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  1. Looks very cool, but (at least for me) the link doesn't work. Also, this probably shouldn't be in the painting forum, maybe the off topic or the main thing. Unless, of course, there is a model in the link. EDIT: never mind, missed the part where you said you were going to print the model. *facepalm
  2. Also check out the thread "Post you [sic] custom cards here!"
  3. As far as the droids go, I saw an interesting idea somewhere of having their dials be exclusively, or almost so, white, with little or no red and at most 2 green. This would make them have a little bit more "character", I think, abd could be interesting. Just a thought though.
  4. Awesome! Any chance there will be force, in addition to charges?
  5. I actually think that the multiples per base could be very interesting, as it could add new gameplay mechanics. Personally I hope that is how they do it if they introduce vulture droids.
  6. With 26 you could fit it Omega Leader with juke and comm relay. Not sure if that helps, though.
  7. Well actually, it says that a single picture is to large to upload. Is it just my phone, or how do you post pics?
  8. I'll be posting the repaints that I do on here, but it'll be slow going, and these are also the first repaints I've done. Hope you enjoy!
  9. So, I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask, but I just got a falcon to repaint, but I got the HOTR expack, since I didn't have it yet, but realized the sculpt is much better on the new one. So my problem is that I would really like to have a stock paint job of an OT era Falcon, and have a rectangle dish falcon (or, since it will be repainted, YT-1300) to repaint. That said, I would like to switch the dish on the old falcon onto the new HOTR falcon, and vice-versa. I know this is something that can be done, in theory, but is it something that a begginer could do? And by begginer, I mean I started painting a TIE Advanced once, and still have yet to finish. Thanks in advance for any advice! EDIT: also, please tell me if this was not the best place to post this, I just wasn't sure.
  10. I can't remember where, but I feel like I recall them saying they will still produce 1 ed stuff, but likely in lower quantities. Could be wrong, but I hope they don't stop selling 1 ed, because I plan on playing a 1.5 ish game, and having 1 ed stuff discontinued would be a pain for that.
  11. V, R1, IV, VIII, VI, III, VII, II, I The first 5 and the last 4 have a pretty big gap.
  12. Personally, I wouldn't fly anything meta, I would fly both named tie aggressor pilots and the ept generics with tlt and ig 2000, not meta, just super janky.
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