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  1. Destiny: 1eF 1 Dark Side I’ll update Ge’tal in a bit.
  2. The thing @eliaswindrider failed to mention is that there were specific rules set up for the campaign before he joined. Among those rules was that any player’s two characters could not have any connection nor relation to one another, nor could the player’s master character be the master of his or her own starting character. They had to be complete strangers. He knew that going in and yet tried to play a set of brothers, one training the other.
  3. “House Kryse, huh,” Ge’tal replies with contempt. “Bunch o’ pacifists.”
  4. As the others above have mentioned, Hit Points/Wound Threshold is simply a means of tracking and quantifying damage. Every RPG has some variant of this basic concept. The better systems out there (including this one) also include a means of tracking “stun” damage separate from Wound damage. FFG goes a step further by breaking physical damage down into Wounds—for relatively minor injuries, such as scrapes, bruises, and cuts— and Critical Injuries—for the really serious or life threatening damage.
  5. “State your name and Clan,” Ge’tal challenges the newcomer.
  6. Leaping into the fray, Ge’tal draws her Beskad and slashes the Weequay that Falmok shot.
  7. Leap into the fray sword swinging. Melee: 3eP+2eD 2 successes
  8. “Right behind you,” Ge’tal responds, coming up behind them. “Blaster’s out of juice, but I still got these,” holding up her fists and blade.
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