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  1. So this question goes out for those who have played the new trails expansion. At the end of rounds you get negative effects depending on how many crystals you leave on the board. My group destroyed all the crystals in a round and yet we got this message "The crystals erupt with energy! Place thelave beetle group as indicated" Do you think it's a mistake? Or do you think it's unrelated to the crystals you can destroy in the game and those crystals only correspond to the "deal 3 damage for each crystal"etc effects? We reckoned as we had destroyed the crystals they wouldn't be able to "erupt" as that is only meant to happen if you leave at least one crystal on the map at the end of round.
  2. The new RTL expansion spawned this new lizard like monster.....500hp and rolls 4 black defence dice. Can we beat it?
  3. There I go posting without realising which account I'm signed into again *facepalm*
  4. If you could only pick one Character and Class combination, what would it be and why? I would go with Challara as a Battlemage/Beastmaster, nothing better than getting that true Beastmaster feeling from commanding a dragon and a wolf simultaneously in battle.
  5. Slight spoiler warning! In The first mission when you have freed Matthon it it mentions his health and defense but doesn't mention his movement or attack?? Is he meant to have one? Or is there just a general rule for characters like this? (Edit) Nevermind! the game explains all this later on! Btw, how do you delete posts on this forum? lol
  6. At the end of each level (once you have went though the portal) must the bard return his tokens or do they continue to be in effect when starting a new level?
  7. When serching does it cost an action? I assume yes, but It doesn't say the words "as an action" when you click on a search token.
  8. Awesome! That makes me feel like I got more bang for my buck now! But also wants me to buy the other packs....
  9. Ah okay that makes sense now. I had thought that you had to be the only hero with line of sight to the monster. But in fact other hero's can also have line of sight to the monster as long as it is the only monster in LOS? That makes the skill much better
  10. So it's only the perils which are affected? You don't get less gold or do for completing quests compared to normal?
  11. The card states that if there is a monster that is only in your line of sight then you get a free attack action for 1 fatigue. Would this skill work if you used the weapon "Heart Seeker" which doesn't need LOS to attack, to then attack a monster out of your LOS? Or do you literally need to have line of sight to the monster to use Bushwhack?
  12. So what are the conditions for getting each relic? Do you have to just win each quest apart from the one mentioned already?
  13. Some questions for this awesome class. How many spaces does the werewolf proxy occupy? I ask because the mini I have is 4 spaces And...does a character still discard a rejuvenate token even if they have full health or must you only discard it when you would recover 1 health?
  14. Not sure if this has been mentioned already but can you play this new expansion on its own completely? Without MOB or having to buy the Lieutenants separately?
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