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  1. I already frequent the Reddit MarvelChampionsLCG sub and the Facebook group as well. I guess I’ll be exclusively be looking there moving forward.
  2. Hawkeye and Protection seems fun, do you have a deck in mind? Can it survive in true solo? Captain America aggression seems fun, how does it work? in Solo especially. Very interesting that Hawkeye is Aggression is their a deck which is favorable to him, and what does the Iron Man deck look like. Also I play true solo does that affect the aspect at all?
  3. Considering the hero, and it’s weakness what aspect would be most beneficial for each current hero released? Which aspect helps each Hero the most? Very interested to see if their is a consensus on each hero or if there are a lot of differing opinions.
  4. Thank you. I wanted to see everyone’s opinion, and see if their is a consensus. Or if others because of each individual play style different characters are valued differently
  5. I Who in your opinion are the best five heroes (Hero + Hero specific cards) Who are the five worst (Hero + Hero specific cards) Which ally for each is the best in the 4 subcategories (Aggression, Protection, Justice, Leadership) Which event, upgrade and support is the best in the 4 subcategories Which (basic) ally, event and support are the best Last one two characters you’d like to see in the game Looking to see if there is a consensus or many differing opinions? This should be a fun thread.
  6. I like Hulk as well, I’ve played him three times. Enjoyable each time. I couldn’t agree more, I love this perspective
  7. I need to pick him, Ms. Marvel and Doctor Strange up still... I hear him and Strange are fun
  8. I’ve heard he may be the most OP out of the plastic Black Widow seems like a Iron Man type
  9. Bought them. I grabbed Captain America & Black Widow So Green Goblin seems fun, good. I decided to get it because of Spider-Man. I will definitely take that into consideration. I don’t need to always win. Most of my play for awhile will be Solo.
  10. So I’ve decided to buy in; with the game being Solo and seems easy enough to figure out and the Boss/scenarios. I do know it can also be co-op and hope eventually when Store play returns that occurs. With that being said what tips, suggestions, buying tips do you have to share. Thanks in advance. (I have watched a lot of videos on gameplay, decks/packs scenarios) I figured I’d start with this. core set Scenarios (Green Goblin) Red Skull Expansion Then the following Heroes Packs Captain America & Black Widow Quicksilver on Release. I heard Thor and Hulk are no good? Any other suggestions, help, etc.
  11. The amount of different loadouts for this ship will keep variance between squads; on the other hand it still could get one shot by a good modded torpedo. “Choose wisely”
  12. Those are not promising market trends. I don't know; the announcement, the manner in which it was handled and it's timing is all really concerning to me; and they did the announcement a week before release of a new Wave which is also intriguing. I have deciced until I get more information and the direction of AMG I am stopping and purchasing, they now need to convince me that they're going to continue the line for years and that thier will be no fundamental changes to the structure of the game itself. I am very hesitant they can do that.
  13. Is there an article on this? Names etc. and if this is true shame on FFG and AtomicMassGames for this move during a global pandemic
  14. Might be good news in the long run as you say but as of now what I know about Atomicmass’ prices, not knowing who, what and where this game is heading is very concerning. There needed to be more information provided so as such I can only go off the article, my knowledge of AtomicMassGames established price points, developmental philosophies and that to me is concerning. By the way I just canceled my pre-order of my last wave citing this announcement and they understood. Even adding others have done the same.
  15. I think my purchasing of any more X-Wing miniatures is on hold until further notice. Until I see a stable fundamental organizational response on the direction of X-Wing and how exactly the new development team is comprised.
  16. 1 - Jango Slave 1 2 - Tri-Fighters 2 - V-WING 3 - Eta Actis
  17. I'm actually surprised the collision detector Astromech isn't unique.
  18. I’m hoping for the Jango Slave I article personally.
  19. I agree I was just wondering where others opinions were with regards to each pilots cost
  20. Now that we see the abilities, force charges and upgrades where do you think the points will land with each pilot and the upgrades?
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