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  1. I would like to make sure that I correctly understand how the Sack Objectives in On the Doorstep are supposed to work. I used the search function, but I couldn't find a question that exactly matched what I would like to know. A sacked character cannot trigger effects. However, the FAQ only mentions triggered abilities. Am I correct in assuming that these terms are synonymous? If that's the case, then only abilities printed on characters that start with a bold trigger word such as "Action:" should be affected. Given this, can I exhaust a sacked Bilbo to claim the Troll Key Objective? This seems a little unthematic, and I wonder if it was intended this way by the designer.
  2. I've been playing through the LotR saga without using campaign mode. There is really nothing stopping you from treating the saga as a collection of stand-alone adventures. Their quality is excellent and doesn't at all depend on the few extra campaign elements. I would still hesitate to recommend them to a new player. The quests start out challenging with a small card pool, and they get progressively harder. Mirkwood or the Dwarrowdelf cycle might be safer starting points.
  3. From the German Asmodee forums we know the rough contents of the kit: - 1 playmat (yes that's right, only one playmat per kit!) - 4 copies of the scenario - 4 deck boxes - an unspecified number of promos Source: https://forum.asmodee.de/viewtopic.php?f=906&t=29360
  4. Alright, my bad. I wasn't aware of that.
  5. Hey all, I usually don't post here, but thought I might throw this out: The official German L5R website has gone up and they have a page that links to descriptions for each of the great clans (link). So far only Crane and Lion have an actual description, but you can already see the mons of the other clans in order. The first four clans match the order of the previews so far, so it seems possible that the last three clans will also follow this order. According to this source, it seems that Scorpion will be next, followed by Phoenix and Unicorn. I am aware that a preview card for the Phoenix clan was posted recently on another forum, so I can't tell how reliable this information really is.
  6. Thank you all for your input. I agree with the statement that limiting restricted items in Lord of the Rings to two per character does near nothing to reduce the complexity of board states. I believe that the reason for this rule is more related to balancing, as it makes building up to a voltron hero a little bit more difficult. On the other hand, it is also flavorful, since your heroes can only carry two weapons at a time. I know exactly what you mean. The encounter phase really adds a lot of things to keep track of, without adding much depth to the game play. I find combat to be the more interesting aspect of the game, albeit it is so much simpler in terms of the math involved. I like your idea of using a die to make keeping track of willpower easier. Glad to hear that at least the core game play in Arkham seems to be a bit more streamlined. Also, good point about locations forming sort of their own 'staging areas'. I think that there are different ways to keep complexity in check, and one of them is certainly to have only a subset of cards be 'active' at a time. Am I correct in assuming that each location can be viewed as its own little challenge that needs to be overcome? Or is traveling between locations so common that you have to take the whole board into account when making choices? I liked the puzzle solving aspect of Lord of the Rings, but having an even wider variety of mostly self-contained 'puzzles' to solve within one game would be appealing to me.
  7. One thing that kept Lord of the Rings from being the perfect solo game for me was that the board could get convoluted really fast. This was especially true when playing two-handed, i.e. controlling two decks at the same time. Often, mundane choices could take forever, just because of the sheer number of cards involved. It didn't help at all that there was no hand size limit, and card draw was abundant. Overall, I think that the game suffered, because the designers didn't control how much stuff could be in play and in player's hands at the same time. Game of Thrones comes to my mind as an example of how to approach this correctly: there are many effects and mechanisms that remove cards from the board and from players hands throughout the game, so that clutter is rarely an issue. What is your experience with Arkham Horror so far? Judging by the rules alone, it seems that cards don't tend to 'pile up' as much as they do in Lord of the Rings. I would be really excited for a solo LCG that requires you to make difficult choices rather than keeping track of a huge board state. Here in Germany we unfortunately have to wait until next year for the localization of the game, but in the meantime I would like to hear the opinions of some of you lucky people who already played it.
  8. Great, thank you for your answers! This is kind of what I expected, but I wanted to make sure. What gave me some pause was the section in the FAQ that mentions that forced effects have priority over reactions. This ruling indeed clears it up very nicely: Unfortunately, I often find myself in situations were the rules don't seem to be conclusive. Glad to get some help from more experienced players On another note, I came up against following situation playing the same quest today, and also couldn't find an asnwer: Playing two-handed, currently at stage 3B 'On the Trail', both 'players' have one hero with Signs of Gollum attached to it. After characters are committed to the quest, False Lead is revealed, causing me to shuffle one clue back into the encounter deck. My question is: will characters controlled by the player no longer controlling a clue be removed from the quest? The way I see it, On the Trail only prevents one from committing characters to the quest, but once they are committed, they should be safe. Is this correct?
  9. Relatively new player here. I tried to search all available forums and FAQs before posting this question, but I couldn't find an answer. I successfully quest during stage 1B 'The Hunt Begins' and trigger the Forced reaction. Among the three cards revealed is a Signs of Gollum that I chose to add to the staging area. I reveal a card to guard it, but it is a Treachery, so it leaves play immediately after its effect is applied. My question is: Can I trigger the response on Signs of Gollum now to attach it to one of my heroes? In other words: can I use a response on a card that was not in play at the time of the trigger, but that entered play directly afterwards? Many thanks in advance.
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