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  1. Sentry is in Endless Vigil, the Sentinel Sourcebook.
  2. The talent doesn't say either way.
  3. Interesting choice. Not sure about the Slavery angle, given the time frame, but I don't really have a problem with it. Also, nice work on the name for the signature character. One thing though, A player won't be his own apprentice, if characters end up pairing off in one on one apprenticships, simply fairness; For example, My signature character, Korath won't be mentoring my Mandalorian starting character, Rei. Also, you need to tally up Ma'at's XP total, or ask Elias for it. He also needs gear.
  4. Based upon the reading of the interface, I don'tr see why not.
  5. It's one of the Seeker Signature abilities, the base ability reads as such:
  6. Nah. A Jedi Knight you can easily get with a 500-600 build.
  7. Pretty much. A Jedi Master should easily be a 1500+ build.
  8. I don't know. You could probably PM him. However, all you need to do is take things one step at a time, don't rush it. Let's just get the starting build done first. After that, we'll advance him through Knight level and on to Master level. You need to learn this anyway to build a starting level character as well.
  9. Yep. That's the term I was looking for. Thanks.
  10. Combat skills are definitely more valuable in that they increase your ability to survive. Personally, I don't fully understand the developers' reasoning for the discrepancy myself, but that's the rule by RAW. As for using Lightsaber with Agility, you'll need to take Ataru Striker as a second etc spec, and work down to the Ataru Style talent. Also, so far, before buying any skills, it is recommended that most of your starting XP be spent on raising characteristics. You've already spent 30 to boost Agility. You have enough it increase two more characteristics (Brawl, Agility, Intellect, etc.) to 3 (at thirty a pop) or one more to 3 and one of those two (in this case your Agility or the second one) to 4. Increasing two more characteristics to 3 will cost another 60 XP, leaving you with 25 XP to spend on starting skills, talents, specialization, or Force powers. After starting character creation, the only way to increase characteristics is through the Dedication talent. Therefore spend most of your starting XPon characteristics. As for Knowledge Warfare being missing from SWAheets, it only appears in your list if you're playing an Age of Rebellion character. also, none of your specializations are Warrior specs. You have a Seeker spec (Ataru Striker), a Guardian spec (Armorer), and a Sentinel spec (Racer). Your starting specialization must be from you chosen career. So, you need to either start with a Warrior specialization or choose one of your current choices and take that specs career as your career. Now, my advise would be to boost your Willpower and Brawn to 3 each. This is because your Brawn determines your Wound Threshold, which, after character creation, only increases through the use of the Toughened talent. The same with Willpower and your Strain threshold. IF you do that, you'll have 25 XP left for other things.
  11. There is also the option of talents gained through critical injuries (I forget the term).
  12. 1: As of yet, no. However, the devs are considering changing that. 2: No. the full text on Defensive Training specifically says that it replaces any inherentDefensive trait the weapon may have.
  13. That's not the point. The canon establishes Ichtochi as all being Force sensitive. That's what matters.
  14. OK, I just looked at your updated sheet. Coordination is not one of the skills you can get a free rank in, nor is it currently a career skill, so it will cost you 10 XP from your starting XP. As a Guardian Armorer, you haveBrawl, Cool, Discipline, Merle, Resiliance and Vigilance, along with Lightsaber, Knowledge Outrr Rim, Mechanics, and Resiliance from Armorer. Your free skill ranks from you species has to be a single combat skill (Brawl, Lightsaber, Melee, Ranged Light, Ranged Heavy) or two Knowledge skills (Core Worlds, Education, Lore, Outer Rim, Underworld, Warfare[AoR] Xenology). If you hold off, you can get Coordination as a career skill later in the build by taking another specialization which includes it as a career skill.