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  1. That's a smart idea. I guess I can describe a few things and I'll compare them to my experiences with Eldritch and mansions 1. In the first scenario, two of the three act requirements were to "get x number of clues" but it didn't seem as immersive as the other games mentioned. In Eldritch and Mansions, there was a story set up for each clue as well as text for what happened if you succeeded or failed that particular clue. For example, "I found an ancient tome (clue) in the cellar that is surrounded by snakes and attempted to roll high enough agility to get it but I failed, had a snake's fangs sink into my arm and now I'm poisoned" compared to "I drew a -3 from the chaos bag and didn't get the clue". Since 2 of the 3 acts was getting clues, this really seemed to be missing for me. 2. I didn't feel like there were a lot of decisions to be made but that could have been due to it being the first scenario. 3. We seemed to rush through the first two acts incredibly quickly and then get walled by the 3rd where we had to kill the boss. We still beat him but the pacing certainly shifted. 4. I'm not sure how I felt about combat. In the first scenario, the hallway connects to three separate rooms but each one only connects to the hallway so it made evasion seem a little trivial. I've also never been a fan of enemies doing automatic damage (like in eldritch and mansions you still roll to mitigate some of it) but that can't really be helped I suppose. I had some allies to split it between but it still didn't sit right with me. Those are some I can think of off the top of my head. Again, I'm looking for honest thoughts here because I want to like this game.
  2. I've been hearing so much about this game and how fantastic it is so I was incredibly excited when my wife and I had the opportunity to try it out with a friend. We chose our characters and began the first scenario. We played on standard difficulty and we just barely won! But...we didn't enjoy the experience much at all. I'm no stranger to these tough arkham games. Eldritch Horror was my favorite board game of all time for a quite a few years and was only recently dethroned by Mansions of Madness 2nd edition. Both of these games I immediately fell in love with after the first time playing them. I searched the internet to see if people had similar experiences to mine with Arkham the card game but I couldn't find any. Everyone was raving about it and claiming how it blows Eldritch and Mansions out of the water. So my question is this and I mean this with the upmost sincerity: What makes the card game so great? I really want to figure out if there's something I'm missing. And I'd rather not hear answers like, "It gets better the more money you spend". I have to feel that the core is worth it before I'd be willing to commit more money to it.
  3. So I noticed they haven't announced anything new for this game in a quite a few months. This is the longest the game has gone without some sort of update even if it's as small as a dlc scenario. I've noticed that Arkham the card game seems to be getting all the love now. Is Mansions over? I really hope not because this very well may be my favorite board game of all time.
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