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  1. Anecdotal reference. At the Louisville hyperspace trial it was ruled that the "MAY" was decided at the time that you put the ability into the queue. And that once you put an ability into the queue it must be resolved.
  2. Is there room in the game for pilot specific upgrades? For example, can we have a "Rogue Leader" title card for Luke Skywalker without worrying about making Biggs too good?
  3. Outside of an official tournament, FFG can't actually tell you how to play the game. As long as your opponent agrees, you can do whatever you like with squad building. Get your group together and hash out some guidelines and try it out. Look at the results and make adjustments for the next time. Playtesting can be fun.
  4. It probably would have been best if they used the same restrictive text as Trajectory Simulator. You can not drop bombs with the "Action:" header this way. But they probably didn't want two cards in the same pack to have such similar verbage.
  5. Gametime Miniatures runs monthly store kit tournaments. The next one being Wednesday November 15th. Also, if you're on Facebook, join the echo base group to get in touch with local players a little easier.
  6. As someone who likes playing Tractor Beam Vessery, I have an interest in the outcome of this discussion. The Tractor Beam reference card says that you are able to have your maneuver templates overlap obstacles as part of a non-maneuver. The rules reference entries for Boost and Barrel Roll say that your maneuver template cannot overlap obstacles. A cannot trumps a may. So I unfortunately agree that you are only able to toss someone on a rock if the template is in the clear.
  7. The Tractor Beam reference card says that the ship may overlap obstacles. The word base is not on the card at all. So which game effect caused this FAQ entry? RULES REFERENCE (OBSTACLES, PAGE 14) The following section should be added after the third paragraph of the Obstacles entry: "After a ship’s base or maneuver template overlaps an obstacle, and the overlap is not from executing a maneuver, it suffers an effect based on the type of obstacle: • Asteroid: The ship rolls 1 attack die. On a ? result, it suffers one damage; on a ? result, it suffers one critical damage. While a ship is overlapping an asteroid, it cannot perform any attacks. • Debris Cloud: The ship receives 1 stress token. Then, the ship rolls 1 attack die. On a ? result, it suffers one critical damage."
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