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  1. I follow them while keeping the power committed. I also look for some means to get down there to rendezvous with them. // I do have Free Running, Swift, and Planet Mapper talents, as well as most of the Enhance tree, including all of the "Force Leap" upgrades for added speed, including the upgrade to use it as a maneuver.//
  2. I've got to agree with @Underachiever599, I'm pretty sure the Nightsister clan is dead, though that does not preclude other clans of Witches surviving.
  3. Exactly. It should also be noted that Naboo, while relatively close to Tatooine, was a Mid Rim world, not an Outer Rim world. Most of the Mid Rim was certainly part of the Republic. However, the Outer Rim was predominantly non-aligned frontier.
  4. Yeah, but if you want speed, size, cargo capacity, passenger capacity, Hard points, and plenty of big guns already on it, the YZ-900 is the only way to go.
  5. Yeah. I prefer the canon ones myself.
  6. Well, I'm talking about the puzzle box itself. That's the exact same one they use in the Hellraiser movies.
  7. Yep. @salamar_dree is correct. The three games are fully cross compatible.
  8. Get Out? It reminds me more of Hellraiser.
  9. I get that, I'm literally seeking out the closest Force signature(s). I don't remember the terms "Archangel" and "Blackguard" used previously, which is what confused me. Korath's looking specifically for the same Force signature(s) that were virtually right around to corner from him, he was originally headed towards before getting blind-sided by that Dark Sider (which would have been Maa't and Tovera). Whether Maa't was "Blackguard" or "Archangel", I don't know.
  10. I thought that was what my roll was determining already. That's why I asked. What's the result of what it tells me? How close are each of these Force signatures to Korath and to each other, and what other details do I get about them from the two activations of the Magnitute upgrade? As a player, I know of three other force sensitives aside from myself: Mychal'el (who's presumably dead), Maa't, and Tovera.
  11. Whichever one is closest.
  12. I'm not familiar with either of those names. Are they Light presences or Dark? Korath has been seeking potential Jedi.
  13. //As a player, yes, it's the other PCs. As a character, Korath has been letting the Force guide him.
  14. I know that, I was wondering so I could plan his next move. You did bring him up, and he was stealthily trying to work his way back to the group.
  15. Is Chundaar close enough to grab Maa't?