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  1. A I recall is was "pre-order from us or a participating local store and get the deck free". If your store chooses not to buy any decks than they aren't "participating" in the promotion. The choice is still up to the store to buy the decks or not, but the customer has been led to believe that "participating" means "sent the paper work in on time" not "ordered and payed for the additional product".
  2. I think you've got that backwards. They're more likely to push the new show hard than to invest in hype for one that's run its coarse.
  3. Probably also needs a timing window specified but I'm lazy. Force Talent was the other slot I considered but, while it's marginally more thematic it's also more limited and I feel like ghost Obi-Wan should be able to latch onto basilica anything with force points. Also I think instinctive aim is supposed to be the talent that emulates the same sequence.
  4. Ghost Obi-Wan: Rebel, Modification Discard your Lock to regenerate all your force Charges.
  5. The white reload does sort of give the Punisher the advantage on quantity. But since they don't seem to have done anything cool with munition pricing for the Punisher they should have given it a ship ability. Either made it's reload refresh one carge on every equipped munition, or baked in the effect of saturation salvo would be my suggestion.
  6. I think it's weird that the Punisher can't take saturation salvo. If any ship should be throwing stupid amounts of missiles/torpedoes at stuff it's the Punisher.
  7. Sure, but that rule is "do nothing". Seismic charge has special rules that let you choose an asteroid to detonate. Since there isn't anything (currently) that allows that effect by means of a lock and primary attack following the same rules as bombs and asteroids you can't detonate the bomb/mine even if you have it locked.
  8. I would expect that exposing a damage card does not include looking at the face down card(s) unless otherwise stated but does include choosing the card to expose. Most of the time you'll be choosing between face down cards that haven't been revealed during play (basically random), though the ability to choose remains relevant as you might have seen some of the currently face down cards previously, and in that case can choose them or not to your advantage. However that probably isn't terribly common as it requires several independent events occurring in order.
  9. Most likely. He spends force points to take another action, but does not have any text indicating he can ignore the "can't do the same action twice" or "cant do an action while stressed" general rules.
  10. Pretty sure 1d8+2 is the correct answer and any complex nonsense you cam up with is wrong juts because a trident is a spear "plus two points".
  11. Personally I'd stat it out as being like the bomber but for cannons, and with a Tie/LN dial. The intended purpose being to run one alongside your otehr TIEs to give them a cheap cannon platform that can fly in formation with the LN. So 2 forward attack 2 agility 6 hull (maybe 5 if it's a dealbreaker on keeping the price down) Actions: Focus, barrel roll -R> focus Upgrades: Cannon, Cannon, Modification, (Talent by pilot) Ace abilities: A hIgh Init one (5) should have something like: "After making an attack with an equipped cannon you may spend a focus token to make a bonus attack against a different target" (spread the ion, tractor, jam tokens around) A very low init one (2) with something like: "While you are focused, you may attack enemy ships at range 0 with your equipped cannon upgrades." (blocker and point blank HLC in one convenient package)
  12. Not really. Actual synergy (where the combination is worth more than the sum of it's parts) is not all that common, and could alternatively be handled by making one of the synergistic upgrades cost more on the ship hat can employ the combo rather than charging the ship for the "privilege" of having 2 + slots even when unused. For example at a glance Gonk and Bomblet look like a synergy, except they really aren't as neither card really does more than it does alone when used together so the combined price should still be fine. A ship with the 3 slots needed to run it should not have to pay 2x empty slot tax because it might be running Bomblet and Gonk (but probably isn't). Another example of "not really a synergy" would be Saturation Salvo and Cluster missiles. An actual Synergy would be something like 1.0 Miranda and TLT. Limit Miranda's ability to "no TLT" and it loses a lot of power. There might be ships that need to pay for a specific combination of upgrade slots. For example a ship with 2x Talent slots probably needs to pay a premium for the second because Talents are very powerful and combing 2 is likely to result in potential synergy in unpredictable ways due to the sort of things talent slots do. But it would still be better to implement it as "if you equip two talents this ship costs +x points" rather than flat raising the ship's price by x regardless of whether you actually equipped any talents.
  13. I don't think they'll change the bomber that much. They might remove the second torpedo slot, but I don't think they'll add a bomb slot as charges and reload will mean that it gets to drop multiple bombs anyway, and the bomber as one trick pony vs the punisher as toolbox idea kind of needs the bomber to not be drowning in options after it hist the table. the second missile slot will probably be safe unless unguided rockets is also going away. Also I think the punisher's price break on munitions should come with a proportionate deliberate over- price on the ship itself so that you only get an real price break if you equip more than one munition, but your second + one can be free or darn close (for example if fair price for the Punisher's stats is 40 points, and a typical munition upgrade costs 6 points, the Punisher could cost 45 points and have a -5 point to the cost of all torpedo, missile, or bomb upgrades.) That way you really don't care if most of your munitions don't get used, as long as one or two do their job the whole set is payed for.
  14. Probably so you can use them out of the box without having to download an app.
  15. A double mobile arc with no native rotate action would be a somewhat eclectic but possible within the 2.0 rules implementation of that IMO.
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