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  1. No worries. None taken. I love the Clones Wars (Anakin Skywalker is my favorite character i.e Episode III right after Order 66 until his limbs were taken off I love Human Vader)
  2. Republic. Easy to manuever, a lot of good pilots and ships; Can agrrange list multiple ways (Aces, Beef plus support, Aces plus support etc.) the opportunity for good synergy between ships etc. (iconic characters)
  3. I’m only running the title, and Treacherous currently I’m trying to play the odds with initiative and probability of the sum of all parts Nantex ability, Gravitic Deflection etc.; The synergy between the ships with repositioning and rerolls, especially those green dice is amazing. (3-0 in limited table play)
  4. Both times off my opponents ships. In one round which Sun Fac gained range 1 against (Delta - Anakin) needless to say it was a very, unhappy dead Anakin at the end. After now running it 3 times, I’ll be running Treacherous all the time, with a tractor squad the reposition ability to force opponents shots into positions that benefit all your ships is easier to accomplish. I cannot stress enough how much having the initiative helped. It forced the Deltas in both matchups to use extra force, try to outguess my Nantex and try to stay away from positions that either put them into bullseye arcs or compromising close to the asteroids that were on the map. Gravetic Deflection is worth the points rerolls game green dice is so good.
  5. I understand that, Outmaneuver is something I thought about as well but I chose Treacherous because the initiative is absolutely necessary with Sun Fac, if Deltas (Vader/Fel, Wedge with Torps etc.) get to more after you Sun Fac is very unhappy. Let me know how it works. My Treacherous proc’d twice, once in each game. I’m okay with that knowing in neither game was I worried what position Sun Fac ended up in, I got to decide.
  6. May I ask what was the Torpedoes of choice, I’m cons Proton Torpedoes but I’ve seen others talk about APT, my concern between the two is range control and charges.
  7. Play two games tonight won both as both went to time. Game 1: Lost Chertek, and Grievous was halved. I used Grievous as a flanker/mini brawler while Chertek and Sun Fac both tried to maneuver into position. Game 2: Chertek, Grievous and Sun Fac were all halved. I won this game by 1 point. The last round Sun Fac was able to get to range 1 and rolled 2 critical hits, focus, focus blank to not only get enough points to win but completely one shot a CLT Obi-Wan. 1. Chertek rerolls are no joke, having Sun Fac is fun with Ensnare. 2. I made sure I tandem my opponents ships with the Nantex. Tractoring them into the same arc a couple times. 3. Neither of my opponents cared about Grievous until Grievous both games removed the first ship, imprevium plating was the MVP. I think this will change next league night. 4. At 83 points Sun Fac is okay, he’s fragile but extremely fun to fly. I had more fun flying the Nantex then my normal Delta lists. More gameplay with this list for sure, I definitely need to get better flying it.
  8. I’m thinking if you decide (anyone list building) to fly Anakin in the BTL-B, the stapled pilot is Plo Koon. Oh you need to reload? Cool gain the disarm, I’ll remove it so you can unloaded those Torpedoes immediately. (44) points and I5. I have a list I’m working on with Plo & Ashoka as wing mates.
  9. I'm looking at Anakin in a Y-Wing as well but besides R4, I believe Instinctive Aim is stapled to him if your running any type of torpedoes, it opens up that action bar further.
  10. That’s exactly how I want to fly him. As the decoy or lost ship where he is ignored thus allowing him to react to the other players actions towards the 2 Nantex or Grievous. Go after Grevious, and let the 2 Nantex flank/attack or Go after the two Nantex, let Grievous flank.
  11. Great analysis. Thank you for the suggestions. I’ll definitely look into all those suggestions. I never considered those changes initially I was purely looking at the initiative for the Nantex in that regards. And the pilot ability is better and more useful for Chertek, and saving points. As for Grievous any way I can build him better, the more effectively the list may become. Thank you for the response This does look more flexible. Add has a decent bid Nantex-class Starfighter - •Sun Fac - 83 •Sun Fac - Archduke’s Enforcer (54) Ensnare (24) Gravitic Deflection (5) Belbullab-22 Starfighter - •General Grievous - 56 •General Grievous - Ambitious Cyborg (44) Treacherous (2) Impervium Plating (4) •Soulless One (6) Nantex-class Starfighter - •Chertek - 54 •Chertek - Opportunistic Ace (39) Ensnare (10) Gravitic Deflection (5) Total: 193/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  12. So how does it fly being more ace-y? I was thinking more of a brawler with the two aces
  13. Don’t you want the title all the time? I do like the thought of outmaneuver though
  14. Can this list work? Thoughts. I know it could be fragile especially the Nantex Nantex-class Starfighter - •Berwer Kret - 61 •Berwer Kret - Hive Guard Captain (40) Ensnare (16) Gravitic Deflection (5) Nantex-class Starfighter - •Sun Fac - 83 •Sun Fac - Archduke’s Enforcer (54) Ensnare (24) Gravitic Deflection (5) Belbullab-22 Starfighter - •General Grievous - 54 •General Grievous - Ambitious Cyborg (44) Impervium Plating (4) •Soulless One (6) Total: 198/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  15. Wowza. Thats a lot of shots to have to get through (42) of them. With lots of arc coverage. I may try something like this. also something very trollish. Does this actually work? 4 x Proton Torpedo Red Sq. (R4, Synchronized Console) 200 pts. 1. First ship locks. The 3 others do the focus action 2. Spend lock (trigger Synch. console) pick your next ship. (Repeat) all but the first ship no matter what gets focus/lock fully modded shots. First ship could also have lock/focus but would do so over two rounds.
  16. Or "Fallen Jedi" "Sith Apprentice" (and actually make a version of the ship as Separist) dont @ me.
  17. A lot of interesting things so far, especially picking which Y-Wing pilots to use and which Delta, Chopper gets put on. With regards to Chopper how do you plan on using him? My plan is to after the card is flipped, is to use Ashoka hopefully to Lock/Focus and use the Jam to strip the opponents ship of it green token then shoot fully modded shots.
  18. Defintely 2 Republic Y-Wings; and possible the new scuplt of the Ghost since it has a docking option, and new peg mechanic
  19. This seems so janky it could work. Bringing back ionized ships is something I’d like to see more of.
  20. Personally I’m hoping the following fits Ashoka Tano - CLT, C1-10P, Foresight (double tap possibility, Ashoka can give a jam, then lock focus sounds fun) Plo Koon - CLT, R2 ( can transfer Anakin a focus or remove his disarm token after reloading) Anakin Skywalker (Y-Wing) R4, APT or/Protons, Instinctive Aim (frees up the action bar) plus “X” ship if possible
  21. I'll be getting 2. For the two factions I mainly play Republic and Resistance.
  22. Is it a must that the charge is recovered at the end of round regardless if you spent it or not? Or can you leave it inactive and wait until the next round to spend the inactive charge to gain either a lock or focus?
  23. Is it a must that the charge is recovered at the end of round regardless if you spent it or not? Or can you leave it inactive and wait until the next round to spend the inactive charge to gain either a lock or focus?
  24. Anyone try and have success with Naboo Handmaidens in a List? How did you build it, fly it. Etc.
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