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  1. Enjoying the new campaign so far (although my party has lost all story mission's so far on hard difficulty) but noticed all the side quests so far are the same. Do any new ones come with the campaign?
  2. They make us wait this long....for another 5 mission campaign ???. Glad to see more content bit can't say I'm a little disappointed. Was hoping for a larger campaign like road to legend got.
  3. Hey having trouble defining an "Imperial activation" for 88Z Ok so the scenario is; Imperial player has no units left on the map but wants to activate the 88Z droid companion. The droids card reads "88Z activates at the start or end of an Imperial activation" does "Imperial activation" mean an Imperial units activation or does the Imperial player still have it's activation even with no units on the board? Basically I'm asking if The droid can activate without any other Imperial units on the map. Cheers!
  4. Well I have to say you guys have definitely convinced me to watch Clone Wars and Rebels! Now im pretty interested to find out more about Mauls story.
  5. So does anyone know what's up with the Torch thing that Mauls mini is holding? Is it something he uses in one of the TV shows perhaps? Just curious
  6. Hey guys, I was wondering this exact question and now have an official response from ffg incase you weren't aware. They said "Drokkatta's Demolish ability is unfortunately missing some necessary timing text and will be receiving errata in the next FAQ. Demolish should begin with "Use during your activation."
  7. Oh woops. Both are me. The second account was a mistake account that I accidentally keep signing into haha.
  8. Yeah it can be difficult to keep brightblaze alive but I mainly just play it for fun. Seer Kel is always a good choice!
  9. The text reads "Each time a figure adjacent to you performs an attack that targets you, before dice are rolled, that figure may suffer two damage to remove 1 grey dice from your defence pool" Does that mean I can make a monster lose 2 health? Or that the overlord would choose to have his monster lose 2 health? And if it's the latter, then since there is no overlord is the text just blank for RTL?
  10. It's also important to play this after every successful quest xD
  11. Is there any difference in the rewards you would get if you surrender the quest Vs run out of moral?
  12. Is a shield regarded as a weapon to equip? Would it also gain the Rune keyword?
  13. Usually go for the official D'n'D soundtrack https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dungeons_%26_Dragons_(album)
  14. Major bug I have discovered in Seeds of corruption! If you fail the quest "servant of the king" the game will freeze and you will be stuck on the map screen with nothing to click on. This is on the Steam version.
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