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  1. I haven't really looked at the FFG era RPG's, so I don't know about its dice and rules system But I loved the old West End Games D6 system. Simple and fun. Had many great adventures with that system.
  2. Hello, everyone, Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy between my gig singing on Bourbon St., and more recently dealing with acute upper respiratory infection and acute bronchitis (which did me no favors for my singing gig, knocking me out of several days of work). But, also on my down time I have been busy rebuilding some of my older models since new techniques and my new (still amateurish) skills have come into play. I just finished my latest build of the classic Battlestar Galactica, and I wanted to do a video to showcase it. I created a four minute video which repeats the same several shots over and over....meant to be a possible screen saver, or perhaps if you have a smart tv, you can play this back as an mp4 on your tv as background while you do other stuff. I did one video with the constant rumbling of the ship's engines. A few of my friends didn't care for the engine sounds (they are much better suited as a background sound effect when there is dialogue to be spoken over them), so I did a silent version. I know that this build is very amateurish compared to much more talented artists, modelers and animators out there, but I hope you'll like this humble offering. (Yep, this is defnitely off topic. LOL!) Engines sound: In Space, No One Can Hear You Rumble version:
  3. Ach....oy....I had forgotten all about what you mentioned in your hidden comments. Yeah....that was cool.
  4. You know, for a lot of hate that a lot of fans give Star Wars lately, I have to say, in many ways, I love how canon is working out. I realize this is off-topic somewhat, but I love the fact that Rebels brought the following to us into canon: Grand Admiral Thrawn Rukh Captain Pallaeon The Chimaera The TIE Defender
  5. The holiday song would be: "Rockin' Around the ISD. "
  6. Heh.....now I see that Polar Lights is about to release a highly detailed model of the K't'inga battle cruiser as seen in Star Trek The Motion Picture (my favorite version of the K't'inga). The detail looks absolutely gorgeous. Looks like I might be throwing down some bucks to get this for the best possible up close reference I'll ever get to rebuild (yet again) this mighty warship.
  7. YESSS!!! "So when some beady-eyed Candian comes charging at you with their hockey stick or whatever, just remember what the MPAA says: 'Horiffic, deplorable violence is ok as long as there's no naughty language!' " (or something like that....LOL!) Love that movie...love that show! I remember when I used to live in Michigan, my roommate had never seen South Park before. Bigger, Longer, Uncut was his first experience with South Park and he cracked up so much and loved the film so much that it was nothing for him to watch it sometimes five times a day, for a week just to try and catch every little thing that was happening. Then, we turned on the subtitles.....increased the hilarity even more.
  8. Congrats to all who are engaging/have engaged in human/non-terrestrial mating/bonding rituals. Do not overuse the senso-rings in the night of conjugation, or else, you will have to narfle the garthak! Also, I must pose a question regarding nuances and complexities of the human/non-terrestrial language known as English...or what we might call "common galactic": If one more than goose is geese, why is not one more than moose, meese?
  9. Some interesting ideas there, PM. I enjoyed both VII and VIII....but to me they pale in comparison to Rogue One. The thing that irked me about the First Order is that there is no sense of evolution. Not quite like what we got when we saw the prequels and their precursors to the Imperial Star Destroyer and such. The First Order just seems to come from out of nowhere, even though VII's opening crawl says they rose from the ashes of the Empire. Somehow, after the defeat and routing of the Empire, this new faction managed to make seemingly bigger, badder capital ships. As characterizations go, the First Order seems almost comical compared to the Galactic Empire. Like you, I would've preferred an Imperial Remnant of some type...still using the classic ships, but finding themselves at a sort of stalemate with the New Republic, who, with the support of new allies have been developing better ships and tech to deal with the Remnant. The Remnant could resort to sort of piracy (preying on smaller ships to cannibalize) to maintain (and slowly) upgrade their forces, as well as impress citizens and refugees into their service. Heck, they could actually resurrect/recommission some older Victory class star destroyers to bolster their scattered ISD forces. Might even recover a nearly finished Super Star Destroyer from a hidden Imperial shipyard. Of course, I'm just blue-skyin' here. I haven't read many of the Wars novels....either Legends or new canon....so I'm not up to snuff on the state of such things.
  10. Buzz slashing his lightsaber around... "To Infinity, and Beyooonnnn------ oops....sorry, Woody."
  11. Vader to his other officers: I find your lack of feathers disturbing.
  12. Admiral Calkins, First, from a former soldier, thank you for your service to our great nation. Make that a salute. I was just a segeant....aka private e-5. I remember when I was in NJROTC back in '86, I had said to my Naval Science Instructor that a Captain in the Navy was the equivalent of a Colonel in the Army. With a grin, he replied: "You have that backwards. A Colonel in the Army is the equivalent of a Captain in the Navy." Quietly disbelieving, I simply saluted and said "Aye, sir." But we know the truth, eh?
  13. Here are the latest shots of my corrected K't'inga. I had to rebuild the secondary hull, but that didn't take very long. I really love the techniques I've used to help simplify model building. I'm sure there are more corrections on the way....this is likely far from the final build. It is my hope that I become as good at building the K't'inga as my friend Ger has become at building the Original Series Enterprise.
  14. Making another correction to the K't'inga. The secondary hull of the ship. At the waist, where the boom joins the secondary hull. The waist I put on it is concave....it is supposed to be convex. The only concave part of the secondary hull is lower aft of the ship where (in the TMP version of the K't'inga) the Klingon emblem is boldly displayed. __________________
  15. So, I did a minor improvement to my K't'inga battlecruiser, and I think the photon torpedo effect looks much better ....and it looks even better in motion. Did some tweaking with V'ger as well. Right now, here are some screencaps until I get this finished. I think the forward dome looks a lot more solid now. This is how the forward dome looked before...as you can see, it's a bit rough on the sides and near the top. Much smoother and more consistent now: Approaching V'ger V'ger....boom! Improved photon torpedo appearance:
  16. Thank you, Admiral, for the very kind words. They mean a lot I have been thinking about the Enterprise E indeed. I do believe my next Trek models will probably be a rebuild of the Miranda class, the Excelsior class, and the Klingon Vor'Cha (attack cruiser) and B'rel/K'vort (Bird of Prey) classes. But yes, the E-E is a definite future prospect.
  17. I think I managed to correct the shape of the warp nacelles for the TMP Enterprise.
  18. The warp engine is almost finished. That is one difficult mesh to build, but I think I've just about got it nailed.
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