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  1. He's done. I made some adjustments to his starting skills, added some more gear and finished his description and background. Working on a 3D render of him now.
  2. Just don’t call them “zombies”. Call them “ghouls”, call them “walking dead”, call them “undead”; just, please, don’t call them “zombies”! I beg you. 😱
  3. Mine. @Rabobankrider, has @Edgehawk,s character been able to relay his information back to us?
  4. That would be water.He had a nice, albeit very cold, swim. Cryovolcanos (there actually a real thing) spew very cold water, ammonia or methane, rather than molten rock. He should be fine, if a bit frostbitten.
  5. To be clear, however, current canon does still establish Jango as having come from Concord Dawn, which is a Mandalorian colony world. Jango has never been a natural born Mando from Mandalore, rather, he was adopted into the culture as a child and was from a Mandalorian colony.
  6. That depends upon the type of compression. If it’s ZIP compression , there shouldn’t be any loss of quality. However, if it’s JPG compression, you will get quality loss.
  7. @GroggyGolem is correct here. If the Force user is abusing a given Force power, don't give him the ammunition to do so. If he's constantly throwing Sil 3 Starfighters at his oponents, don't put Starfighters around him when he's fighting the bad guys. Put him in situations where he has to use other skills or Force powers instead.
  8. I think you might be playing with a bunch of Min-Maxers here.
  9. They transferred her entire head and shoulders to the new body, not just some "positronic widget". The new body was just that, a body. it had no head, no neckline, no collarbones etc. It was just the torso and limbs. Ergo, cyborg.
  10. To add to @Varlie's post, there is also this response:
  11. To add to what @GroggyGolem said, that doesn't even include Force powers and Force ratings. If the PC is a Force user, he's going to need at least a second Force using spec just to get up to a decent FR, as well as plenty of XP for Force powers and upgrades.
  12. Lei Mie could try and seduce the crooks as a distraction.
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