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  1. Edgehawk is correct. Nexus of Power does have a full write-up on Tython and its various Vergences.
  2. I do, though it depends upon the subject.
  3. Nope. IF you read the book Star Wars: the Magic of Myth, it's explicitly stated that George Lucas patterned the Empire after Nazi Germany. Palpatine's rise to power even mirrors Hitler's. This was deliberate on GL's part.
  4. How are people coming along?
  5. One factor you should consider in regards to where to do the Crystal test is that Ilum is very much inaccessible, more so than almost any other planet that might have lightsaber crystals, since it is not only firmly interdicted by the Empire, with garrisons right in front of the temple (which itself has been sealed), but it's also been strip mined by the Empire, and potentially being turned into Starkiller Base. Thus, I would definitely suggest alternative sources.
  6. Yes, they are, as are Ewoks.
  7. Every source I know of, including the movies, shows Tuskens only using slug throwers (or their Gaffi Sticks).
  8. Yes, it is a Silhouette 5 ship. IT's statted out in Keeping the Peace on page 63
  9. ROFLMAO!!!!!!
  10. I would give Yoda at least six specs: Arbiter, Ataru Striker, Sage, Seer, Teacher, Ascetic.
  11. double post
  12. Cool. It's Bulkhead. Welcome to Cybertron.
  13. Yep. Pretty much, those are minimum levels. You could also add in Force Ratings as a measure of "mastery". A Padawan is typically FR 1, a Knight is FR2, and a Master is FR3 and above.
  14. I've got one word and one word only. GIMME!!!!!
  15. I don't think that is what Daeglan was saying. It's not that the Force doesn't care about morality, it's that the Force doesn't care about an individual's personal morals.