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  1. HOTAS support is confirmed. https://www.pcgamer.com/star-wars-squadrons-will-support-full-hotas-setups/ Seconded. ED is amazing and beautiful. My recommendation is don't engage in the grind. If you just play it how you want, it's a great game.
  2. Stole the "repaint a Silencer as a TIE Avenger from the TIE Fighter PC series." Very happy with the results. The matte clear coat really did the trick at the end. This shot I was playing with lighting a bit.
  3. Darth Vader in the TIE Defender. That is all I want. Edit: Ok, I lied. I want Maarek back in the TIE/d too.
  4. I could use one of these too, so I tried making one. It's not too hard to model something that should work, but I'm having a really hard time getting it to print and work. They're just really little compared to the large peg receiver. That was not this hard. Maybe someone with a really well tuned printer (mine is "just fine") or a resin printer could get it to come out, but I'm done trying for now.
  5. That Amazon listing might be for the Epic box, not Tantive. Agree, Raider would be my suggestion.
  6. I finished up an LED mod a bit ago. I ended up using an Adafruit Feather M0 with some CircuitPython for engine effects. The above should be an embedded animated gif, but I don't know if it's working. Link Pics, code, and video of the effects here: OneDrive folder Not sure how to embed video. Edit: Fixed links and added a direct link to the animated gif.
  7. I made a 3d printable replacement receiver, if you or a friend has a 3d printer. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3594259
  8. TTS is on sale currently for $8.99 at Humble. It's on sale until 6 UTC (~21h from posting). Not that the monthly bundle gets you TTS, but I'll link to my referral...
  9. Wrote up a github page for my mod, mainly to share the 3d models and parts list in case anyone's interested. https://github.com/HuntingPhoenix/XWM-Gozanti-LED-Mod
  10. Thanks! Did you somehow link to my file or re-upload?
  11. I finished an LED mod today. Quite happy with how it came out. Pretty similar to what others have done, except perhaps that I used a Qi receiver to charge the little LiPo so I didn't need a charge port or to open it up. I don't think I'll do that for the next project, since I'll probably do a Raider, and will have more space and also want the ports accessible. Result pic: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmKWyGwx6HmMjYkWmmrN5Y5w1pCNbQ Album w/ in progress pics: https://1drv.ms/a/s!AmKWyGwx6HmMjYkQ-g9qKgn_9sYnJg Sorry for not embedding, the forum won't take my OneDrive shared images.
  12. I really want V-Wings with this. I think it could be a neat niche. Think TIE/v1 but with micro thrusters.
  13. We're going to have a quick build event in one of the FLGS, and I was testing a few options out with my 9 year old son. I was pretty happy with quick builds around Second ed. launch, but today they're feeling pretty stale. Since you only have access to the content that came in the pack, they're kinda "meh" like you said. I can run Supernatural Vader for 4 threat, which is pretty cool, but nobody seems that fun to bring along. I'm having a really hard time coming up with something I'm excited to bring. Unusual cards like the U-wing with the turret, Vader in a TID/d (which I LOVE as an idea btw) are a slam dunk for these. It would also help with the fact that QB doesn't age or really evolve at all after ship release. Also, I don't think that it was ever a thing, but Soontir in a TID/d. It's just so great. I've loved this ship since TIE Fighter.
  14. There's no reason for the extra text unless it's not counting as an action. I am guessing it'll be like Han's rerolls.
  15. *focus, calculate, or TL. There are Barrage Rockets in the spread, and a comma after calculate, indicating it's second in a list.
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