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  1. H9s make a huge difference. I watched a SSD vs SSD game a couple days ago where one side was never allowed to Brace, while the other was.
  2. It was pretty low (five) - getting a good turnout during the summer has proven challenging! There were four or five regular playes who weren't able to make it who had family obligations. On the plus side, we had a SSD vs SSD game. We've got the next three scheduled and I'll be making an overall post for all three shortly, but currently we're looking at October, December and February.
  3. Generics are okay, I think. Every unique squadron with defense tokens should be more expensive.
  4. If the new Salvo token works anything like I/we think it will, the answer's gonna be Salvo.
  5. My understanding from the stream is that you need to do something special to unlock the use of the SSD in the campaign. No details on what that is, though.
  6. I killed mine on turn five. My fleet: MC80 Commmand (147) Dodonna XI7 Leading Shots Boosted Comms ECM Yavaris (69) Raymus Antilles Fighter Coordination Team Bright Hope (28) Bomber Command Center GR75 (20) Comms Net Squadrons Luke Skywalker Biggs Wedge Norra Dutch Scurrg x 1 Y-Wing x 2 I don't really recall everything he had, but the important things I remember were Agent Kallus and H9s. No squadrons, but he was running two Gozantis in support. My bombers did the majority of the work here, of course, but my MC80 pounded the front arc pretty hard - the lack of ECMs on the ship made a huge difference. I could have killed it on turn 4, but he overlapped the station on turn 2 and it ended up obstructing his front arc, giving my squadrons nothing to do but hang out at distance 1-2 and wait for turn 3. He killed half of my squadrons because of the huge amount of anti-squadron fire and one-shot both of my 75s at medium range. H9s on this ship are really good - they're going to make one shotting small bases a pretty common occurrence.
  7. I have a strong suspicion that if you're not using her to give a ship Salvo, you're doing it wrong. This opinion may change once the rules are released, but the ability to respond to an attack with your full battery is amazing.
  8. Is it a FFG Official Wiki? If not, 'I looked it up in the wiki' is going to be insufficient for use in any organized event or as a way to definitively solve a rules issue. A master rulebook that includes an Errata section is necessary.
  9. No joke. I recall seeing squadron packs last year for $60-100. I don't know WHO was buying at that price.
  10. This is all fine, but there's no reason in the world we should need a wiki to keep track of rules. FFG is, in theory, a professional company. Why isn't the rulebook updated every year or so. They don't even need to print it - just upload new PDFs to the Armada page.
  11. Lord, I hope not. The lack of a second Ordnance slot is NOT what's keeping the Vic from being played more.
  12. We had 12 for the first one and 6 for the second - there was a lot going on during that weekend in July, so it turned out to not be the best timing. Our third one is scheduled for August 17th - hoping for a larger turnout for that one. I'm also working with TEG to make sure we get a Prime tournament, too!
  13. It's a good thing someone in my area followed the FFG Organized Play Facebook page - the store I play at had no idea applications were up. I'm determined to get a Regional/Prime back to the Denver area this year.
  14. Well, MMJ is 68 points and at 400 points, that's more than half of your allotted squadrons points. MMJ = 68, so you'd have 66 remaining, making MMJ an illegal inclusion. I feel like it's a fairly elegant solution, as it deals with MMJ as well as any other abusive combos (I can't think of any right now) as well as silently nerfing any once or future version of Rieekan Aceholes.
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