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  1. Well, I have the Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, I also have all expansions except Recurring Nightmares and Supressed Memories and these expasions become really rare in Brazil and I think in the rest of the world too. Here in Brazil each of these expansions cost like 150% more than the price of the base game, too expansive. I would like to kindly ask you to reprint these expansions to deinflate the market so I can buy, play and experience all MoM content. You (FFG) can ask the community to have an idea about the viability of this reprint. Thank you Ivan
  2. lol, I've just found the obvious, the symbols in the APP for these products in the 1st and 2nd editions are the same, so, they are the same....duh!!!!! Thanks Ivan
  3. Very good, it's almost perfect! I've found at the APP which Investigators and Monsters I can find in every single box!! What I was able to understand is that the investigators (I think the monsters too) from 1st edition of the game (base + expansions) are contained in the two first expansions of the 2nd edition (Nightmares and Memories). This content gets all 16 investigators from the Conversion KIT and think they get all monsters too. So, my question now is: If I can't find these two first 2nd edition expasions but I can find the complete 1st edition (which I really can) can I buy them and use them in the 2nd ed ? Investigators already have the conversion kit, what about the monsters, map tiles, cards, etc ? Thanks Ivan
  4. HI! Is there a list of all Investigators and Monsters and which base/expansion they belong ? I have the MoM 2nd Ed. + Streets of Arkham + Beyond Threshold and I want to know hot to get the investigator and monsters miniatures to use the Convertion KIT. Thanks Ivan
  5. Hi guys, can you help me? What about Greedy Deep Elf card. What do I do if I have no loot? Actually, I am suffering 4 wounds on my hero. Is this right? Thanks Ivan
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