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  1. The first time I got a glimpse on the changed cards (this summer*) I was quite happy about the changes. Most of the changes to upgrades were needed adjustments to cards that were too good (OE for 4 FP) and mechanics that felt wrong (double ram). Even Admonition nerf is okay for me, because Evade got a buff. I think you have to see those two together. This MC30c is still a pain in the @ss to play against. Most of the changes to commander cards are fine. Only Tagge's problem isn't solved at all. After a second thought I was a little bit confused about which cards didn't change at all. What I really don't get is the change for "Mon Karren". That wasn't a card I saw too often in play and wouldn't have thought of as a balancing problem. Why devs touched that title upgrade but not a dozen other cards (like the clearly overpriced VSD-titles) at all, was a mystery for me. Now I think with the exception of commander cards, the Armada 1.5 cards changes were really only there to nerf the cards that were too good. How could the two new factions possibly have a chance to come up against the crazy combos that defined the meta for years. Maybe it was even a wise decision to wait with any buffs, until we know what the new factions and rules changes will do to the games. This is the biggest change to the game since the release in 2015. Armada was always developping slow and thoroughly. This is a huge step ahead: Evade, Intel, Pass Tokens, command tokens refreshing upgrades, new factions and 4 new ships for two new factions. (And we don't get new ships too often.) Maybe we should just take a breath, look at what we got and not so much complain about what didn't come yet. This glass is half full. Even three quarters. I could imagine that wasn't the last time we saw changes to upgrade cards. Next time we maybe see some love for the red haired stepchilds of the upgrades. And to all play testers: It's not that we don't like you. We're just jealous. * A leak. I didn't get anything from FFG ever. Not one time in four years of wiki-labor. Even no answers to my emails. That's okay, only that you don't imagine me as dev-influencer.
  2. Pryce is illegal now. Brunson did go up in price.
  3. Not sure if the viewers changed or the film makers. My 11-year-old daughter liked the OT very much. Episode I was boring in her eyes.
  4. I can‘t find the „Engine Techs“ in the Errata section. Am I blind, did they forget or did they decide to take the double-ram-barrier back?
  5. All new texts, points, and other changes for the changed cards in the Upgrace Card Collection are now online. And I created an overview, which you can find in "Armada 1.5" entry as well. Also added the Intel change to the list. Now I'm waiting for published or scanned new upgrade cards ...
  6. I like very much what you laid out so far. I understood that you and your group didn‘t have much time to try things out. But did you make any plans against snowballing? Most campaigns start with equal forces at both sides, but then give the winner of a battle some access to additional troops, choices, or whatever. In effect winning the first battle makes it easier to win the next and so on. What can lead to a very onesided game experience. Your design seems to have a lot of narrative elements and don’t focus so much about counting VPs? Maybe you can give more insight in your rules and plans? Thank you for sharing!
  7. Can somebody (with UCC in hands) confirm that the intel here is correct and complete? Thank, you! (And some good scans would be nice.)
  8. It‘s funny that we all love these bad films so much. Not every film maybe. But some of them, though they are all cheesy and ridiculous, bad written and poorly acted. *sigh*
  9. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/11/30/that‘s-just-another-fake-link/
  10. Sorry! I missed some: General Rieekan 34 pts. Leia Organa (Commander) 28 pts. Leading Shots 6 pts.
  11. I like the tiger design very much! Cool idea. 👍
  12. Hello admired Admirals, Bureau of Ships and Services 🚀🛂 is glad to announce: All squadrons and ships of the new factions are new online (only the ship card of the Hardcell-class Battle Refit is missing, but the stats are complete). The known Armada 1.5 changes are online: Evade, Aces, and new Pass rules. The content of the Upgrade Card Collection is now confirmed (cards and tokens). [I did not change the altered cards yet, if not yet officially revealed.] Please take a look, feel free to use links to jump around and find all the mistakes the team* made. * It's a very small team, so ... join in! 🤗
  13. The Ace cap is also a light nerf for Rieekan who also will be 4 pts. more expensive. Because he affects only unique squadrons he's a little less efficient even if you can swap aces for named squadrons without defense tokens (that will die faster though). The Rieekan-Yavaris-134-Aces got no love again. 😄
  14. There are some tokens in the pack like Raid and Chaff tokens. (2 Focus/Chaff, 6 Proximity Mines, 8 Raid Tokens)
  15. You are not allowed to attack from the same hull zone during your activation. This card now allows the next attack to be declared from the same (this) hull zone IF you spent a Concentrate Fire command during this attack. You are only allowed to do one Concentrate Fire command during your activation. Combined that means only two attacks from the same hull zone. (ninja'd by @xanderf)
  16. How about a Cara Dune prequel showing a bunch of Rebel Shock Troopers fighting imperial warlords?
  17. Demolisher is a card that tweaks the core rules just too hard. It needed a hard nerf in my eyes. (Another thing would have been to allow all ships a second attack after moving, when this attack would target the rear hull zone. One of my favorite rules changes that never will come.) I think, the card is still playable and worth 10 points. But now you need to think a little bit harder for positioning. Admonition is another card that could be very frustrating to play against. The possibility to spend and then discard the same card during one attack was overdone. Together with the point reduction, I think it's fair. That's what I thought too. I like almost every change they did. Only Tagge is still bad. I don't get why there had to be MORE modification-cards. Mon Karren was a weired choice to change. There are still so many cards just not good enough for their points. Why Mon Karren? And then even make it CF-only? Yavaris nerf seems unfair to me, if Col. Jendon stays as he is. Just my opinion.
  18. For ET: Very good catch! I just saw the intention but didn't think about the details! For Avenger: That's so. Just another slip ... I will add the card!
  19. Mon Karren's effect only triggers when spending a CF command? That's bad! 😔 Edit: You're right. I just overlooked it. (Freudian slip?)
  20. Here an overview about the changes I know. Green text is boost. Red is nerf. Yellow in neutral. Maybe there have been some changes. I got the intel this summer. Or I missed something. Admiral Konstantine At the start of each Status Phase, you may choose any number of enemy ships at dist 1-5 of at least 2 friendly non-flotilla ships, 1 of which must be of medium or larger size class. For each chosen ship you may discard 1 NAV token from it or increase or decrease that enemy ship's speed by 1 to a minimum of speed 1. Admiral Ozzel During each friendly ship's Determine Course step, it may change its speed by 1. Garm Bel Iblis After deplyoing fleets, place 2 non-consecutive round tokens on this card. At the start of the Ship Phase during each round matching 1 of those tokens each friendly ship may gain a number of command tokens equal to its command value. General Tagge After deplyoing fleets, place 2 non-consecutive round tokens on this card. At the start of the Ship Phase during each round matching 1 of those tokens each friendly ship may recover 1 of its discarded defense tokens. Grand Moff Tarkin 28 pts General Rieekan 34 pts. Leia Organa (Commander) 28 pts. Mon Mothma When a friendly ship resolves the "evade" token effect, it can cancel 1 die at medium range or reroll 1 additional die at close range or dist. 1. 27 pts Demolisher During your Attack step, you can perform only 1 attack. You can perform 1 of your attacks after you execute your first maneuver during your activation. Avenger While attacking, you may exhaust this card. If you do the defender cannot spend more then 1 exhausted defense tokens during this attack. Admonition While defending, during the Spend Defense Tokens Step, you may discard a readied defense token to cancel 1 attack die. 6 pts Mon Karren CF: While attacking a ship, the defender cannot spend more than 1 defense token during this attack. 6 pts Yavaris SQ: Each squadron you activate may choose to only attack during your activation. If it does, while attacking, it may add 1 die to its attack pool of a color already in its attack pool. Slicer Tools This card begins the game exhausted. After you execute a maneuver, you may exhaust this card to choose an enemy ship at dist. 1-3. You may choose a new command on its top command dial. [Pay 1 REP token to ready the card.] Assault Concussion Missiles Black Crit: Exhaust this card. Each hull zone adjacent to the defending hull zone suffers 1 damage. 5 pts Assault Proton Torpedoes Black Crit: Exhaust this card to deal 1 faceup damage card to the defender. 4 pts External Racks 4 pts Electronic countermeasures [Pay 1 REP token to ready the card.] Dual Turbolaser Turrets Modification. While attacking, you may exhaust this card to add 1 red die to your attack pool. If you do, choose and cancel 1 attack die. H9 Turbolasers Modification. Quad Turbolaser Cannons Modification. XI7 Turbolasers While attacking, if the defender spends a redirect token, it cannot suffer more than 1 damage on each hull zone other than the defending hull zone when it resolves the redirect defense effect. Leading Shots 6 pts. Engine Techs NAV: After you execute a maneuver, you may exhaust this card to execute a speed-1 maneuver. After you execute a maneuver, if you overlapped a ship, exhaust this card. Captain Brunson 9 pts Taskmaster Grint Choose the command token for this card after deploying fleets. When you reveal a command matching the token on this card, you may gain 1 matching command token without spending the command dial. Gunnery Team CF: The next attack you perform this activation can be performed from this hull zone. Each of your hull zones, cannot target the same ship or squadron more than once during that activation. Ordnance Experts While attacking, you may reroll up to 2 black dice.
  21. Because you need to buy 4 republic fighter packs and can‘t run eight? 🤔
  22. AT-AT‘s leg should be about the size of the airspeeder. Maybe they shouldn‘t do the AT-AT as a single model, but as 4 legs on medium bases? 😄 👢👢👢👢 As for new units: I think Lando and Kallus will get some troopers connected to them, like Bespin Security and ISB Agents.
  23. You‘re obviously right! The joke with loosing one‘s head isn‘t just the same now ... 😉
  24. I don‘t want to hurt anybody‘s feelings, but I think the idea of debating over Grievous‘ effect in real combat is quite funny! Grievous: „Here, take this!“ *rolls dice* „You‘re dead!“ V-19: „Why, you only got three hits. I‘ve 5 hull.“ Grievous: „Hear, you pathetic fool, I‘ve got this special ability, my two crits count as hits! You can COUNT on me! So, you’re dead! Hwa-hwa-hwa!“ V-19: „Dammit! — And that special ability is permanent?“ Grievous: „Only a little unconvenience. You need green defense tokens to be safe, otherwise you‘re dead!“ V-19: „Phew! I‘m glad, I asked.“ Grievous: „How that?“ V-19: „I don‘t have red defense tokens. So I‘m safe.“ Grievous: „What‘s the point of that?“ V-19: „You said, if I have red defense tokens I‘m doomed.“ Grievous: „No, I didn‘t. I said you need greens to be safe.“ V-19: „True. That means, if I would have only reds, I would be radiant debris by now!“ Grievous: „Eehm. Yes.“ V-19: „I don‘t have any red defense tokens. For that ...“ Grievous: „Wait! Do you have a green defense token?“ V-19: *laughs* „What do you think, old man! I‘m just a generic clone pilot. Never had any defense tokens.“ Grievous: „You‘re dead if you don‘t possess any greens.“ V-19: „Wait! I think that‘s unclear!“ Grievous: „No, it‘s not! You ...“ V-19: „No reason to be ... upset. Okay? We will ask a neutral open minded judge! Master Unduli, Master Unduli! What do you say? Am I dead or not?“ Unduli: „No.“ Dooku: „WHAT! That‘s typical for you Jedi. Always betraying. Read my card and you‘ll see, that clone is dead.“ Unduli: „Read mine and you‘ll see the attack was obstructed. Please roll your dice again. Minus one.“ Grievous: *grumbles* „Hate you...“ *rolls dice, swears* V-19: „Hey, come on, old man! No reason to loose one‘s head!“ Anakin: *from a distance* „Did anybody call my name?!“ Dooku: *shouts* „Shut up, youngling. You‘re engaged by all my Vulture-class droid fighter squadrons! Do your own business.“ Anakin gins evily and flips a defense token.
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