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  1. It really depends. I didn‘t glue the arms of Sabine Wren and Bossk, so I can swap them with the alternate weapons options. That works just fine. But the head of Iden Version always popped out, when I lifted the model, so I had to glue it. (I lost the alternate helmet anyway ... 🙃) The hard plastic minis like Clan Wren had to be glued completely. You can’s stick the limbs in holes and swap them if you like. The alternate poses are only good if you buy a second expansion. I know that the B1 Battle droids have lots of different possible poses but have to be glued. Don‘t know so much about the clone minis, but think they are the same. All in all I like the quality of the minis very much.
  2. 1. Helmets / Heads for the newer expansions are often options. Don‘t know about the Arc Troopers. (I have rebels and imps only.) 2. You need glue for the hard plastic minis of the newer expansions. Some of the soft plastic expansions could hold without but are meant for glueing as well.
  3. 2020 was a weird year. It was somehow clear that it will end with a shut down of the FFG forums. I will miss it. (The forum. Not 2020.)
  4. I predict there will be an article and a release of wave 10 before I will hold my wave 9 stuff in my hands. 😔
  5. What would you want to proof? I think @flatpackhamster didn't try to suggest a nerf that would ruin Jerjerrod completely. When you say, that a nerfed Jerry would be still a no-brain-auto-include, it seems to be a good reason to nerf him, no?
  6. You like it better the way Rian Johnson and J. J. Abrams did it?
  7. Raid may be delicate but at the moment it is far from useful. There’s a reason why you hardly ever see a gauntlet squadron at the table. (That‘s a pity, mandalorians would be so popular now!) How often do you see Kanan and Captain Rex? Jyn Erso, anyone ever? It’s plain stupid in most cases to discard Iden Versio, because you gain nearly nothing from dealing Raid tokens and gain so much from her card effect. Even Count Dooku is very easy to counter because he must openly declare the three Raid tokens he will deal during the game. And there are not only Commander Upgrades like Bail, Thrawn and Garm, but there are plenty of other upgrades that grant or modify Command tokens. They are so very useful that you will find them in most fleet builds anyway. Think alone of Comms Net, Hondo, Ahsoka. And that will become even more widespread with upgrades that need Command tokens to recur. As @Garrett17 wrote in most cases it‘s not worth the effort to deal Raid tokens at all. And I would bet, that even Dooku will be only niche and widely outclassed by Kraken. The reason is, that he doesn‘t help his own fleet and against most fleets he won‘t have enough impact. Raid looks good at the paper only. In my eyes Raid could be interesting if it would have a reasonable chance to affect an opponent‘s fleet. (It‘s strange not wanting it to have an impact because it would be against the opponent‘s chore. When you play against Sloane and watch your Defense tokens melt, that isn‘t less destructive! Or when your enemy may choose 1 of 4 damage cards to be dealt openly, that can hurt really bad. Dooku like any commander needs to have the potential to affect the game or it will be a lame duck like Admiral Konstantine.) For that Raid needs a buff or it should be redone completely. I know it‘s very unlikely to happen any time soon. But I find it interesting to think of a way it could be done. Maybe not so much of a topic for players focused on competitive play. But who likes to theory crafting about game mechanics a bit is invited to give it a thought.
  8. Every time I play with or play against units that deal Raid tokens, it feels disappointing. Last time was the first game with Count Dooku against Bail Organa, who happens to be a hard counter. The possibility to get rid of Raid with tokens and dials are so plenty and often you can even ignore them at all. Even worse: If the ship has already a Command token of the same type as the Raid token it is dealt, the effort is nearly meaningless. A few minutes ago a thought crossed my mind, how Raid could be a little less ignorable. What if Raid token would count towards the limit of Command tokens a ship may hold. Every Raid token meaning one fewer Command token would be an annoying side effect, making even unimportant sorts of Raid tokens a bit of a problem. Command-1 ships can be really in trouble holding a Squadron-Raid even if its no carrier, it wouldn't be able to hold any Command tokens at all. Not only that you would have to discard your Command token the instant you receive the Raid, it would be the only way to discard a dial, to get rid of one or more Raid tokens. Same if Command-2 or -3 ships is dealt 2 or more Raid. What do you think? Does Raid need any buff at all? Would that suggestion be a good way to give it a little more of importance to the game play? Or all too powerful?
  9. Chewie 4 pip: During your activation you may move into melee with a friendly Lando Calrissian miniature. 😁
  10. For me both statements are true and convenient. You don‘t have to love all Star Wars stuff. But why feel so many „fans“ the need to emphasize the things they don‘t like? I once read about the art of writing good reviews. The author was a famous journalist who made his name with texts about theatre plays. He said: only write about the good things. And over the years I found this a wise suggestion. There‘s a difference in tone and style saying „I loved episodes 1-7.“ or „The finale sucks.“ Of course it‘s also completely reasonably to write about how things could have been made better. It‘s quite easy to dislike and to disdain creative decisions. You‘ll get a lot of support. To be destructive is quite safe and comfortable. But if you have to come up with own ideas you will risk to be criticized yourself (often by the same people). You‘ll find that it can be quite complicate to come up with coherent and popular storytelling. Last thing is to express a negative critique as a personal dislike rather than a vale judgement. „The finale episode didn‘t do it for me.“ is fine as a statement, because it leaves room for another point of view. Why hurt anybody‘s feelings. Remember what the rant against Jar Jar did to the life of Ahmed Best. For me Star Wars is entertainment and no religion. A good show makes me happy. Why should a bad show make me angry? I just try to forget and ignore what I don’t like. (It‘s like good and bad songs at an album. I can totally enjoy the good ones and skip the rest.) Nobody should dwell on his/hers negativity in so called fan forums. That‘s a path that leads to the dark side. Happy holidays to all Star Wars fans! Take care and stay positive!
  11. I‘m missing two core sets and four fighter packs that have been ordered but not yet delivered. 😩 Anyone got too many and is willing to help? (Just a joke ... 😬)
  12. Looking good was always Lando's concern. And it's a petty that we don't get a version with him wearing his fancy helmet. 😄
  13. ^ Same. I ordered my stuff in English. The shop had the 11. Dec. as day of delivery. When the 11th came the note changed to „waiting for new release info“. Don‘t know when they will get the Clone Wars packs. Maybe January, maybe sixth month later ... I’m very much interested in getting good scans for the Armada wiki and I‘m familiar with photoshop and can help to clean scans.
  14. To be honest I can‘t identify a squadron by the small and often obscured token. I really need the small fighter minis. The better if they are painted minis. And that‘s also true for my own squads. For that I identify my own aces through additional ID-tokens with a colored dot on them responding a matching dot at the squadron card. (I do the same with my ships.) I wouldn‘t have a problem with an opponent mixing squadron minis or modifying pegs, as long as I would be able to identify the different squadrons without having to look at the small squadron tokens. The better you can differ between squadrons the easier to play the game.
  15. With Armada 1.5 they nerfed all no-brainer-upgrades, but they forgot LTT. I bet, when the next RRG comes out we will find it in the Errata section being exhaustable.
  16. All my cards are sleeved. Nevertheless it happened, that I was searching one of my blue objective cards for more than two days. I counted and recounted and went through all cards of the same size, again and again! I wrote to all my friends I was playing with asking them to look into their boxes. Before I lost my mind I revisited my objective cards. It sticked at the back of a yellow one and without proper observation they felt like one card. Now if I imagine, that ALL cards would have been the same size ... 😳 By accident I bought sleeves with blue backs. Instead of returning them I bought red and yellow sleeves and now all my objectives are sleeved in different colors and I won't have to search like I did before. I put the two different ship cards for one model in the same sleeve. Less sleeves, less volume and faster browsing. With the new cards showing important data at both sides, I can't do that any more. I don't want to complain. The new cards do really look great. I could even imagine, that I will use the bigger damage deck, because I somehow like them. (You can shuffle them like poker cards!) But I see some benefits having the different sizes for different card types and I think the smaller cards are easier to lay out. That's important for a game like Armada, that defines its units so much over upgrade cards.
  17. Yesterday I had the first opportunity to get a look and a grip at the new ships and squadrons. @>kkj and I played our first games Republic v Separatists with 250 FP fleets, having a starter and two squadron packs for each side. The new upgrade cards let the artwork shine. I also like the look of the new damage deck. They really take a lot more space than the mini size. We both played two ships with some squadrons only and needed nearly as much space for the cards as for 400 FP lists. For some of the new cards, when you have to lay down a lot of tokens (like for Bail Organa or Parts/Munitions Resupply) it comes in handy to have larger sized cards. @>kkj likes that all cards are of the same size. I prefer different sized cards, because it makes it easier to identify the different card types. I'm afraid, it will take me hours of searching (let's say) ship cards until I find them between my squadrons or upgrades. There was no problems with having point cost, traits or upgrade slots at the back of the ship cards. This information is not needed while playing. We looked at the movement chart or tactical values, maybe at the batteries. No problem with these. A major annoyance was the Focus Token! I equipped Swivel-Mount Turrets at my Hardcell. After laying the token at it's side arc we couldn't see the battery or the yellow dot. We had to move the token several times while attacking or defending never finding a good place for it! I think it would be best to have a substitute or acrylic transparent version. All ships and squadrons look great. Victory in both games was just a matter of who killed more squadrons. We didn't have enough firepower to kill ships. I think this was due to three reasons. 1) My ships were dedicated for squadron support and >kkj had defensive lists. 2) Playing 250 FP fleets need a heavy hitter like MC30c or Gladiator to be dangerous. We didn't try to make the Consular a mean black dice threat. 3) The new rules like Evade giving rerolls at close range or letting cancel two dice at long range are defensive buffs. Killing small ships is harder now. And the new Commanders also are more of a defensive type. (Kraken is not so effective for two ship lists.) One thing made me think yesterday. For me playing Republic or Separatists didn't feel any different than the old factions. That was a huge difference to the newly released Republic and Separatist factions in Legion. But maybe I was just missing some points. Nevertheless it was fun. But if you don't invest in the Clone Wars era and stick to the Galactic Civil War, you won't miss too much, I would think.
  18. In the past we saw new and scarce cards very often as prices in official events. At the moment there are no official. So that’s bad. On the other hand you need the official cards for official events only. At the moment there are none. So that‘s ... not good either, but less of a problem though. I‘m quite sure we will see some additionally printed versions of the new upgrades one way or the other. Just relax!
  19. Auxiliary Shield Team is word for word the same.
  20. @Antonio_F , thanks a lot! Little tipp for those planing to use the pdf. Don't bother cutting out the Auxiliary Shields Team. This card didn't change at all. 😉
  21. I don’t hold the new packs in my own hands yet. But I bet, if there would have been changes to the damage deck it would have been mentioned in the new RRG.
  22. Let's make that the answer if anybody whines and groans because of the Armada 1.5 changes: SGLL (Still good, less lame.)
  23. I tried something very similar that didn‘t word too well. I would recommend a Kuat SD and Repair Crews instead of another token source, you really don‘t need. Or get rid of the Sovereign ISD and Gozante to take 3 Arquitens together with two Raider. That‘s what I wanted to try next. 😃 (Don‘t listen, @>kkj! These are not the ideas you‘re looking for ...)
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