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  1. Yep, in the accompanying story notes. Bearing in mind this is the last AP before hiatus, I just wondered if they brought it to a final conclusion.
  2. I think A Desperate Path is the stand out card for me. Risky as someone else said, but a lot of fun! I also liked the art on it, and saw that that it is the same artist as Spiragorn.
  3. Totally agree. The Red Book makes Hobbit decks viable I think.
  4. Shame if it's permanently cancelled. I daresay that trying to launch a new magazine during the lockdown wasn't the best time. Maybe they'll try again after Covid19?
  5. Maybe there's something here or at another American stationer? https://www.amazon.com/clear-plastic-wallet-Binder-Accessories/s?k=clear+plastic+wallet&rh=n%3A490544011 The best I could find for you were A3 punch pocket clear plastic wallets. Not much use I admit. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Transparent-Plastic-Wallets-Professionals-Portrait/dp/B01K2BGGEU/ref=sr_1_28?dchild=1&keywords=clear+wallet+ring+binder&qid=1587115294&s=officeproduct&sr=1-28
  6. I like Dale's explanation personally. Both Galadriel and Celeborn would surely have known Beleg Strongbow, and I can imagine that they would have wanted to set up a memorial for him. I love these references to older histories.
  7. I'm a UK player, and these magazines are a standard thing here. They're not aimed at the people on these boards or BGG but for a more casual audience with an interest in LoTR. I'm with some of the above posters that think it's a great idea as it will (hopefully) bring new players to the game. After 60 magazines you'll have over 1200 cards, and presumably all of the LoTR Saga scenarios, so more than enough to be going on with.
  8. I'm a bit unusual because unlike most LoTR LCG Players, I don't like the Sagas as I find them too grinding. I prefer the looser system of the adventure cycles where I can do what I please at my own pace (i.e. just break out a pack and play as I choose). I'm principally interested in a mix of how immersive the stories are, how fun the scenarios are too play, and how good/thematic player cards are. They're all good (no duds in this game!) but based on the above views my rankings would be; Dwarrowdelf Dreamchaser Angmar Awakened Against the Shadow Haradrim Ring Maker Hunt for Gollum Haven't played the others.
  9. You deserve a like just for doing all that work! 😉
  10. I think all of the cycles start getting harder after Khazad Dum and the only way around it is to up your decks. Forget playing progression or anything else that limits you, at least for a while. Your Dwarf deck should be able to handle Peril at Pelargir, but another one to consider is a Gondor leadership deck, as you get plenty of low cost allies that you can use. Maybe something like this: Theodred Leadership Boromir Leadership Denethor Steward of Gondor x 3 Gandalf x 3 Sneak Attack x 3 Errand rider x 3 Squire of the Citadel x 3 Faramir x 3 Visionary Leadership x 3 Pelargir Ship Captain x 3 Strength of Arms x 3 Guard of the Citadel x 3 For Gondor x 3 Grim Resolve x 3 Envoy of Pelargir x 3 White Tower Watchman x 3 If you've got later packs you can add in: Ingold x 3 Veteran of Osgiliath x 3 Herald of Anorien x 3 You can tinker around with this but hopefully you get the gist - you have plenty of resources, and use lots of allies, plus boosts using the Gondor keyword pack a real punch. There are one or two quests in HoN that force a change but worry about them when you get to them!
  11. Nice write-up. I pretty much agree with everything you've written. Khazad Dum/Dwarrowdelf is a fab starting point and beating Shadow and Flame is one of the great moments in the game. The Mirkwood Cycle Adventures are OK although I have to say that I didn't like Emyn Muil (just boring!) I think you've got Heirs of Numenor to a tee (Stewards Fear is indeed a classic!), but I would just add that I think it offers some great player cards (especially the Gondor synergies). I haven't played Voice of Isengard for some years, but my memory is that it was fiddly although perfectly good as I recall. I also really disliked the Hobbit adventures and am thinking of getting rid of them. Where I do disagree with you is with the Stone of Erech. I think that it's one of the all-time great quests; not too difficult despite the emphasis on quest, not too fiddly despite the time mechanism, and just so awesomely thematic. We can't all agree I suppose, but maybe it's worth another try?
  12. Don't want to be difficult, but some of your questions are really tough to answer. For example Return to Mirkwood is not a good quest for solo one hand, but has Dain who is one of the best Hero's around. If there's the choice and you're short of cash, I would start with Khazad Dum and the Dwarrowdelf cycle because it has super player cards and decent adventures. All of the other cycles are perfectly decent but the later ones are often harder. The first cycle can be a bit variable as the designers were still finding their feet, but is perfectly OK and a reasonable choice to start with. Do buy a second core at some point (doesn't have to be immediate) as the extra player cards are useful, but don't bother with a third. I'm not keen on the saga games personally but they do provide some decent player cards (I thought The Hobbit adventures were poor, and the LoTR saga cycle takes months to play which I find a pain - note to Caleb if you ever read this - everyone on the boards raves about the sagas but I prefer the more standalone games or more relaxed cycle adventures which you can pull out at any time and just play as one-offs). With regard to the PODs, Stone of Erech is an absolute must buy, and all of the others are perfectly good, but can be difficult.
  13. OK, I only play solitaire, but here's my take on the PoDs: - Fog on the Barrow Downs - good but fiddly to set up and play- Murder in the Prancing Pony - crime story that is very different from any others. As a result it's a bit marmite I think. Good to get because it's like nothing else.- Battle of Lake Town. Seriously difficult - rated a 9 for difficulty I believe. Boost your tactics cards to beat this one.- Massing at Osgiliath. Been a while since I played it but my memory was that it was pretty good if reasonably difficult. There are one or two insta-death cards in the Encounter Deck if memory serves, which can be frustrating. Worth buying. - The Old Forest. Straightforward to play and not too difficult. Just played it again recently and I enjoyed it even though it stomped my Silvan deck. Worth getting.- Ruins of Belegost. Old fashioned Dungeon crawl with treasure. Is very difficult, and can be frustrating as to a degree it relies on finding cards in the encounter deck. Worth getting and fun to play but you'll need good decks for this one. - Stone of Erech. In many people's top ten best AP's. Very thematic, not too challenging or fiddly to play. Absolutely superb scenario which I've played well over 25 times, and an insta-buy. - Siege of Annuminas. This was designed for multiplayer, but I really enjoyed it solo. You'll need lots of Progress tokens! I've never played The Wizards Quest or Woodland Realm scenarios, but they were designed specifically for groups as semi-competitive games. I do hear mixed reports about them, but they are different and you may enjoy them for that reason. I've also never played Assault on Dol Guldur but apparently it is very difficult. The report is that it didn't go down well, but maybe some other posters can confirm.
  14. Ooops! Now you mention it, that doesn't make a lot of sense. I take that back - go for Dwarrowdelf axe instead.
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