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  1. While I agree, I think single player armada is significantly harder to implement than single player xwing, so I'm not holding out much hope.
  2. It also allows you to trigger friendly damaged abilities, like the ship ability, without needing to be shot. Not strictly a downside imo.
  3. This would lead to more going to time, not less imo, as ships with it would rarely get close to try and deal big damage instead trying to just stay away and deal damage in small chunks. If you want fewer games to go to time, might I suggest harpoon missiles and guidance chips? Its also is pretty good vs. Low agility ships, and makes high agility ships even stronger than before.
  4. This was the part I missed. That's still a very high hit chance, and adding a passive reroll shouldn't be taken, especially at long range. This is all pretty much ignoring the massive increase in arc coverage granted by a range 2-3 turret rather than a range 1-2 turret. AND it's still comically better than pretty much every 2 die native turret in the game.
  5. At which point it gets a second attack right? That's been part of this for a while, and why a passive reroll is so insanely powerful.
  6. If by good chance you mean 20% vs. 2 dice when both parties have a focus, yeah it's a good chance.
  7. The other example was dash Roark which got faq'd to oblivion. Was it more powerful prior to the increase and less powerful after it?
  8. Tlt is range 2-3 out any arc while vtg is range 1-2 out the front only. Massive difference in area covered and where you have to be pointing. Additionally, tlt carriers in 1e rarely benefited from multiple actions and instead relied on the very nature of tlt as reliable damage to hit things. Tlt would deal more damage in 2e, not less.
  9. 1.0 tlts were nightmares that were part of a massive ramp up in power level, bringing them back in any form should be avoided at all cost.
  10. This is easily one of the most fun lists to play,and I highly recommend everyone at least try it.
  11. Re: skew lists I think the problem is that most of us Poe principle people see trip ace as a skew list, but it happens to perform like a generalist. We're not entirely opposed to aces, and i think ace + minswarm is the "ideal" archetype, but we'd rather not see trip ace the the top tier universally.
  12. The problem is that they aren't really sacrificing against i4s or i1s, and it results in a world where a 180 point list can beat a 200 point one semi-consistently with equally skilled players, which should not be the case. It's not a case of betting that the bid is more important for you than upgrades as it is vs. equal initiatives, it's safety in the knowledge that your list is more efficient than the opponents list to such a degree that you do not need to the the points. No ace player unrealistically making "hard cuts" until the meta gets ace centric to an even crazier degree than it already is. Even then, some ace lists have tools to avoid needing the bid, such as passive sensors, that enable them to pack in even more crazy efficiency. Tldr: while the idea of a race to the bottom sounds like a great limiting factor, in practice aces are so wildly undercosted that it doesn't happen.
  13. I think soontir is actually a bit of the point, because he acts like he might care, but to a large degree, doesn't. He consistently overperforms for his points as a result.
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