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  1. I compared everyone's ability scores and skill points to assign stations. Fill was the only one with a point in Gunnery, so I made him Gunner. I know he's got 2 points in Piloting (Space), but well, Asichi is making the best call. When she's dead, you guys can change things up XD
  2. "Fill?" she asked, "You look like the only one here with the capability to handle the guns, that's why you're a gunner. My ship, my rules. Got it?"
  3. I was waiting for sonovabith to post IC about Tok's choice of direction.
  4. "Well, that appears to be everyone, including a wayward passenger," Asichi said with a begrudging sigh. "Everyone aboard. We'll sort out stations soon enough." She gestured for the crew to board the vessel and followed them up the ramp. "Right, so, names and stations on my ship. Massan - scanning and comms station, Fill - dorsal cannon, Tek - you'll play backup on the ventral cannon, Kholl - if you didn't smell like a rancor stew you would be the pilot. Get to your bunk and sober up before I decide to leave you here for the slug's hunters to pick up. Zil - you're my engineer mainly, but for now I need you to take us into the black. Newcomer, you look the intelligent sort; make yourself useful in engineering until my pilot can see straight. Questions?"
  5. Some time later... "Right, lads, get that cargo stowed!" Asichi hollered at the port droids who were loading various crates and sacks into the hold of the [ship hasn't been named yet]. "I want to get off this godsforsaken rock as quickly as possible. And where are those bloody layabouts I hired to crew this mission?" she grumbled under her breath. The crew had dispersed from the cantina after receiving their forwarded pay more than an hour prior and had yet to arrive at the spaceport. Surely they would know to come here when they discovered the blue-skinned captain was no longer at her table. If they couldn't, well...Hutts weren't exactly forgiving.
  6. Yo. Sorry for my silence. I'll try to get a post up after work today
  7. "You lot talk too loud," Chora grumbled into her empty mug. "And some of you talk too much." She aimed a glare at Massan. "Regardless...We shouldn't talk here; too many prying ears and eyes about. But, I will tell you this: got a special command from 'up the line'. The bosses want us to find out what's so special about this place where the navy lost their precious space station last year. Maybe bring back a few shiny pieces. Lots of creds will be lined up for us once we get back, and the big slug himself gave us part of the prize up front - for 'travel expenses'." She reached into her hip pocket and pulled out a credit chip for each of the five men and lowered her voice even more. "A thousand creds each for expenses. Shop wisely, gentlemen, and don't flash it around too much. Don't want scavs or navy spooks in our wake. Agreed?"
  8. O.o. How? Did he not rest in transit to the planet?
  9. I suppose it's moot at this point, with the failure, but you may try
  10. Richard. Rin gets 2 (eye)strain from staring too long at the claw marks
  11. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... STAR WARS "The Space Between the Stars" It has been almost a full year since the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star in a battle in space over the planet YAVIN and its FOURTH MOON. The Galactic Empire is readying its troops to strike back against the Alliance and hopefully destroy them once and for all. The Alliance has abandoned its base on the moon and is in the process of relocating elsewhere. Meanwhile, strange rumors have begun circulating smuggler dens, cantinas, and syndicate hovels all throughout the galaxy - whispers that some EVIL has taken the Yavin system as its stronghold and is rapidly increasing in power. The rumors have yet to be confirmed, because no ship to travel to the system has returned in more than half a year... Captain Chora Asichi stared into her empty glass, sitting at the bar of a hole-in-the-wall cantina in Junction City, wondering if she could somehow will it to refill itself. Her crew should have been here, but then again, most of her crews left when they made port, forcing her to hire a whole new lot of greenhorns. She sighed, pushing her braided greyish hair over her shoulder.
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