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  1. To be fair, PGS has mellowed out a LOT since he made the jump to xwingtmg. He's actually capable of stating an opinion without being needlessly antagonistic now, at least from what I've seen.
  2. The only time I feel bad is when I beat kids. A dad brought his kid (like 13ish) to our local tournament from a state over because they don't have a scene there. He was running a titleless defender (after vets were already out) with a TIE Punisher and some TIE Fighters. Meanwhile I'm running VCX-100 + HyperDash and pretty much just trounce him. Apparently he still had a good time though because we all helped him learn the rules properly and stuff. I know I saw somebody teach him the proper way to fly in formation. He had only ever played with his parents before. We also have a father-son combo that regularly come to our tournaments. The son likes to run unique lists and is overly attached to stealth device. I used to feel bad about beating him until he one-shot my Vessery with Fenn Rau.
  3. Eh come on now. Auto-thrusters are already auto-include on pretty much everybody that has boost in their action bar.
  4. Well I mean...there's Fenn too. Can't arc dodge him and he hits like a truck.
  5. I keep seeing this. There's this weird mentality that mobile arcs are strictly worse than PWTs when really it's just not true. They're just different. Seriously turning every PWT ship into a 180 degree arc ship with the ability to ignore autothrusters and trigger in-arc effects for free (let alone a point reduction!) would potentially make them even stronger.
  6. It works on all arcs. Any card effect works on all arcs unless it specifically spells out that it only works on a single type of arc. And any printed arc is an arc. It doesn't matter if that arc is actually used for anything. If you get behind a naked ghost, you get fearlessness, even though they can't shoot anything out of that arc.
  7. Lets be honest, for that BTL Y wing, there's not really much difference between double stressed and quadruple stressed. We both know that it's never getting an action again with only those green straights.
  8. Except he's not going back to the card. He never left it. You assign stress one at a time until you reach two stress, and Nien Nunb's ability interrupts the adding of stress.
  9. So your mistake is thinking that add is different from modding. It's not. It's a type of modification, so it happens with all the rest of that player's modification.
  10. To leave the space open if they ever want to create a shieldless large ship.
  11. Pretty sure he meant thread tracers, which are now free.
  12. Or if you're Poe. Poe laughs at the need to spend a focus token to flip intensity. Throw in BB-8, and he gets evade+focus every turn. If you pop primed thrusters on, he gets focuses even while stressed.
  13. Really looking forward to this on Poe. BB-8 + Primed Thrusters will generate Focus + Evade every turn while unstressed (assuming a green), and will still get you Poe's focus every turn (with a boost too if you want. Or using a boost if you don't want to use a green.) when you get stressed (assuming you don't just get hammered with it).
  14. The HWK would like a word.
  15. It has an action header, meaning it's an action. You can use it whenever you want as long as you can perform an action. That said, Marksmanship is pretty much the biggest trap in the game. It's almost never worth it. Ships that can make multiple attacks in one turn are the only ones I would even consider it on.
  16. Intensity works really nicely on Poe. It has the same timing as R5-P9, so you get both regen and the ability to flip it (I'm dumb plz ignore). You can also use primed thrusters instead of pattern analyzer now and get mostly the same result. This makes him fairly immune to stress, which is great. All for two points cheaper than how you would usually build Poe.
  17. Even if your entire group doesn't netlist, if you play enough and are actually trying to win, you're going to have something similar. It turns out that a lot of ships synergize really well with certain upgrades or other ships, so players will naturally aggregate towards those builds. It's not like everybody's taking the exact same list. Part of the meta is taking the meta lists and modifying them subtly so that you can handle the other meta lists. The fact of the matter is, if you're playing to win, everything is not viable. After a certain point, it just becomes you not using a ship or upgrade to be contrary. And that's completely fine if you're a casual player. I've run lists where everything had stay on target with 40+ point B-wings in casual games. Just realize that you're probably going to lose a lot more than people who aren't arbitrarily restricting what they use. I do find it amusing that you say you don't use Biggs. Biggs's main purpose on tables is to enable ships that otherwise wouldn't stand a chance in the meta. He actually helps the wacky off the wall lists be more viable.
  18. I've taken double Ghost to tournaments twice, once with TLTs, and once with ABTs + ABT Y-wing. Our local store tournaments usually consist of a lot of jank. This was right after Protectorates came out. Faced a few Fearlessness swarms. Let me tell you, the VCX with that rear arc they can't do anything with against fearlessness is pretty scary.
  19. I'm a two faction player. I haven't actually put Scum on the table yet, despite owning most of it. I really should. Fenn Rau gets me excited every time I see him nuke me off the table with his unlimited prockets.
  20. It's because of the timing. SnapTac Rhymer creates a giant range 2 no-action zone.
  21. Zefirus

    F Expertise

    Stress them. Stress is all over the place nowadays, and turns expertise into a useless four points.
  22. I find this amusing because Decimators are one of the few Imperial ships I ever see anymore. Hotshot Gunner RAC and Kylo RAC are both pretty popular.
  23. I feel people are forgetting epic is a thing when saying you can't run out of damage cards.
  24. He'll shine if swarms ever come back. Had a rare swarm in the last tournament I went to when I was running M9-G8 Tarn. He can basically tank the entire swarm if they're missing Howlrunner. It was extremely surprising to me. I basically just shoved him right in the middle of the formation so they couldn't get shots at my Stay On Target Nien Nunb which just flew circles around them the entire time.
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