a medium-based ship right now instead of waiting however long it takes to get these ships re-released with better upgrades.

    Tournament regulations?

    Its a dumb rule and I'm not gonna be using them anyway. I know, I know: They correspond to the new target locks. Well, I'm not using the new target locks either.

    Promo Damage Deck?

    I'll use mine for a bit but I too dislike the size of it, so I'm only going to be using it until AllWings releases their alt-art damage deck (that will still be American mini-sized).

    Promo Damage Deck?

    A guy in town was worried about the possibility of not getting one, so he preordered from two different places. He wound up getting two damage decks that way, and then he gave me one. So that was pretty cool.

    Most wanted: Missions for 2.0

    I was a bit surprised to see that there were no missions in the Core Set "rulebook." They could have just reprinted the original Core Set's three missions, couldn't they have? I can't think of anything in, say, the Senator's Shuttle Escape mission that would cause it to not work with a 2.0 Core Set. The original three missions were the first thing I tried way back when I got my first Core Sets and they were very helpful with learning the game but I shouldn't be too surprised though; nothing about the 2.0 launch or Wave One makes it seem more noob/beginner friendly.

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    My game store had these plastic Dragon Shield lidded card boxes that hold up to 300 sleeved cards. They have three dividers inside making four compartments and have different colors (so color-coded like Orange for Rebels, Black for Empire, Red for F/O, and more). I picked up two just to see how much I like them. They aren't as cheap as the cardboard long boxes though; this store wanted $8 a box.
  10. EYEL1NER

    Promo Damage Deck?

    Nice ending there. Stores and international distributors should be voicing their displeasure to FFG and Asmodee. They (the stores and distributors) have unhappy customers and it isn't their fault. If FFG is gonna do something like this and put a potential strain on the relationships these groups have with their customers (I know that not getting a promo item isn't the biggest catastrophe facing the world right now but it isn't inconceivable that somewhere a person who got shafted might be a bit less trusting of their local store over this and take their money elsewhere; I know I had a brief moment where I thought 'I'm going to tell the store to stop holding my items and I'll buy wave one on eBay, so that way FFG won't make any money off of me for them'), they at least owe these stores and distributors an apology of some sorts.
  11. EYEL1NER

    TIE Advanced x1 (Lord Vader’s Ship) ~ Force Upgrade

    I'm still salty that Force users get Force upgrades instead of EPT/Talents, instead of in addition to. Supernatural is the only one I've considered using at all though.
  12. EYEL1NER

    PSA: Cheap card storage option

    I think this is how I'm gonna roll, with card boxes. I'll probably get some of the 3D printed card dividers that show that upgrade logo on each one to use to seperate them out. In 1.0 I use binders for cards, coin pages with square pockets that ship tokens, and coin capsule pages to hold dials, but I don't see the point in going all-out with a storage solution for 2.0. I've still got bags of 1.0 cards that I never sorted into their correct spot in my binders (separated by upgrade type and then alphabetically) and it will be nice to not worry about that for 2.0. Makes it easier to store all the 2.0 stuff whenever 3.0 comes along too.
  13. EYEL1NER

    Promo Damage Deck?

    It looks like I know a few people with multiple damage decks, so I'm going to try to get one off of them. I'm hoping one of them will take pity on me, since FFG's shortage wasn't my fault.
  14. EYEL1NER

    1.0 upgrades you hope will find their way to 2.0

    TLT, and I'm not even trying to make a joke or be funny. Obviously it wouldn't pop back up in its original incarnation; they've nerfed so many other upgrades already during the transition from 1.0 to 2.0 that they'd be able to do something with this card. We need more turrets too. Getting rid of TLT was supposed to open up the turret spot and instead Ion Cannon Turret is the only one that is going to get used? I wanna see Cluster Mines come back. Give it a high point cost and three charges. For one charge, you drop one mine, and you can spend additional charges to add one to the left of that, to the right, or on both sides.
  15. EYEL1NER

    Promo Damage Deck?

    The store I preordered with got their damage decks and Scum kits a few hours back but only received enough damage decks to go to the first 10 people. I live an hour away and was at work when they arrived, and the store isn't open 24 hours or anything. I might drive over tomorrow to pick up my stuff but if I go and there are no damage decks left I'm tempted to have them give me a refund and buy my stuff elsewhere. Then again, $150 for a core set and all three conversion kits is better than CSI at the moment, and that also includes entry into the next OP event (which costs $5 or a ship purchase), so it'd be kind of dumb to do that. So I don't know. EDIT: The store is open for two more hours so I decided to go ahead and go in, but I figured I should call first. The guy on the phone said that the first 10 people to place their pre-orders gets them, and I'm not in that group. They had 15 pre-orders and were allocated 15 decks but only 10 showed up. So no rush to pick any of it up then.