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  1. 6/10 The early game is tough, as deciding to spend fate comes with a cost. Losing the chapel to a terrain card slows you down. A spell, event or other effect that takes away all your fate can be crippling. Stats are great, and if you are able to gain more than starting fate and/or use the PvP ability effectively it can really start to sing, but has too many vulnerabilies that can be exploited by smart opponents.
  2. Thanks. Good to know that Must vs May Not is resloved similar to Can vs Cannot.
  3. Hi. I've always enjoyed this forum for all my Talisman rules questions over the years, but I've finally come up with a question no one has addressed in the past, so I went ahead and created an account in. With Harbinger, the Priest drew the Flail of Blood. As a cursed object, he obviously has to carry it with him, but there is a dispute about what happens in battle. Which takes presedence, the Flail's "you must roll 2 dice in battle" or the Priest's "you may not use any weapon in battle"? Adding to the confusion, the Priest disription in Talisman:Prologue says "cannot use a weapon in battle", a more strongly-worded denial than "may not".
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