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  1. I saw the trailer for the game before it ever came out, and then got the core set must have been the year it came out, and then my first expansions were a few years later when I was given the A-wing, TIE-advanced, and Millennium Falcon for birthday gifts. Didn't ever go to a flgs until after Wave 8 though.
  2. So this is great, and exactly what I was looking for. I am bumping this so more people can see it. Edit: also maybe this could be moved to the painting subforum?
  3. 55 seconds. Definitely took me a minute...sans five seconds. Sorry not sorry for the bad pun lol.
  4. And episode II Nice list by the way. Edit: and the YT-1300, though not actually the Millennium Falcon is also seen in episode II
  5. Keyan with Kyle Katarn and FCS is a lot of fun.
  6. Depends if you want to play competitively or casually. If you are playing casually then you could get by with the components from 1.0 and the Heroes/Servants packs most likely. If you are planning to play competitively, you should probably get the core set as well. You could also look at The Big X-Wing Trade Thread.
  7. Ok, criticize her if you want, but don't misgender her.
  8. Have: 1st edition alt art: Omega Leader alt art (Anthony Devine, 2017) Scimitar squadron pilot alt art (2014) Poe Dameron alt art (2015) Swarm tactics alt art (2017, Lukasz Jaskolski) Push the limit alt art (no date, no artist, tie interceptor picture) Predator alt art (Logan Feliciano) Veteran instincts alt art (VIKO) Crack shot alt art (Manusz Gandzel) 1st edition ships/sets: 2x Force Awakens core set TIE/Fo, including 2 of each pilot (including the unique ones), and bases, dials, etc. Another additional complete Force Awakens core set Another 2 TIE/FO, ship, dial, base, etc., various cards (incomplete) Heroes of the Resistance expansion (YT-1300 has the old style dish, not the rectangular one, but it is the HOTR model, and the dish rotates well) Tie/SF expansion Could be convinced to trade away a Gunboat Could be convinced to trade away Guns for Hire 2nd edition: Lone Wolf and various other things I might be willing to part with, depending on the trade. Want: Conversion stuff: Rebel conversion kit Scum conversion kit A single tie advanced conversion A single tie fighter conversion Expansions: Republic ARC 170 expansion Delta 7 expansion N-1 expansion BTL-B expansion LAAT/i expansion Never Tell Me the Odds expansion Hotshots and Aces expansion Hyena expansion HMP Droid Gunship expansion Cards: Predictive Shot 1st edition: Imperial Veterans expansion Ghost/Phantom I (or 2nd edition) YT-2400
  9. There's also always The Big X-Wing Trade Thread, here on the forums.
  10. Same happed to me. Seems pretty widespread.
  11. I would add broadsword fighting and maybe like horseback archery? Or, unironically, muggle quidditch. I would remove one of the races. Or the handgun shooting. It always felt a little out of place anyway.
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