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  1. d20familiar

    Unique search tokens

    @Lewton, as a general rule you do not draw a search card when revealing a unique search token. The encounter reward (opening a door, finding a quest-related item) is meant to be instead of drawing a search card, regardless of the total number of search tokens and/or heroes.
  2. d20familiar

    Doom and Weaken

    @Alarin, you seem to be contradicting yourself here: And here: "After the defence roll" does not equal to "after the damage dealt". Your statement of conditions not triggering on the same attack is misleading at best: Doomed does trigger, while Weakened does not. All the steps in the attack sequence are already explained quite well: conditions are applied in the step of spending surges, way before damage is dealt or suffered. As a side note I have a strong feeling already seeing you defending that position in some other thread.
  3. d20familiar

    Dark Charm + Staff of Greyheaven

    @Dicering, your native language is Russian, right? I can translate for you, if you want. @ Everyone Else As far as I can tell, that is what he is trying to convey: The word "Great" in quotation marks has some (I'd say a lot of) sarcastic tones. Then the OP provides his contradictory example: weapon A with "Reach" ability and weapon B with "Sorcery 3" ability. The former weapon has no "may" written on the card, therefore (by the OP's logic or by the one used in this thread) it can be used by the OL, and the latter (which is equivalent of the Staff of Greyhaven's ability, but technically is a different one) also has no "may" written on the card, although is a no-go for the OL. Anyhow, he seems to be puzzled about the difference in rulings on these two abilities. That thing with the owl and the globe is a metaphor for the action of tailoring the facts to the desired result/conclusion which may or may not (but usually does) involve drastic disfiguring of the aforementioned facts in the process. No idea on the part of "yourself and clones" — maybe the OP was referring to some fake forum accounts (here? in the OP's community?), maybe not. Conjurer's image tokens don't fit into the picture. The word "invention" is used due to the OP's strong belief that uFAQ is basically a bunch of houserules. Don't know where the OP got that idea. That one seems to be pretty clear except who are "these". The clones?
  4. d20familiar

    Dark Charm + Staff of Greyheaven

    @Sadgit, yes, that is exactly why the discussion arose in the aforementioned community — the word “may” in the text of the ability that presumably can only be used by hero's original player, not by any currently controlling one. Another question, though: can the player whose hero was Dark Charmed and is attacking with that staff decide to use the damage/range conversion ability of the staff to minimize damage or even cause the attack to miss completely due to insufficient range?
  5. d20familiar

    Dark Charm + Staff of Greyheaven

    @Zaltyre, I believe the OP meant that he is interested in dev’s response due to the split in the community. @Dicering, hi! Glad someone actually asked it
  6. d20familiar

    Question about Summoned stone

    @rugal, if Astarra can blink to it and Andira can punish monsters attacking it, why the Reaper ability shouldn't work on the image? Even better, if master Ettin can target an image with Throw, why Wraith can’t?
  7. d20familiar

    Skarn question

    So it’s the fiddle that bothers you, not the doorknob-on-a-bird-cage head or the pyramid-of-books leg, huh?
  8. d20familiar

    Mother of all wendigo's!!!

    It seems to be a gray render from one of the D&D Monster Manuals.
  9. Yes, I believe one can use a surge on a bare-hand attack to recover fatigue. That's weird, because Protect specifically targets figures, not monsters, but okay I guess. I've seen OL win this quest versus One Fist without Ironbound as well as lose it using them versus "normal" party.
  10. d20familiar

    Conjurer Vortex - big monsters

    No, unless the monster in question has some innate ability to move through heroes. You are moving the monsters, not removing and placing them.
  11. Two vaguely related questions: Is bare hands attack considered a melee attack? Is it an attack with melee weapon? Does One Fist roll BY or B for his bare hands attack, if he is equipped with 1 one-handed melee weapon?
  12. d20familiar

    Mists of Bilehall - Juliden's Keep

    Rules As Written. It is usually opposed to RAI = Rules As Intended.
  13. Hi. I was tinkering with party composition recently and felt sick of bog-standard powerful choices and combinations like Astarra Runemaster, Elder Mok Bard or One Fist Knight. Thus for the time being I want to delve into the "weird synergy" department. Also, I saw conjurer. Conjurer’s images are treated as hero figures, they have grey defence die, almost never attack, and are defeated if suffer any amount of damage or fatigue. Two ideas so far: Tanky Images The core here is to make images as durable as possible, so that Conjurer can safely leave them between his turns to get the most value of skills like Focus Fire and Many Friends (and Prismatic Assault, if applicable). The means are: Jonas the Kind — +1 shield as images don’t attack, the conjurer does; Beasmaster’s Survivalist — brown die to all adjacent is nothing to sneeze at; Mordrog (Steelcaster Conjurer) — tanky, decent willpower; Picking Jonas dictates half the party to be able to do some useful staff without attacking left and right. Options are: Spiritspeaker’s Tempest — too **** fatigue-hungry; Wildlander’s Danger Sense — discarding OL’s cards is good; Hexer after a couple rounds of laying hexes. After that thoughts go into the "make Jonas viable" territory, and it gets kinda ugly. Thorny Images This is the opposite idea — let images die by the numbers, as long as the OL suffers in the process (or heroes get some use from it). The means are: Andira Runehand — reflecting damage with disposable images; Alys Raine — recharging stamina with disposable images; Mordrog (Steelcaster Conjurer) — being able to survive disposing images by only suffering 1 damage; Other possibly useful additions to the party Serena Apothecary — handing potions all around, hiding behind images (presumably). So… thoughts? Any particularly useful Hero Ability that was overlooked? P.S. Yes, I know that Astarra Conjurer is awesome
  14. d20familiar

    Gaining Movement Points off Surge Attacks

    Oh, I see. When the knight interrupts a monster he kind of gains priority, so that all his interrupts are okay as long as he performs them before returning that priority to the OL's monster. And until that moment he keeps his MPs. Thank you for explanation.