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  1. Dashing straight at the Rancor, Ge’tal rushes past the others, sliding between the beast’s legs and through the door.
  2. Engaged range simply means you’re close enough to be engaging a target. Otherwise it’s considered part of Short range. Secondly, while the base Success I rolled, allows me to succeed at the base task, it is the second net Success that allows me to cover that distance significantly more quickly and thus with fewer maneuvers. F&D page 142 specifically states that additional Successes allow a character to either cut the amount of time to make the Athletics check or increase the distance covered when moving. Short range only covers a handful of meters. So it’s already a “margin-able” distance. It’s the difference between a quick walk (or light jog) and a full out sprint. It should also be noted that using Athletics to move past the Rancor means I’m using an action to move, not a maneuver because there was a risk of failing to cross the additional distance because of the Rancor. Thus, I would still have one maneuver to kick the door shut on my way past it.
  3. Yeah, I got that. Based upon your post, though, it’s also because of needing to get around the Rancor that the distance traveled to get into the tunnel costs two maneuvers, since moving from Short to Medium range (or vice versa) normally only takes a single maneuver. Thirty yards or so falls under Medium range. She’s sprinting full tilt, taking a shortcut, so to speak, sliding between its legs, as she passes it and the others, not running around it.
  4. The additional Success I rolled allows me to increase the distance I can travel in one maneuver.
  5. Athletics: 3eA+1eB+1eD+1eS 2 successes, 3 advantage I spend the additional Success to increase my distance travelled with that move, and spend two Advantages for a free maneuver to shut the door behind me. The last Advantage I’ll use for a boost due for a later physical check.
  6. As a player, I’d say go for the dark Jedi, since that’s the mission. As a character, Ge’tal would go for the glory of killing the rancor.
  7. “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh...” Ge’tal mutters as the beast rises, towering above them. “Bic ori,” she says. Watching it more closely, she notices something. “A puhoi.”
  8. Not specifically. The book simply says that an Advantage rolled on a Discipline Check May be spent to grant an insight into the situation such as a vulnerability in a seemingly indomitable foe, an unusual pattern in suppressing fir, etc. Of the examples given, spotting a vulnerability sounds the most appropriate, but if you feel another insight is more appropriate that’s up to you.
  9. “Does that mean I can’t kill it?” Ge’tal whines.
  10. Discipline (fear): 2eA+3eD 3 failures, 1 advantage What kind of insight can I get from my Advantage? Vigilance (Initiative): 2eA 1 success
  11. “Oya!!!” She replies gleefully, drawing her own Beskad. “Jor'ad ca'nara!”
  12. Keeping the Peace has rules for crafting armor, Endless Vigil has rules for crafting lightsabers, Unlimited Power has rules for Alchemy crafting (potions and talismans),
  13. Well, the area of the “spot” is dependent upon the size of the projectile. Even if we’re not talking absolute pinpoint precision, measured in millimeters, or even inches, you hit the same side, over and over, repeatedly, eventually, you will penetrate. This is how a battering ram, or siege engine, such as a catapult, takes out a fortified wall or portcullis. Repeated hits weaken the structure, and eventually penetrate. These weapons are not exactly “pinpoint” accurate.
  14. Why can several hits in one spot do damage if a single shot from that type of weapon wouldn’t? Simple, because each successive hit in that spot heats up the target a little more and eventually burns through. It’s called cumulative damage. You hit the same spot over and over, eventually you erode, or burn through it as a result of friction.
  15. Yes. This has been clarified by the devs in the past. The “Force Leap” Control upgrades change how Enhance works, super ceding the base power.
  16. To a point, yes, but that is offset by the added weight of their gear. Back when I was in the Army, we had to do ruck marches, some of them up to ten kilometers (a little over six miles), wearing a minimum of forty pounds of weight in our ruck sacks, as well as full combat gear. That slowed us down considerably.
  17. Thirty minutes would make it about a mile and a half, given an average adult human walking speed of 3mph.
  18. “Besides,” Ge’tal chimes in. “Where would be the fun in that?”
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