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  1. Yep. Beskar is an extremely strong and durable material.
  2. Either way, we still need to hear from @Matt Skywalker, and then get XP, Conflict, and such taken care of.
  3. "Wuuh aguhwwgggghhh aaaaahnr uughghhhgh aaahnruh raaaaaahhgh uughghhhgh uugggh huuguughghg. Bggguh uughguughhhghghghhhgh awwgggghhh uughghhhgh huurh, uuh huurh huuguughghg wrrhw wuuh aaaaahnr huuguughghg uughguughhhghghghhhgh huuguughghg. Aarrragghuuhw raaaaaahhgh aarrragghuuhw."
  4. That ;last bit really depends though on exactly when the campaign takes place. During the ancient Old Republic (cira 4000 BBY), Jedi initiates were routinely taken in as adults. It wasn't until later that they started limiting it to just babies.
  5. Not necessarily. It really depends upon exactly how large it is. Silhouette 5 covers a rather broad range of sizes with the VCX-100, YZ-775, and YZ-900 at the lower end, around the 50 meter range, to ships like the CR-90 Corvette at over 150+ meters in length. The VCX=100, for example only has a Hull Trauma threshold of 32, which is only ten more than the YT-1300. However, given that the TL-1800 is listed at only 30 meters in length, this does support the Silhouette 4
  6. Cortosis is brittle but Beskar is not.
  7. No, it doesn’t. If you look at the Conflict table in the core book, it spells out several concrete actions that will earn a character Conflict. These are very much tied into the black and white view of what actions are “good” and what are “evil” ( and thus Conflict worthy).
  8. Not true. The only thing that prevents Morality score changes is if the character had no opportunity to earn Conflict, regardless of whether he or she actually earns any.
  9. M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender.
  10. Those are some serious suicide sticks.
  11. ROFLMAO!!!! And the puns fly freely.
  12. From a game mechanics perspective, that is what they are though. This isn't opinion, this is how the mechanics are built. The most important factor on a character sheet is the ability score, then the talents, then the skills in that order. Ability scores determine how good you are overall with a variety of tasks, Skill ranks boost that with one skill only. The higher a given ability score, the better I am at a broad range of things, whereas the higher a given skill is only means I can do that one thing better. However, when making any single given skill check, there is no difference in the dice pool if I have 2 ranks in Intellect, and three in Mechanics, or three ranks in Intellect and two ranks in Mechanics, either way, my pool would be YYG. The difference comes in when you factor in Knowledge, or Astrogation,, or other skills under that attribute. With three ranks in Intellect, I always roll at least three dice in all of those skills. This was intentional by the designers of the game. Abilites are more important than individual skills by design.
  13. No, it doesn't, not if you actually play the game. The game is specifically designed for the characteristics to be raised at character creation, and to be the main thing used for skill checks, with skills being "gravy", not the end-all-be-all. Having actual skill ranks doesn't make a skill check easier, it simply increases the chances of Advantage, and opens up the possibility of Triumphs. That's all they do. That is why the dice pools are set up the way they are. Take your compare your ability and skill, levels, the higher number determining the number of dice rolled, and the lower number being used to upgrade dice from green to yellow. That's how the pool works. It. By handicapping the player's ability scores to only the base species scores, with no option to raise them during character creation, you are breaking the game's mechanics.
  14. Yes, but each individual within a species is also unique; each with his own strengths and weaknesses regarding abilities. Not every human has the same strength, agility, intelligence, etc. The same with Twi'leks, Wookiee's etc. Each is an individual, each has a different set of characteristics. The base stats for each species are just that: base stats fully intended to be customized for each individual character. Otherwise all Wookiees would be the same, all humans would be the same, all Twi'Leks would be the same. That's not realistic. Talents and skill ranks are not enough. Not everyone of the same species has the same natural abilities. Some are naturally smarter or stronger, more dexterous, etc. than others. That is covered by ability scores. Those have to be customizable. And yes, there is a narrative reason why a particular Twi'lek might be as strong as an average Wookiee, or you could have a particularly strong willed Wookiee, or Nemoidian. It makes perfect sense that this might happen simply due to individual differences within the population. The starting characteristics are just a bare minimum starting point to build off of, not an end-all-be-all of every member of said species.