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  1. Add Anakin back; keep 7B extended
  2. I agree with both of these, and am really hoping we get Rey in a T70 or 65. Maybe they could make it a 3 ship squadron pack with a Y-Wing as well. Then you could get Babu Frik (crew), Wedge Antilles (Gunner), Zorii (Y-Wing Pilot) a new Finn (Gunner), etc.
  3. 5. Remove Soontir keep Vader increase his points to 70. Remove passive sensors from Vader as an option. 6. Add Defenders and make them 1 per list in Hyperspace. (So the ship itself is unique). Remove all interceptors from Hyperspace.
  4. I could see it being the new T-70 Orange/White (Poe Dameron) model and a Resistance Y-Wing possibly but I also feel a Poe (new sculpt) plus new YT-1300 squadron pack would be a 49.99 pack possibly. I see them having many options. The card pack having a new Poe, and Lando in the Falcon is likely as well as Rey in some type of X-Wing (T65 or T70)
  5. Did not know this, with this being the case her finding a way into the pack as a T70 pilot might increase.
  6. Might not be a T70, but a T65 and Rey might be the answer with 3 force (possibly) if she’s included in the Resistance Aces Pack.
  7. I think we get as I mentioned previously and as you do a 2 pack with the new paint scheme Poe (T70) and new radar dish (YT1300) then cards like for instance (Rey T65) in the new aces pack. I'm thinking T65 (as to thematically accurate) who knows. You could be right which put her in a better, Xwing.
  8. I thought Max Brooke said Resistance Aces was the 1st pack we’ll see, as for the Poe Dameron orange x-wing I see that as a separate release or one which is like the HoTR with a new Millennium Falcon sculpt from IX (like back in 1.0 for Ep. VII)
  9. Which pilots, gunners and or upgrades do you foresee being released: - Wedge Antilles (Gunner) - Lando Calrissan (Pilot) YT-1300 - Poe Dameron (Pilot) YT-1300 - Rey (Pilot) T-65 (Red Five) hopefully?? what would you like to see in the Aces Pack, upgrades, pilots, crew etc. We’ll also be getting Poe Dameron new orange paint scheme eventually.
  10. No it’s that my local area only plays Hyperspace right now, and unfortunately (as you mention my CLT lists) I feel don’t represent the play style I prefer and i don’t think anyone wouldn’t not play my extended lists except for the format everyone week after week continues to agree upon with no flexibility. Heres a secret all my lists (Republic) are made with CLT Jedi I like having 3 green dice as the base; I’ve never played 7B. I’m not willing to fly anything that doesn’t have Anakin, Darth Vader or Rey in the list. (Yes those pilots could also be a crew or gunner if applicable in some cases) Sorry, new favorites? Anakin Skywalker is my favorite character Rey is second I got into this game because I had the ability to fly those iconic (Darth Vader) in his x/1 not just because it’s Star Wars. See answer above. I have no issues with CLT Jedi I do have an issue with the other tools being offered in Hyperspace to play with those CLT Jedi (specifically Anakin) immediately after Republic released I was a Palp Aces player with Republic obviously that list has disappeared. Someone earlier in the thread suggested Y-Wing Anakin everyone knows he just isn’t playable in any format. In regards to this when it was suggested I immediately tried to make a list I thought would be fun, and I can’t if I could I’d try it but putting 70-75 points into a Y-Wing is not smart list making nor an affective approach. It’d become target priority I’m fully aware and have tried Kylo/Vonreg combos a few times (Kylo being the Skywalker in the list) as a Vader substitute. It’s alright it appears I need to walk away from the game, many here are dead set on just hyper competitive X-Wing. I'm done commenting in this thread. I see this is just other posters attacking my personal opinion
  11. I want to be able to enjoy everything I like about the game (pilots/ships) and unfortunately my local community (as stated before are hyper competitive travelers) and the restrictions of Hyperspace are not allowing me to enjoy the game anymore. None of these threads are ever productive due to trolling (of new contrast threads) or that of the X-Wing elites who believe the game is only for them. You’re wrong.
  12. I understand what’s available, and unfortunately some players only do play certain factions/pilots. I myself am one of them. It’s Rey, Anakin or Darth Vader or nothing. Thanks for the thoughtful response though. I will definitely be looking at other stores but as to local it’s not really an option. I’m most likely taking a break, because of this unfortunately. I’m actually at a breaking point where I may if changes are not made I may leave the game completely.
  13. Every list until January always had Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker (D7) in it or Rey. I also don’t like Reapers or Strikers. I am using N-1 Anakin currently but am not enjoying myself. @reqent most of my local group are hyper competitive and travel; all they want to play is Hyperspace.
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