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  1. I genuinely don't think a play to win mentality shows up as much as you think based on my limited experience with card games. You might get someone dead-set on wining the tournament round one, but unless you stay in the danger zone of just the edge of cut most people will either have accepted they can't win and be there to have fun, or be confident enough in their own abilities that they won't be a jerk. As a tournament goes on, you'll be matched more to people of relatively equal skill / equal lists. Again, I see the play to win mentality (or rather, the tilting that can come from it) as much at game nights as I do at tournaments. I'd wholeheartedly recommend checking some local tournaments out - not necessarily anything big like a system open (although those are a blast) but something like a quarterly kit tournament where you can get in some games, get some swag, and maybe meet some new people. If you find its not your thing after doing one, that's fine but I'd recommend at least one.
  2. Because its easier for everyone if we just say no adding of upgrades. For now, we only have one case where someone could choose between multiple 0pt. options, but if more come along its just simpler to say no.
  3. Yes. A team forgot their S-foils before the list deadline, and elected to not take them. A Game loss is probably justified, as the punishment is not for the initial action (that was probably just a warning) but the lack of appropriate correction.
  4. 99% of tournaments are fine. I've experienced far more questionable behavior at casual nights than tournaments tbh. Try a smaller local one sometime, they are quite fun.
  5. Juke also boring. Bullseye abilities are cool, so i w ant as many as possible. Plus, autoblaster marksmanship double defender memes leaves room for more words. Words like "advanced sensors" "homing missiles" and "vessery"
  6. Marksmanship autoblaster defenders are Hellas fun, but being aggro doesn't help the win condition which is sad. Hyperdefensive ships are boring and dumb.
  7. Store kits. Either theme tournaments or the actual tournament, maybe both.
  8. I think they want to keep out R3 and Targeting since one enables defensive token stacking and the other removes some consequences on Red moves, although I'm much less worried about that. R7 has a similar one as a resistance only mech that allows you to reroll your defense dice, which may be as close as they will get. I too want R7-T1 back (The Target lock and boost, but only if in arc one) since its neat, but most of the other ones can stay in 1.0 unless they get some charge limitations.
  9. As mentioned earlier, how do you prove anything related to why they are conceding? What if they wanted to see if they could finish the game in a certain amount of time, but at that point are planning to concede to be able to get a quick meal break or bathroom break before the cut? It's not something you can realisticly do, and starting mobs about concessions is probably not a good plan for the long term health of the game.
  10. What about people who want to play in more tournaments and can do so by redistributing the prizes they do not want to people who do want the prizes but cannot go to the tournament?
  11. That's because conceding in armada gives a modified win, in an odd sort of way. The non win/loss structure makes it odd. You can always concede a game. Just don't discuss anything related to standings with the opponent first.
  12. the FAQ exists to explain that Thrawn is different. He does not trigger on reveal effects, only command dials from the stack do that, see FAQ page 6. Q: Do abilities or card effects that resolve when a ship reveals its command dial resolve when a command dial placed on an upgrade card equipped to that ship is revealed? A: No. Effects that resolve when a ship reveals its command dial only resolve when a ship reveals a command dial from the stack assigned to its ship card as part of its activation.
  13. I'm saying revealing a command dial and gaining it are different, even if it happens in one step. Revealing != gaining.
  14. the FAQ exists because without it Thrawn could not be used for a token. It does not change that Thrawn does not make the ship reveal that command dial, it gains it. Thrawn does not give the SSD a token. Re: The timing 1. the Ship Reveals a command dial 2. It then Gains that command dial 3. At this point, before anything else, it may discard that dial to gain a matching command token. SSD triggers at 1. Thrawn is at 2. Tokens are at 3.
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