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  1. And some species, such as Gand with lungs, have special needs (such as a special atmosphere or respirator) which grant them bonus starting XP.
  2. Which is your favorites starter ship and why?

    Elias is correct on this. The standard TIE/Ln is speed 5.
  3. Aside from differences in their base starting Ability scores, various species also have other special features and abilities which have an “XP value”, Depending upon whether these special features are beneficial or detrimental, this can either cost the species in starting XP or grant them extra starting XP.
  4. Yuuzhan Vong

    Like I said, I’ll need to look it up, but I do know I have seen unofficial Yuuzhan Vong FFG stats.
  5. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Which would have meant four rounds had to have passed since I was originally flying at speed five for two rounds. Regardless, I already said once the tracker is removed, but before I ditch it completely, I need to use my Full Throttle, Improved Full Throttle, and Supreme Full Throttle with Enhance to get back up to speed 5, to get out of their sensor range, then ditch the tracker completely and make a b-line in another direction to try and lose that tail so that they won’t know where I’m going. That’s my plan. And that will take another two rounds of actions and maneuvers (first round for the enhanced Supreme and Improved Full Throttle (a maneuver for the Full Throttle tree and an action for Enhance)piloting check; and second round for an Enhanced piloting check with Improved Shortcut (an incidental) to add an automatic success to attempt to lose them). That’s the plan. And to do that, I need to get out of their active sensor range. And that will take at least two rounds of Enhanced piloting checks alternating between activations of the Full Throttle tree and Improved Short Cut.
  6. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    You asked me to cite the rules regarding ships having different active and passive sensor ranges, I did so. Page 233 of the F&D core rules which specifically state that sensors in passive mode are the listed range on the ship’s stats with sensors in active mode being one range band farther, but only in one firing arc. The G9 Rigger (sil 4), ZH-25 (sil 4) Simiyar Light Freighter (sil 4), all have Medium range sensors ( F&D pages 263-265). The ADZ-class destroyer and IR-3F class Light frigate (sil 5) have a listed sensor range of extreme, the CR90(sil 5) has a listed sensor range of Long(all in F&D page 266), the ND-47 Stalwart bulk freighter (sil5) has a listed sensor range of Medium (KtP page 62). The YZ-775 , of which the YZ-900 is the sister ship of, is also listed as having a sensor range of Medium range. And, by RAW (F&D page 233) that is passive mode. So, by RAW, all ship’s in FFG have two sensor ranges, the listed range being passive mode. Therefore, please explain to me how. TIE fighter, with a listed sensor range of Close (and active sensor range of Short) which you have already stated and is backed up by RAW, equates to a ship with a listed sensor range of Medium is somehow limited to short range with passive sensors when, by RAW, passive sensor range equals the listed sensor range of any given ship, with Active range being one range higher than listed sensor range. It seems to me like you’re trying to handicap me further when I’m already at a disadvantage to begin with.
  7. Yuuzhan Vong

    Interesting; however, I have to double check it, but I believe that the Unofficial Species Menagerie may have its own stats for them you might want to check out.
  8. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Not t trying to. Mychal’el had already called for that Mechanics check, and it was rolled before you took over, the results of which were: Mechanics: 3eP+4eD 0 successes, 2 advantage So S3 hadn’t got the tracker off just yet. He needs to make a second attempt to remove it and I want to use those two Advantages to give him two boost dice on that second attempt next round. As for the Jedi Star’s stats, those can be found here. The listed sensor range is Medium. According to the sidebar on page 233 of the F&D core book: The Jedi Star has the stock YZ-900 listed maximum sensor range of Medium, which is pretty standard for Silhouette 4 and smaller Silhouette 5 transports and freighters. By RAW, that is for passive mode. A TIE/LN has a listed maximum sensor range of close (F&D page 262). Thus, even using the Jedi Star’s sensors in passive mode, I have a longer sensor range than a TIE fighter using its sensors in active mode. That is by RAW. So yes, I can see them well before they see me, and why it’s so important to get that tracker off the hull before anything. Once I do get it off the hull, I plan on using it as a decoy to trick them into following it while I head in a completely different direction. This means, after I actually get the tracker off the hull, I need to at least get out to Medium range from them and then ditch the tracker, either in the ocean or onto a passing fish or aiwha, before I head off in another direction completely, using my Short Cut talents and further uses of the three Full Throttle talents, in order to lose pursuit completely as per the chase rules. But that’s going to require some fancy flying, and a bit of some more help from the Force (Enhance with the Piloting Space control upgrade to boost my piloting rolls).
  9. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Basically that was only the first round. And what I described is narratively how I used those seven Advantages in order to temporarily lose them in the first place. I still need to roll another Piloting check, using the Short Cut and Improved Short Cut talents, for the second round as well as a second attempt by S3 to remove the tracker (with two boost dice from the two Advantages rolled on his first failed Mechanics check) to try and completely lose them.
  10. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Actually, water only absorbs radio waves if they are sent from within it, not if hitting it from outside. Usually, water reflects RADAR quite easily whereas RADAR propagates through the ground quite readily, hence why NASA plans to use Ground penetrating RADAR to look for water on Mars. So, it’s actually SONAR that travels more easily through water, water is great for fouling up RADAR; just as effective as metal. Also, the Jedi Star has a passive sensor range of medium. So, I will definitely see any TIE fighters coming before they can get a sensor lock on me. And, for the record, I never expected to completely lose those TIE fighters with that first roll, not with that tracker still on the hull. I do expect to need at least a couple more. The plan was to try and earn Jarrash about about the tracker on his hull. I’m not sure about the feasibility of it now, however, since the Jedi Star doesn’t have a dedicated ECCM suite (I just discovered from Stay on Target).
  11. How do you create your characters?

    I typically start with a concept, or even drawing of a character, such as "Mandalorian Jedi" or "dual-wielding Albinio Wookiee". After that, I flesh out the background and stats.
  12. Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    Leaving the hangar, Kataddik wanders through the facility, looking for areas where security needs improvement, and talking with various staff, hoping to formulate some possible ways that he come up with ways to fix the woefully backwards and counterproductive security around the place.
  13. A high starting Brawn will give you higher starting Wound Threshold. A high starting Willpower will do the same for your Strain Threshold. Thus, it is advantageous, to have both a high starting Brawn and high starting Willpower. As for the Mandos, their "pacifist" streak pretty much died with the overthrow of Statine's New Mandalorian government by Pre Visla and Darth Maul. By the time of the Rebellion, following the defeat of Maul's forces, the culture of the warrior clans once again controlled Mandalore (as seen in Rebels).
  14. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Well, remember, this roll: Piloting: 2eA+1eP+4eF+3eD 1 success, 1 threat, 8 Light Side That was my piloting check to engage the three Full Throttle talents to begin my attempt to evade the TIE Fighters. I had seven uncancelled Advantages from the light side pips I rolled on my piloting check. These specifically were to be spent to exploit the inherent weaknesses (established TFA) with First Order Sensors not being able to track low-flying aircraft, specifically so that I can get away from the TIE Fighters, particularly long enough for S3 to get the tracker off the hull, and then really attempt to lose the pursuit through further piloting checks. Secondly, Kamino, being a water planet with no land masses, is also means relatively high winds, and a lot of large waves, many of which can be tens of meters in height, as seen in AotC. This is "terrain", moving terrain to be specific, further confusing enemy sensors. This is what the majority of those Advantages were supposed to be spent on: flying low in order to use the environment to confuse First Order Sensors. Some of those Advantages can also play out the fact that the Star Destroyer is still gathering shuttles from the surface. That would certainly prevent it from trying to intercept the Jedi Star, at least for a relatively significant amount of time. There's also the issue of Hacker attempting to break through the First Order comms jamming; something I did specifically state I ordered him to do in the IC thread.
  15. Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    I'm just going to check thongs out around the base trying to figure out where I could try and improve security. Sounds good.