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  1. This has quickly devolved into one of the dumbest threads on the forum.
  2. I've been playing with Tabletop Simulator & Discord. It's not the same, but it's enough of a fix.
  3. The title just about says it all. I'm trying to create content for my local Armada scene, and with COVID-19 putting a damper on our ability to play in person, I've decided to try and record a TTS game. What software is best to record both audio and video? Thanks!
  4. I use both Ryan Kingston's, and I have the ArmadaFB for mobile use. Both are great, and at this point ArmadaFB is fully updated with Wave 8.
  5. I'll get you the rest of the data as soon as I can. I was the TO at Denver, and one of the players recorded all the fleet data and said he was going to 'get it to a guy on the forums', so I thought you already had it. It might take a couple days, but I'm pretty sure they've saved the fleet lists for me in a file.
  6. I suppose I agree with your final conclusion about more data being needed, but you heard it here first! Coming to you live from Denver, Moralo Eval is broken as ****, and I think we'll see it at World making people very unhappy. I hope I'm wrong, but after seeing it in action over five rounds and just shredding all comers, I don't think I am. I think the REAL issue is that if it does turn out to be utterly broken and in need of immediate fixing, we can expect that fix by mid-2021...
  7. The Denver Regional was won by a version of this list with a MOV of over 1,000. 29 attendees, and a lot of good players. This list in the hands of a good player is very dangerous, and Eval is certainly broken. I understand that maybe you'd like more data, but 'just kill his ships' isn't really a helpful suggestion against this - that was the same non-solution posed for use against Rieekan Aceholes, and that was easier said than done.
  8. I have to assume he meant Moralo Eval - I hadn't even noticed that weird typo. He's the one who gets an attack and can move distance one each time that an objective token is moved within distance 2 of him.
  9. He's clearly understood, just terribly broken. He's a prime example of a Negative Play Experience. What are no squadron/light squadron lists supposed to do against 8-12 attacks a turn?
  10. Every week or so I go to YouTube and search for "Star Wars Armada" and Filter by videos released in the last week. You'll also be able to subscribe to a lot of the feeds that have regular updates.
  11. What about it is unenjoyable to play, in your eyes? Is it just the lack of meaningful activations (basically just the Starhawk)? I would have thought the squadron game would inject some excitement into the list.
  12. It's like you're in here, deliberately misunderstanding the situation and why people are unhappy about it.
  13. This *isn't* an expensive hobby - it's only the rank incompetence of FFG that's making it so.
  14. How much damage are you seeing it do over the course of a game? I'm assuming you're mostly using it on a Starhawk?
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