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  1. It's deliberately done. The base texture for the 3D model has white cores. And, for the record, there are a number of shots in TFA where the cores of the lightsabers are not white at all, but are colored. This is due to the fact that, they actually used props that have blades that light up. No, they're not "training" settings. One thing I learned in Art school is that colored light does not really have a white core. The core of any beam of colored light is the brightest, most intense hue of that color. I have held to that for every version I have done of Korath's lightsaber, (and pretty much every lightsaber/energy beam I render or paint). And, when I mentioned not wanting a "white blade" I wasn't referring only to the core of my blade. Having a pure white blade, like Asoka's does not interest me.
  2. Interesting concept, one caveat though. I would not send them to Ilum. Ilum is in First Order hands, and was virtually stripped of crystals. Not only that, but it is "potentially" the planet that was turned into Starkiller Base. Even if it wasn't, it is still completely inaccessible. There are plenty of other sources of lightsaber crystals in the galaxy that are still available, such as Ossus (Mephite), Tatooine (Krayt Dragon Pearls), Barab I (Barab Ingot), Dantooine (Dantari), etc.
  3. Actually, a lot would break. Breach works because of the excessive cutting power of a given weapon. A Stun weapon doesn't cut, and therefore can't breach.
  4. Well, that's not quite what I mean. What I mean is that the actual age of adulthood varies radically from one species to the next. Specifically, who quickly a given species reaches physical adulthood is different for each species.
  5. Well, that's just it. There are no weapons that deal Stun damage in any form, and get Breach. You can't do Stun and bypass Soak that way. It doesn't matter if it's Active Stun (requiring Advantage) or Stun Only.
  6. For humans in most games, 16 is considered "adult" physically at least. It varies with species though. For example, Chiss are adults at 13, and Hutts don't reach adulthood for a couple of hundred years.
  7. I think the idea of an Astromech Hotshot pilot/Face is a great idea, very outside the box. As for the 1 Will issue. I don't see a problem with it. Hotshots tend to have short fuses and a lack of discipline This could easily be represented by a low Willpower.
  8. The only other "option" is to follow the rules for juvenile creatures on page 415 of the F&D core rules.
  9. Well, remember that the only reason why I had a red blade at the time is because I couldn't properly disassemble the Force Action saber in order to either swap out the blade with one from the Anakin saber, or die the blade a different color, like I had done with my first one (the original was red-purple). I never wanted a scarlet blade. I was stuck with one because the base hilt I wanted had a red blade and I couldn't change it. With the advent of the "new canon" establishing red as a exclusive to Dark Side users and Sith, this required a complete redesign of my saber, including the hilt since, as already stated, you can't disassemble the Force Action lightsabers to swap parts. Also, I wouldn't want a white blade either.
  10. Well, considering that most "30 year old Bounty Hunters" are going to be more experienced than a starting character anyway, I don't see why this new character shouldn't simply be built as by RAW, as any other starting character. Most starting characters are teenagers, early twenties at the oldest.
  11. I agree with the others. Don't make being a "kid" anything special mechanically. Also, if this character is going to be Force sensitive, I suggest having her start out with an F&D career, with Morality and everything.
  12. Nope. it's the same length as my real one. The only difference between the old photo and the CG model is the grey. And I do wear my beard closely cropped except in winter.
  13. Yep. The new canon has red blades exclusive to Dark Siders, specifically, being created by "bleeding" the crystal. As such all Dark Siders have red blades now, and only Dark Siders can have red blades. As for the beard on the CG model, it's not '80s stubble. It's just going grey, just like my real beard. I was a lot younger in that photo. My beard has gone almost completely grey since then, particularly along the "chops". The length of the beard is the same. As for the FFG avatar. I had a hard time finding a picture that matched Korath (me), this was the closest I could find.
  14. That's deliberate. the Core of his blade is blue, not white. And the blade is the light source in that picture. I use a pure blue (0 red, 0 green 255 blue) Linear Pin Light around the blade with cast shadows turned off on the blade so that the blade won't case shadows. Nope. his outer robe is charcoal grey. Here's a photo of the "real" Korath, dating back from 2008: Back then Jedi could have red blades.
  15. Yes, it would. The reason why lightsabers get Breach is because of the extreme heat generated by the plasma blade, giving it incredible cutting power. Stun blades simply don't generate that heat, which is why they don't cut, and why they don't get the Breach quality. Nope. The cyclic crystal array would make both emitters change simultaneously. Yes, you can activate only one blade, but if both are activated, they share the same stats.