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  1. You don't think a 61 point ship (Arquitens light w/TRC) that fires five red dice out the side, one of them set to 2 damage, is broken? You could fit Home One, Ackbar and four of those in a list. Edit: Even better! Assault Frigate w/Ackbar, Caitken & Shollan, ECM and Enhanced Armaments = 133 points 4 x Arquitens Light Cruiser w/ Enhanced Armaments = 256 points Total Cost = 389 points
  2. Yeah, how much would it need to cost to be playable, considering what you're giving up to run it? 2/3 points? I'd run them on CR90s/MC30s at that cost, but every medium and large that can take them would still be given ECM.
  3. That game looks great on the mat, but how did the Rebels not manage to destroy a single Imperial ship?
  4. I was hoping you guys would see this - we'll be glad to see you in the Denver area again!
  5. The Denver metro couldn't get an Armada Regional this year, and I'm mad as heck about it! To fix this awful injustice, we're starting bi-monthly tournaments at Total Escape Games every other month, starting at 4/20 (June 15th, August 17th are our next two scheduled events). Entry fee is $5, standard list building rules. Come on over and have some fun with us! Information Total Escape Games - www.TotalEscapeGames.com Entry fee will be $5, prizes provided from FFG. Start time is 11 am, running until ~7pm. Three rounds, 400 points.
  6. I still don't really know what Marked For Destruction does - without any way on the card itself to generate objective tokens I have to assume that purrgils will have special text to generate them.
  7. I've had this thought several times. One of the games played at a local store (Warmachine?) uses the clocks. Give each player an hour on the clock with agreed-upon pauses for rule discussions. If your clock runs out, you lose. If you can't get through six turns of Armada in that time frame, you need to learn to play your fleets faster.
  8. This is part of the reason I can't play Vassal. There's no sound, there's no interaction, there's no plastic models to look at, just me staring at my screen until I get bored and open a new Reddit tab.
  9. As a Rebel player, I also have concerns about 1200 points. Maybe even 800. It's not every ship, but there are enough Rebel ships that want to be going sideways that I'm worried about constant collisions without more space to be able to move in.
  10. This is a remarkably bad take. Name any other current game - even one - that stays relevant with less than one release per year and so little community engagement that there might as well be none.
  11. No, I want there to BE news. Maybe they could make some kind of effort to develop product. Or, barring that, provide any sort of content at all - like a Scenario pack.
  12. That was six months ago. The incompetence is staggering.
  13. I would have driven 5-6 hours this year, but the two tournaments in range were on exactly the wrong weekends.
  14. If I'm remembering the game correctly, he was double arc-ing the ISD or other ships with his, so I'm not sure how many flak shots he would have had.
  15. I use the Assault Pelta in a fleet with 4 Scout HHs, Rieekan and Rogues. It's there for Intensify Firepower, really, but if it manages to get close enough to fire its External Racks it can really do some damage.
  16. I think the point is that why isn't it their purview? The current method could scarcely be less well-organized. 1) Hire a community organizer. 2) That organizer contacts all distributors that have run events in the past, or some that may be interested in running them in the future. 3) The organizer works with stores to schedule dates, and ensure that the appropriate prize packages are sent to them. 3) Next, they post the information on when/where in three places: Somewhere in the forums or on the main Armada page, on Twitter and in each region's appropriate Facebook page. 4) Profit Instead of this, we have the current system where no one knows anything and we have to scratch and hunt for any hint of events being held. This is how you schedule tournament seasons when you couldn't possibly care less what the attendance or visibility is. Absolutely insane. I'm so tired of it being assumed that the players are going to do all of the heavy lifting to make FFG's game succeed.
  17. That's good! I guess I'm looking from my perspective as a guy who already owns at LEAST two of every product available.
  18. I think the real question is if anyone is buying product during these tournaments? A profit of $20-30 is not a good reason for a game store to give up their whole game room for a day.
  19. There will likely be more, but there seem to be large swathes of the country that will be left without, largely due to FFG's largely incompetent management of this game.
  20. These same stores may have come to the decision that no more product is coming out for the game. It doesn't make a bunch of sense to host large tournaments for games that are (apparently) no longer supported with new product. Total Escape Games, the Denver store that had the Regional last year, barely has any Armada product. The items that players want are permanently out of print, nothing except the Super Star Destroyer has been announced, and the last actual release of new product was in February. Listen, I know that we are 'supposed' to stay positive, but it's really not that difficult to figure out why so many stores no longer run events. How many other legacy games do stores typically schedule events for?
  21. Every year, I'm surprised that FFG acts like this is the very first time they've ever scheduled a Regionals season. Maybe someday I'll stop being surprised.
  22. I'm in. BUT (and I know you have limited control of this) - there really needs to be a good expected turnout for this for me to make it. It's a six hour drive from Denver, so I'll need two nights in a hotel and I'll be super sad if we end up with four/five people. I'll broadcast this in the Denver Star Wars gaming Facebook page and see if we can't get some more interested people!
  23. I'm afraid I don't have a rock solid reason for three. Mostly, the number was chosen to give the ability to have 'some' aces, while at the same time utterly eliminating nightmare Sloan/Rieekan balls. It's mostly a flavor thing - there are a lot of playable aces and this would make you really think about which ones you want to take. My feeling is that two is too few, four would potentially be acceptable, but five is approaching the numbers that we're seeing now. I believe that excessive aces slows down play, and I'd like a reason to encourage use of non-unique squadrons. Note: Just realized I didn't address your 'doesn't really do that for anything but Rieekan Aces' comment. Maybe it's just the Sloan fleets I'm seeing around here, but nearly every single list I see with Sloan as the Commander runs Steele, Jendon, Mauler, Saber, Ciena, Howlrunner, Valen, and Dengar (134 points exactly for those eight). I don't have lists in front of me, but I think most, if not all, Sloan lists I recall from Regionals+ contain at least 5/6 of the above eight.
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