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  1. @OggDude I don't know not how difficult it would be to implement, but I have a feature request: It would greatly improve management of custom data and translations to be able to prioritize loading of custom data. I play the game both in English and in Brazilian Portuguese, sometimes with house rules, sometimes without. Currently, it's kind of a hassle to guarantee the correct custom data and translations are loaded properly. For example, I have a dataset with the full translation of the Core Books into pt-br and other datasets with house rules both in en and pt-br. Since most custom data in these datasets are CustomItem (DescOnly rarely cuts it for translations), when they overlap they do not necessarily load the one I realy want. As I understand the program currently loads the one imported or created last (is this correct?). So, to make it work, I have to export/backup all datasets and reimport them in the order I want them to be loaded, which is fine if done once, but gets tiresome and prone to mistakes when you have to do that repetedly for different games. Anyway, I know it may be something difficult to implement, but asking does not hurt. Thank's in advance for taking this into consideration, whether possible to implement or not. And your work rocks! Cheers,
  2. Just to make sure, I can never unselect one such source, even if I do not use them. Is that right?
  3. On a totally different issue (from my previous post): I have translated the program an all the core datasets to Brazilian Portuguese, but the abbreviated characteristics in the printed sheets keep appearing in their original form (Br, Ag, Int, Cun, Wil and Pr) instead of my translated ones. What do I need to do to make them appear in their translated form? Or is this a "bug"? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, It's been a while since I followed this thread and used the program on a regular basis, but I started using it again a couple of weeks ago and it was fine. Now, after the last update, every time I try to open the character generator, the error below comes up and the print and options buttons don't work at all... (Sorry, I don't remember how to hide the message)
  5. I totally understand that localizing software after initial development is very, very tricky (I used to be Localization Manager for a game distributor here in Brazil). Now, I have translated categories, types and sources... I translate the xml files of my lang dataset and then reimport the dataset back into the program). How much is this going to break things, apart from having duplicates in different languages?
  6. I have a little question about language DataSets and DescOnly items. I have been custom translating a few things into my native language and using language datasets to keep track of them. I'm doing the translation work externally, using a professional translation tool, and then reimporting the translated files. But I noticed that all the "internal" stuff of an item or species, the parts you would have to click "modify" to change manually, are not getting the translated version when I reimport them. My guess is that this happens because these items are tagged "DescOnly" instead of "CustomItem". If I change the "DescOnly" tag to "CustomItem" before reimporting, will I get the full translation?
  7. Thanks again! One question ahead of the fixed release: it is my understanding that the Cyber Adjust value is added to Brawn to make the cyber cap, but how must one proceed to create a fixed cap like that for droids?
  8. I have a bit of a problem with the handling of the cybernetic cap on custom species. The stock Gank and Droid are working fine (their cyber cap are calculated and shown properly), but my custom droid or any other species I try to give a cyber cap adjustment simply ignores it. Am I doing something wrong? Note: after editing the species cyber adjustment in the editor and saving, if I come back, the cyber adjust value has reset to 0. Thanks
  9. I think I found a small bug on GM Tools>Encounters, while creating or modifying an encounter. Every time I tried to sort the Current Adversaries by "group" or "count", I got the following error:
  10. I like that! Oh, I like that! Specially because I'm also looking for side quests to extend the adventure. I have been seriously considering not sending the PCs to Geonosis (or whatever) just after New Meen, as I want to develop Oskara's sister arc a bit more first.
  11. Yes, but in the Darth Vader comics, which are also canon, we learn that the queen born from it is sterile and cannot produce offspring. Anyway, it is a good option too, accepting Rebels, but ignoring the comics. In fact, I just had a couple of ideas about integrating that into the adventure itself... hummm
  12. Hummm, I had forgotten about Geonosis moons... I like your idea very much.
  13. Those are two of my main options so far, the colony one being the easiest, since I have already stated in my game that its after BY.
  14. I agree that by picking up dice I run the possibility of changing continuity, but I may choose not to. The fact is that I like the story arc about sterilizing Geonosis, I think it makes sense and I'd like to keep it. The same way I can change that in my game, I can also change the use of Geonosians In LAotH... I just need to figure out how much work it is and if I consider it worth the trouble. That's why asked for options, to share ideas. What I'll actually end up doing is a mystery, even to myself,
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