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  1. Have there been any posts regarding the addition of Star Wars Legion Dice to this app? I searched for a post that addresses this question, but wasn't able to find anything. Thank you
  2. So I just need to vent and I know most of you won't agree, but I am taking the time to type this up in the hope someone from FFG sees this post and takes note of it. I have been a huge fan of FFG products in the past with heavy investments into X-Wing, Armada, LCG, Destiny, and recently Imperial Assault. What originally drew me to Imperial Assault back in August was my play group's interest in 40K. I saw the potential to proxy a really cool Star Wars army using IA miniatures and was figuring out what that might cost when Legion was announced. I new at that moment it was a sign from on high that I must have this game and field Star Wars troopers against my friends' 40k armies. And so began the waiting...months roll by with the occasional pathetic 5 paragraph articles with 1-2 card "spoilers" and rehashing of rules already seen at GenCon...then more waiting...and just when there was the slightest sign of hope last week that warehouses were starting to see product, BAM! You've got two more months of waiting! Well at this point we have been waiting 5 MONTHS already for this game and my friends are all heavily into 40k, and I am sick of waiting for FFG to figure out how to run their PR and supply chain so today I pulled the trigger on a used 40k army. And you know what? With the momentum that 40k has been gaining in my local community (not just my friend group) due in part to the recent rules overhaul, I just do not see how FFG will stand to compete with their current marketing and product strategy. Sure people will buy the Legion starter and try it out because it is Star Wars, and maybe the game will expand the genre to people that may not have played otherwise, but the core audience that spends real money (aka 40k players) are not going to jump ship on their investment for a pile of fleet troopers. How is FFG serious with that unit?!? I cannot think of a more pathetic rebel squad than the fleet troopers that got mowed down at the start of A New Hope. So now that we know the first expansion wave that will be released in what, August? if we are lucky? Do you know what is going to happen to that new group of players FFG creates who are going to get bored 1-2 months from release? They are going to meet a 40k guy at a tournament who will hear their frustration about the lack of content in Legion, and he is going to tell them all about this strikingly similar game called 40k and everyone is going to go buy GW product. Sure 40k has a 30+ year head start, but you don't start a fight with a 30 year old fan base by first letting everyone wait SEVEN MONTHS for the base game to show up. If FFG seriously expects to keep the attention of miniature fans by doling out 2 sentences worth of spoilers week after week between months and months of waiting for product they are in for a rough ride. I'll check in next year and see if this game has survived, best of luck! /endrant
  3. Honestly, all of my friends are playing 40k right now and I was hoping to proxy Legion models for 40k and also get them to try out Legion mechanics. However, with the recently announced 2 month delay, I am sick of waiting to play with my friends and so I bought a used 40k army instead. FFG really shot themselves in the foot by dragging out delivery so long and I think the momentum 40k has been building lately with all of the new units and rules will seriously hurt Legion's sales.
  4. I cannot believe release is another 2 months away. Literally nothing I can do about it, but I am getting REALLY sick of FFG's horrific supply line issues that are constantly delayed. I hope this delay is in response to the catastrophic launch of Destiny because if there are similar shortages of Legion on launch I'm done with FFG and going to start throwing money at GW with all my friends playing 40k right now without me because I have no models. Also, I don't think they realize it, but stretching hype trains paper thin with pathetic 5 paragraph "preview" articles every other week that are mostly BS filler 5 months in advance of release does not get people excited for your game, it just pisses people off that they have to wait so long. /endrant
  5. Painting miniatures is the worst! One of the biggest draws for me to X-Wing and Armada was the fun, immersive experience you could have with the game right out of the box. Having fully painted miniatures adds so much to the game, and one of my biggest praises for FFG games was the fact that I didn't have to waste time painting every little figure. I and many others do not have the time or energy to paint armies worth of miniatures, and the people who do want to paint will happily strip off or paint over a pre-painted mini. I love where you are headed with this game FFG, but I really think you should consider selling these miniatures pre-painted. Overall though, thank you for making great innovative star wars themed games! Keep up the great work!
  6. Escalation Tournament Rules can be found here. Basically it consists of 4 rounds that increase by 30 points each round and require a minimum of 2 ships and max of 8 of the same type in each round. No trading or removing upgrade cards, but you can add on upgrades and new ships as you go. Here is my final 150 point list, and the breakdowns for each round can be found below: ============== EscTourny Rnd4 ============== Rey + 2xAs + 3xZs 150 points Pilots —— Green Squadron Pilot (23) x 2 A-Wing (19), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Chardaan Refit (-2), Juke (2), Autothrusters (2), Snap Shot (2) Rey (59) YT-1300 (45), Veteran Instincts (1), Kanan Jarrus (3), Finn (5), Millennium Falcon (Segnor’s Loop Version) (1), Smuggling Compartment (0), Burnout Slam (1), Counter-Measures (3) Bandit Squadron Pilot (15) x 3 Z-95 Headhunter (12), Proton Rockets (3), Guidance Chips (0) —— View: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/598620/esctourny-rnd4 Tweak: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build/598620 XWS: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/xws/598620 Round 3 (120 points) Round 2 (90 Points) Round 1 (60 Points) I am most concerned with my Rey build in the final round. I am torn on the decision to go with VI without EU on her. For a large base ship, a boost moves you really far and in close quarter jousting engagements there isn’t always room for that. I’ve used VI & EU on Rey, but I find myself taking focus tokens far more often than boosting, so I wonder if EU is a waste of points. If you had a barrel roll option or even Stay on Target you would benefit more from a higher PS and re-positioning, but right now I only see the higher PS being useful since your opponent doesn’t know exactly where you will end up, unless they they are a good pilot and can guess your maneuver or that you will make liberal use of your 3-sloop…so is the upgrade to PS10 even worth it without EU? Other than that, the Z-95s are for blocking and being a general nuisance, while the Snap/Juke A-Wings will try to get in close and peck away at everything else. I’ve played against A-Wings with this fit and were very impressed by them, but I am open to other suggestions if anyone has them. Thank you!
  7. I guess I have been struggling with the question of whether EU gives Rey enough re-positioning options to make VI worth it or not. For a large base ship, a boost moves you really far and in close quarter jousting engagements there isn't always room for that. I've used VI & EU on Rey, but I find myself taking focus tokens far more often than boosting, so I wonder if EU is a waste of points. If you had a barrel roll option or even Stay on Target you would benefit more from a higher PS, but right now I only see the higher PS being useful since your opponent doesn't know exactly where you will end up, unless they they are a good pilot and can guess your maneuver or that you will make liberal use of your 3-sloop...so is the upgrade to PS10 even worth it without EU? Do you find that you use EU more than focus in most games?
  8. I've played against a similar list, and that Juke+Snap Shot combo is pretty brutal. I've been leaning more towards Burnout Slam or Countermeasures on Rey to avoid ordinance, but I agree it is tempting to put Expert Handling on her instead of VI. The only reason I have left VI on my build is to counter Whisper builds, however without any real action re-positioning options she only half benefits from the high PS imho.
  9. Playing at the tournament in Lawrence, KS by chance...? I'd recommend dropping Experimental Interface on Tycho and swapping in Auto Thrusters, then you would have the 2 points to be EM bombs on Miranda or give her Extra Munitions. Also, looks like you are going for a blocking build on the Lothal Rebel, so I would skip Hera and keep Zeb.
  10. FYI, the R622CS-N magnets are not strong enough to support the Decimator. I followed the same post as you and ordered a bunch of magnets from that website, and after paying the $13 in shipping (which is crazy expensive imho) I was pretty upset to find that the magnet was undersized. I ordered a set of ND038-42NM-6 from CMS Magnetics on ebay and am currently awaiting their arrival (estimated Monday). They are an 1/8" larger and thicker, but also have a #6 hole which should fit the 3/8" BB better. I'll let you know how it goes, but I really hope it works to resurrect my Decimator! :-( Also, for what it is worth, I used R422CS-N magnets and 1/4" BBs (NSB4) on my "large" small base ships (ARC, K-Wing, Punisher) and it works really well to hold those ships at an angle while not appearing obtrusive. If I did it again i would have tried to bore a hole in the bottom of the Punisher for the magnet, but it worked out well enough. Also, on the glue thing, I really prefer gel super glue, and I normally use Loctite Ultra Gel Control for my models. However, as others have said, it's a good idea to countersink a small hole in the end of the cut off peg to seat the ball in prior to gluing. I also have been standing the peg up in an extra base then adding glue and the BB to let gravity hold it on there while it dries. After it has dried I've been applying more glue to the seam and using a tooth pick to spread it up the ball and down the peg a little to give the super glue more surface area to hold onto as the nickle plating on the balls and magnets is difficult for anything to adhere to. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  11. I didn't realize you could submit rules questions to them directly, I will try that, thank you!
  12. I'm still hoping someone tries to have the discussion with someone from the FFG team so that this makes it into the next FAQ. Thank you very much for your response!
  13. tl;dr - Can Kanan remove the stress generated by the MF title in the same turn it was generated allowing the MF to perform an action that turn? Does anyone have a firm grasp on the interaction between these two cards? I have done as much research as I can, and I am left more confused than when I started. There was a recent "confirmation" that the stress from Daredevil was not removed by Kanan. There was talk when the card was first announced, but this is likely dated now. There is also discussion that stress token from Inertial Dampeners is different than the way Kanan interacts with the MF Title. And then today I saw discussion on reddit talking about using the title when you are already stressed, with Kanan to remove said stress and still complete the maneuver. The best explanation I found is the following: So the shaky conclusion I draw from all of this is that the MF title occurs at the same time as Kanan because you receive your stress token before completing the maneuver so Kanan is able to then remove it. If Kanan and MF occur in the same "Activation Step" then it would follow that if you already have a stress token, Kanan could activate before the MF title to remove that stress, and then the MF title could active to add a new stress token to the ship. Please let me know your thoughts, and/or if anyone gets an FFG Offical TO ruling on this at Worlds. Thank you!
  14. Maybe it's a little too early in the morning for me, but how are you getting 7 red dice on Norra? 2 - Primary 1 - Norra Ability 1 - Finn 1 - Alliance 1 - Range 1 Total 6 die max. The only way I know to get another die is with an EPT like Expose, but then you can't reroll with predator. Still looks like a fun list! I'm excited that the rebel meta has lots of experimentation going on right now!
  15. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't think those lists play to the strengths of the ARC-170 enough. I'm not a huge fan of the BTL-A4 title, but even with it i would swap to an auto blaster turret and use those 4 points to add cards to the ARC or VCX. On your second list, I think Gunner is overkill on Braylen. Any of the 3 point crew would be a better choice in my opinion, and the extra 2 points could be used on Poe for Pattern Analyzer which I think was made for him. Then on Thane, the R2 is only giving you 2 more green maneuvers, and the base 6 have been more than enough for me on the game table. I would recommend R4-D6 as a better 1 point astromech to safeguard you against some high powered ordinance blowing you off the table since the ARC only has 1 agility. If you are interested, I theory crafted this list the other day and have been waiting for a chance to try it out on the game table. Good Luck! ARC-170 SQUAD 100 points PILOTS Norra Wexley (41) ARC-170 (29), R2-D2 (4), Push the Limit (3), Kyle Katarn (3), Alliance Overhaul (0), Vectored Thrusters (2) Shara Bey (39) ARC-170 (28), R7-T1 (3), Push the Limit (3), Weapons Engineer (3), Alliance Overhaul (0), Vectored Thrusters (2) Prototype Pilot (20) A-Wing (17), Proton Rockets (3), Guidance Chips (0) View | Tweak | Export as XWS
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