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  1. Congratulations! The first time I ever beat Shadow and Flame is one my great memories of this game!
  2. In the Battle of Pelennor Fields, Tokien described bearded Easterlings with axes (admittedly the Warrior in the picture has a sword). It's widely believed by LoTR Geeks that these were men from Dorwinion. The culture there was one where Northmen ruled local Easterlings. The inspiration for this were the medieval Viking cultures of Russia and the Ukraine, where Viking rulers navigated using rivers such as the Volga and set up their own Princedoms such as Kiev. I don't know if Prof Tolkien was ever explicit about this, but nonetheless its a perfectly viable theory, and if correct, it means that the picture might actually be more in tune with the books than might first be thought.
  3. An absolute miracle if the site is correct. I don't think I've seen Dwarrowdelf in the UK for about 2 years!
  4. Gameslore do a top 12 list of best sellers on their home page. I don't know how seriously it can be taken but: Mt Gundabad is no. 6 The 2 new custom scenarios are at no. 11 and no. 12 To be fair, most games stores in the UK no longer stock much LotR LCG, but it still seems to sell well. As an aside LoTR JiME is no.1 Three Arkham Horror LCG AP are at no's 2-4.
  5. Thanks Matt and Icabod. Just to add that if things get really desperate, there are always the US online retailers (stock tends to be better there). I've just bought Dead Marshes and Grey Havens from CSI, and I previously bought the Khazad Dum Nightmares from there. The pack prices were pretty good, but postage was $30. Needs must unfortunately!
  6. OK, powerfully argued and perfectly reasonable arguments. Just to say that the stocking situation at least here in the UK is appalling (much worse than the games' great days of 2+ years ago) and I do think overall it is at last being wound down. I also thought that the picture of the Morannon was an odd one (if I was in Rhun, I would enter Mordor from the East), but I don't believe that they would have used it if the adventure was solely staying in Rhun (they didn't use a generic Mordor pic with Sands of Harad for example). Fun to hear your thoughts as ever, and we shall see 🙂
  7. Are you sure that this isn't just wishful thinking? 1. "It has all led to this." Pretty strong hint to me! Also added to the fact that stocks everywhere are being run down. This isn't a bad thing by the way - we've got years of game. I've played hundreds of times, but there are about 3 or 4 cycles where I have only played them the once, and not even looked at them for about 3 years. 2. The box shows a picture of Mordor not Rhun. I think the deluxe adventures will focus on Rhun, and then the Adventurers turn towards Mordor for the APs, and the game's finale.
  8. Agreed. I'm working under the assumption this is now the last cycle. We've had a great run and let's face it, there is years worth of gameplay out there. Hate to be negative, but FFGs attitude to restocking is now so poor, that I think they want to wind it down and focus on new stuff. Just to say, that if it is the last cycle, ending in Mordor is good. Maybe we get to fight the Dark Lord (an unwinnable battle surely) maybe as a distraction as Frodo and Sam cross Mordor?
  9. No. I have no idea whether any are actually coming, as they were being shipped some weeks ago, and none have actually arrived. I did read a thread on the Reddit LoTR board where a UK retailer wrote that the restock amounts arriving were less than expected. That's just rumour, but it's extremely sad (and annoying for new players) if true.
  10. My favourite quests to replay are Nightmare Journey along the Anduin, and Stone of Erech. Both are superb!
  11. I see more reprints (though not Dwarrowdelf yet) are still coming into the UK. One of the interesting ones is Journey along the Anduin nightmare deck, which is a good one and I would recommend to all reasonably experienced players who want an enhanced challenge. It's not one for new players with a small card pool!
  12. GamesLore now has Ringmaker cycle stuff. I daresay all of the others will now have it as well.
  13. GamesLore are good. I've also bought LoTR LCG stuff from Magic Madhouse. Stuff is coming. Another 2 or so cycles (including Khazad Dum) plus a bunch of sagas will hit UK shops in the next week or so, depending upon shipping times etc.
  14. I believe there's been a twitter post (quoted in another thread somewhere) stating that they're reprinting it in Q2. In other words it's coming!
  15. Restocks are beginning to arrive in the UK (GamesLore at least). Mainly Angmar cycle so far, but hopefully the others will arrive soon.
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