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  1. Or play a Jedi.
  2. The only caviat to that is with Signature abilities which typically require that you spend 2 DP. Granted, they can only be used once a session, but still.
  3. Jedi Ronin pretty much nailed it. Really, what should determine when a character is promoted to the "rank" of Jedi Knight is passing the Jedi Trials, which are actually included in the Nexus of Power SB.
  4. Get your hands on Nexus of Power. It actually has the Jedi Trials as part of the Modular encounters.
  5. I typically used Adobe Illustrator for any floorplans I've made.
  6. If you're interested, I'm trying to organize a mixed level game. If you have a favorite PC from a previous campaign, even converted from D6 or D20, so much the better.
  7. IF you go Ataru Striker, taking Seer will be an Out of Career spec, so it'l be 10XP higher than if you started with Makashi Duelist. However, Ataru is a seriously badass spec, particularly since it does include multiples of both Parry and Reflect, whereas Makashi Duelist lacks any Reflect talents, but has more Parry talents. a good complement to Ataru is Soresu. It's probably the best defensive form there is, whereas Ataru is the best offensive form. Somoen who is a master of both would be seriously badass. One other thing you should consider when making your choice is your career skills as well, not just the talents. What base Career overall, do you want your character to be. Starting as a Ataru Striker, you're a Seeker, which includes both Piloting skills as well as Survival, Vigilance and Knowledge (Xenology) on top of the Ataru Strikers skills. Makashi Duelist is a Mystic, which has Coercion, Charm, Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Outer Rim), Perception, and Vigilance as it's career skills.
  8. That is one seriously modded out YT-1300.
  9. We need the Asogians too.
  10. As The Shard mentioned, it comes with PotJ2 Tarkin, Thrawn, and a few others. I know I've seen some full sized movie props in the movies, and drawings of that particular blaster as well, buuuut...
  11. I found a couple of better pics of the blaster in question These shots are much more detailed. I hope it helps.
  12. Google searching is the first thing I did. I also did a Wookiee pesos search, but not all of the blasters had pictures to cross reference. I wouldn't know how to search by image.
  13. OK. When I first looked up Lancer blaster I got a rifle. I checked again and finally got the pistol you're talking about. While the barrel is similar the carrier is definitely different.
  14. Not the rifle, only the pair of blaster pistols in the row just below that. That's the ones I need identified, not every blaster in the photo.
  15. Can anyone tell me what model of blaster pistol the second pair down in the attached photo is?