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  1. Tramp Graphics

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    Korath has the Heal power so, I should be able to heal most of his injuries in short order once we get him on board and laid down in one of the crew quarters’ bunks.
  2. Tramp Graphics

    Knowledge sources

    The others have posted some excellent ideas. And, yes, there is also the option of finding lost tomes and other texts in written form as books, scrolls, and datapads.
  3. Tramp Graphics

    Jedi Star OOC thread

    @Jonas Shaaf, Your character would have never seen a YZ-900 before, given that they came out during the time of the Empire. I wonder what his reaction is gonna be now that he sees the Jedi Star.
  4. @Nytwyng nailed it exactly. IT's not what people's final reactions to the movie that are irrelevant. It's what they expected to happen going in which is irrelevant to what the creators were trying to create.
  5. There was both a Nikto and a Rodian in the show. Hype Fazon (played by Donald Faison) is the Rodian pilot. Neeku Vozo is the Nikto.
  6. That's fine. There are parts of the movie I wish were done differently, such as Rey's parentage (which is still technically up in the air and hasn't really been answered fully yet anyway). However, that didn't keep me from having a blast watching the movie. Pretty much.
  7. Nobody is deriding you for not liking the movie. All we’re doing is pointing out the flaws in your reasoning which may have caused you to do so. You went into the movie with a number of specific preconceived expectations, expectations which were never going to be fulfilled no Matt who directed the movie. Here’s the crux of the issue. The sequel trilogy is not about the Heroes of the OT. It’s about new heroes. In order for these new heroes to be able to take center stage, the old heroes have to take a back seat. How do you do that? How do you keep Luke Skywalker, potentially the most powerful Jedi in history, from dominating the movie? That is what both JJ and Johnson faced. JJ started by having Luke go into hiding after the destruction of his academy. The question then becomes why and how did this happen? How did Luke fail? Rian Johnson answered these questions in the most logical way. Luke screwed up. Fans expect Luke to be some “infallible super Jedi”. That can’t happen if you want to tell a good story and, more importantly, have anew generation of characters take center stage. Your “expectations” run counter to what was needed to tell a good story. No, it may not be what you wanted, or expected, nor was it what I thought I wanted or would have expected. However, it was what the story needed.
  8. There’s a difference between “honoring” what came before and “catering to the whims of the fandom”. The current movies do honor what came before. What they don’t do, and what they shouldn’t do, is cater to the whims and “expectations” of the fandom. This is because no two fans want the same things. What may please some fans will be hated by other fans. There is no escaping this harsh truth. You can never satisfy everyone. As such, don’t. Simply tell the best story you can. Thank you. @Stan Fresh is correct there. It’s not your “opinion” that’s irrelevant, rather what preconceived notions you had going into the movie which are irrelevant, as are whatever preconceived notions I had going in. That is why it is always important to go into a movie with an open mind and no preconceived notions of what to expect story wise.
  9. It’s not a matter of whether you “agree” with his vision or not. Your, or anyone’s, preconceived notions of what “should” have happened are irrelevant. They didn’t happen nor was there any chance of it happening, even if JJ had directed TLJ. Would JJ’s version been different? Sure. Would it have been exactly as you wanted it? Probably not. As for the Clone Wars returning; Faloni himself has always wanted to complete this story, given that its cancellation cut it off before he could. So, it wasn’t so much a matter of placating the fans. Rather, it’s giving Faloni the chance to finish what he started in the way he wanted, which simply happens to mesh with fan desires as well. But, once again, none of us knows what’s going to actually happen in this final season, nor how it’s gonna play out.
  10. You see, that there is the crux of the problem. It is not the job of any director or story teller to cater to fan “expectations”. His or her job is to create as original a story as he or she can within the confines of the setting. Long before TLJ came out, Ryan Johnson made it perfectly clear that we should not “expect” any of our fan theories to show up in the movie, and that he would not cater to our “expectations”. He was very explicit about this. So, if you went in expecting certain things to happen in the movie, or the characters to be portrayed a certain way, based upon your personal “head canon”, and came away dissatisfied because it didn’t happen, that’s your fault. Because, he warned everyone to forget every fan theory people came up with and go into the movie with no preconceived expectations.
  11. It’s not you in particular he’s referring to. Every day on YouTube, I see rant videos posted railing against Disney, against Kathleen Kennedy, against TLJ, and anything to do with the modern Star Wars, and how “SJW’s” are ruining it. And they’re all by the same vocal minority. Regardless of my political position ( I’m very Conservative), I find these videos to be ridiculous and uncalled for.
  12. That’s where people disagree with you @Cavgunner. Ryan Johnson wasnttrying to pull “gotcha” moments. What he was doing is trying to create a more nuanced movie that didn’t rely on tried and true tropes, or what people “expected”, but, rather, turned those tropes on their ear and give them something new and unexpected. He even said that all of our “theories” and expectations were pointless, since what he had planned would have nothing to do with any of them.
  13. Nice bit of nostalgia there, but the titular Mandalorian is certainly not Boba Fett. Favereau’s previous post, as well as numerous other official statements have made it clear that this show will be about all new characters, not ones we already know.
  14. The only reaso why production slowed is because of Solo’s box office result, not TLJ’s. Eiger explicitly stated as much. Solo was a disappointment in terms of box office results stemming from its production issues and the timing of its release. It has nothing to do with TLJs box office performance.
  15. Excuse me? Did you just say $750 Billion, with a “B”? Neither movie even came close to that number. I just looked up TFA’s box office take on Box Office Mojo. This is what I found: Worldwide: $2,068,223,624 This was TLJ’s box office total: Worldwide: $1,332,539,889 Yes, it’s less, than TFA, but hardly a disappointment. And, for the record, ESB made less than ANH as well, by over 200 million, and fans consider that tone the better movie of the two. And that was by 1970s dollars. ANH: Worldwide: $775,398,007 ESB: Worldwide: $538,375,067