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    "limited edition" ships?

    The difference is, with regards to other alts (dice, templates, tokens, pilot/upgrade cards) those are used as official prize support throughout the year for all who participate in OP events from as low as league events to the world championships. In this case a model is being exclusively released at an event for purchase in which not all the player base will be available to attend and thus not being able to aquire like the normal means of doing so fo ALL OTHER FFG ALT (in regards to exclusivity) material. In this regard without releasing this to the mass base through FFG Website, they are literally excluding 85% of the player base that may also want to purchase a model. Those models picked up at will see secondary sales because of the alternate paint scheme. Not really fair to those not able to acquire a model by attending. This creating a major secondary market cash grab. Completely unfair to those not able to attend the event. There's a HUGE DIFFERENCE.
  2. Cgriffith

    Ep 9 ship rumors/spoilers!!!!

    Mike Zeroh 😂. I can no longer take anything you say seriously @drail14me.
  3. Cgriffith

    Nien, L'ulo, and Rey: Never mind the stress

    Rey needs Finn (or Engine upgrade at a minimum) Rey will get shredded without that extra die on offense and defense. She isn’t even a threat in this list. She’s the last target in my opinion.
  4. Cgriffith

    Strain vs. Stress: what is scarier?

    Strain definitely, losing the ability to roll green dice is on defense is worse than losing actions in most cases.
  5. Cgriffith

    Wave 5 predictions!

    Rebels: A-Wing Empire: TIE Defender Scum: HWK Resistance: Resistance Falcon & T-70 (Black One) two-pack First Order: Upsilon Class Shuttle Republic: Eta-2 CIS: Slave 1 (Jango Fett)
  6. Cgriffith

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Looks like the New Republic and Resistance will be my main factions moving forward. Love that the N-1 Naboo Starfighter and Resistance Transport are coming. Very pleased.
  7. Cgriffith

    Purple evades are dank

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say the purple evade (action) will be described in the Delta-7 Aethersprite Expansion article. Why hold off until then build up more speculation and Anakin Skywalker the I6 of the faction, the pack you get Ashoka in etc. if there’s a way that you can take a purple action in addition to your normal action It’d be very efficient.
  8. Cgriffith

    Double-Tap Vennie

    This list besides my Rey/Poe list has been the most successful for me. It’s Vennie, Poe Dameron and Tallisan Linstra who’s ability synergizes with Vennie perfectly. I use the Proton Bombs and Proximity Mines to cover my rear while Poe and Tallie cover Vennie flank. T-70 X-wing - •Poe Dameron - 77 •Poe Dameron - Trigger-Happy Flyboy (68) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) •Black One (2) Integrated S-foils (Open) (0) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) RZ-2 A-wing - •Tallissan Lintra - 37 •Tallissan Lintra - Deadly Approach (35) Marksmanship (1) Heroic (1) MG-100 StarFortress - •Vennie - 86 •Vennie - Crimson Cutter (62) Proton Bombs (5) Proximity Mines (6) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) •Paige Tico (7) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  9. Cgriffith

    Protecting Peace - Jedi article

    Thanks do we know there abilities?
  10. Cgriffith

    Protecting Peace - Jedi article

    Everyone hoping for the bid war to stop may be disappointed. Obi-Wan, Mace Windu and Plo Kloon are all 5s and we still don’t know what Ashoka and Anakin will come in at. I think this will only make deep bids more important. They may have the most I5s in relation to total squadron. Hoping Mace, Anakin and Obi-Wan all fit, or Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ashoka. Fingers crossed.
  11. Big ships have returned. Han, Rey, RAC particularly, also seen more of Fith Brother Phantoms and Leia crew. But now more than ever Tripsilons are showing up.
  12. One, why is this on the main forum. Two, the only character I see the Falcon belonging to at the end of IX is Chewbacca, if it still isn't in Rey's possession. With that being said I see the Falcon with Rey in the pilot seat, Chewbacca her co-pilot with both Rose/Finn on it; Poe as the escort. I call this 110% conjecture on the website's part, and anyone whom thinks it's true. @CapitanGuinea why would the make a new model just for Lando? They may rerelease the same model with different cards but remaking the model, no way.
  13. Cgriffith

    Hyperspace - is there a list better than Tripsilons?

    While it's primary function is to transport up to 10 personnel. It is also equipped with 2 Heavy Laser Cannons'; so it having a 4 dice primary isn't too far off. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Upsilon-class_command_shuttle
  14. Cgriffith

    Why isn't Rey/Poe a thing?

    I've run Rey with EU, C3PO and even Perceptive Co-Pilot they all have benefits and draw backs. All comes down to how aggressive you are with Rey.
  15. My favorite with lots of synergy. MG-100 StarFortress - •Vennie - 86 •Vennie - Crimson Cutter (62) Trajectory Simulator (10) Proton Bombs (5) Seismic Charges (3) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) RZ-2 A-wing - •Tallissan Lintra - 37 •Tallissan Lintra - Deadly Approach (35) Marksmanship (1) Heroic (1) T-70 X-wing - •Poe Dameron - 77 •Poe Dameron - Trigger-Happy Flyboy (68) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) •Black One (2) Integrated S-foils (Open) (0) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder