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  1. Silidus, that's what I am doing now but it takes sooooo long, especially as all of mine are kept in plastic wallets inside a binder. Ceasarsalad101, I tried to open that but it says I don't have permission. DerDelphi, I've been on that site before but couldn't get what I required out of it. I will message Infinityblack14 although I think excel will help more 'in game' than for a storage solution. I want to be able to go straight to a group of Monsters that are compatible for that quest rather than sifting through each card. Maybe the way ahead is to simply put them in the order of their first trait and treat the second trait as sub categories.
  2. Alphabetical order is good for the OCD but it's the trait organisation that I want to crack and I totally agree that each Monster having two makes it very hard. Someone must have a system for it that matches with the way quests asks for specific traits, example, if the mountain trait is required it is likely that the wilderness trait will be also etc.
  3. Hey Like many of you, I spend considerable time and expense on organising my collection. All my cards are in sleeves, then re-sleeved and sorted inside a binder in order of OL cards, rewards, hero classes etc etc. The one issue I have with this are the monster classes. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to organise my monster cards into classes so as to find them more quickly during quests? Is there a pattern that I am missing? Cheers
  4. Cheers, I knew about the expansions. My pile of unpainted heroes is already too big and cant face more lol I've got Visions or Dawn, any recommendations for other M&H packs?
  5. Are any of the current monster packs 'monsters only?' Definitely don't need anymore Hero's atm.
  6. Both look loads better than the tokens, I have found a link in one of the other threads for a 3D printer that creates the Summoning Stones as well. The wolf and ravens are tricky ones though, hard to find models that take up just 1 space.
  7. What game is the reanimate from please? I hate the tokens for the familiars.
  8. Hi, where is the re-animate and Summoning Stones from?
  9. Hi Having worked my way through several Monster groups, I am now starting to base them. I wont be using pre-bought bases as I am not skilled enough to remove the mini', drill them and mount them. I was thinking of using grit, dry brushing up to a stone grey then add touches of grass/shubs etc. My thinking is that this generic style basing will work with the majority of the map tiles. Any thoughts will be appreciated, thanks.
  10. Trollfens it is, later this evening. We have already actually played the first encounter through a rumour card but not in the two player format. My mate is going for a Warrior and Healer, choosing from all the above mentioned expansions and the Visions of Dawn M&Hpack. Any recommendations for Heroes or classes?
  11. The 3 Heroes that he used was Grisbon, Roganna and Ashrian, cant remember the class that he used for each. I do remember however that although he liked Grisbon he found it hard to get him into the fight on a regular basis due to his speed. Even as the OL I don't like the 'blocking' tactic which I seem to use quite regular. For me, the 'double movement' cost of Imperial works better and makes for a more competitive game. I do like the idea of giving him more time at the start of the game to properly formulate a plan, we do that when we play games such as Axis & Allies etc so cant see why not for Descent. We are due to start a new campaign on Monday, I have Trollfens, Lair of the Wrym and Labyrinth of Ruin, any suggestions as to which one to play first?
  12. Thanks for the replies Experience wise, we are both very experienced Imperial Assault (board games in general) players which lead, me in particular to Descent as I prefer the theme. Monster's weren't attacking twice (unless able) but I (as OL) did bring the best Monster's possible to each encounter, which to be fair is how it should be. In Imp, if my mate can use Vader or Fett etc, you can bet he will. Quest wise, the Heroes only won two: First Blood and The Overlord Revealed. The OLR quest was ridiculously in the Heroes favour and I lost in 2-3 rounds. One aspect regarding Descent in comparison to IA is that the Heroes need to work together and compliment each other a lot more in Descent. I, as the Heroes in IA tend to blitz around the map hacking or blasting anything in my path. My mate initially tried that in Shadow Rune and failed very quickly. Am I safe to assume then that the three expansions that I have (listed above) are more balanced (minus player skill)? Despite having ,any lieutenant packs, I have yet to introduce them as it just didn't seem fair.
  13. Hi After playing the Shadow Rune Campaign, we found it massively OP in the Overlords favour (me) to the point that the Hero player (using 3 Heroes) soon became sick of taking a pummelling each encounter. I have read the rule changes for Heirs of Blood (extra attack etc) and wondered if these rules apply to Trollfens, Lair of the Wyrm and Labyrinth of Ruin also? If not, are these expansions balanced properly? If we have another Shadow Rune experience the next time we play I think ill be struggling to find a playing partner anymore. Any tips to give the Heroes an advantage would also be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi Question on a scenario that came up the other day. The Undercover Action Card allows LC or OWK to move from any System when the Empire attempts a mission to challenge it. What happens if the two characters are still in your leader pool, not yet assigned to a mission so not on the board? Is the Leader Pool classed as the Rebel Base meaning Leaders are always in a System or can the Undercover Card only be used once LC or OWK are on the board? Cheers
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