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  1. Before the rules were known we played with a proxy. I houseruled that for all issues concerning deployment (being in deployment zone, where to deploy fighters) and moving you have to use the rear base. When overlapping, you redeploy squadrons touching the base that overlapped. In my eyes it also would have been better if a SSD just ignores the effect of all obstacles. But I didn't play any of the new ones from RitR yet. But things are now as they are ...
  2. I would think that means you can't equip any cards to huge ships.
  3. Isn't it like that: a card effect overrules standard rules. The Lando card says : "...you can spend 1 of your defense tokens..." That overrules acuracy effect (standard) If the wording would be: "if you spend a defense token ..." Acuracy would block it. Edit: Now thinking about it, you also should be able to use Lando right after "Rolling Attack Dice" before Accuracy results are spent in "Modify Dice" step.
  4. If that would be the case its another slap in the face of players who like MSU lists. I understood that large ships needed some love before wave 7. But now there are so many shenanigans for the bigger ships and so much 134FP-squadron-carrier-lists that it gets harder and harder to play a group of CR90s or Arquitens and have some viable success. But I'm afraid you're right.
  5. That's the reason I try not to talk too much with my familiy about my Armada and Legion addic.. dedication. But my 11-years-old daughter was really impressed and ran with the SSD through the flat making star ship noises.
  6. Maybe because we didn't meet yet? I borrowed and lent upgrade cards for tournaments. We changed cards in our local group before we went to Store Championships. And I even won a Store Championship with borrowed cards only. I forgot them at home (because I made a last minute change and forgot to put them back). All gamers were nice and helpful giving me cards that I could play. After I won the day with their stuff their have been lots of funny comments about that ...
  7. You should buy three Interdictor Expansion Packs! Nobody would expect this. Edit: Sorry! Just realized that you want to play rebels! Your approach seemed so imperial to me ... In Armada it's not the ship or the upgrade, that wins the match. Its the player, his/her commitment to his fleet, the experience with the game and the understanding for the tactical situation s/he's facing. Just try things out, stick to the ships and playstyle you like and go on trying things out. The more fun you have, the more you will play the game. And the more you play the more you'll win. For that fun is the key to success in Armada!
  8. The SSD really looks cool. And it really feels different when playing. It feels big and mighty, stubborn and awkward. Is it more CR90 killing than a double ISD-list? No. Is it the best ship to win tournaments? No. Is it fun to play or watch when played? Absolutely!
  9. I wasn't aware of the exact wording of the "Rift Ambush": " Once per activation, after a ship executes a maneuver, if it is at distance 1-2 of the gravity rift, it must execute a speed-1 maneuver ..." and "If that ship belongs to the second player, it may use its speed-1 yaw value." So card effects that change the yaw value apply, like Moff Jerjerrod: "During a friendly ship's Determine Course step, it may suffer 1 damage to change the first yaw value of its current speed to „II“ until the end of its activation." If an VSD would be at speed 1 and would have used Moff Jerjerrod it would have yaw value "II" until the end of its activation and therefor during the forced speed-1 maneuver as well. And like you said in the video, if you spend you Nav Command during the forced maneuver, then the effects of Madine or Nav Team fully apply. So the video is totally correct and I learned something from watching and asking! Thank you! And I'm glad that my instincts didn't fail completely with deployment of huge ships as flagship in "Surprise Attack". I'm quite sure we will get some Rules Clarification sometime soon after the release of RitR. Something went totally wrong with "Proximity Mines" upgrade card!
  10. I just watched the videos about "Rift Ambush" and "Surprise Attack". I'm very glad you made these because for me the new objectives feel complicated. But some details made me uneasy while watching. 1) "Rift Ambush" says 2nd player can use the chart yaw value for his forced move. But it doesn't clearly say if card effects apply. After 1st player is forced to do a "-" maneuver I would think you have to do the 2nd player maneuver just with your yaw value as stated at the card. 2) Setup for "Surprise Attack" forces a SSD to deploy overlapping the station. You deployed somewhere in the middle of the table. But I would think, that the rules for huge ships still apply. You have to deploy touching your players edge. Because the ship token of the SSD is longer than a range ruler you can easily fulfill both conditions: objective and huge setup rule. Objective card doesn't say you are free to leave you deployment zone but "extends beyond their deployment zone". For that, I would think you would have to deploy all ships touching the deployment zone and the station in any case if able! (Only when the station hardly touches range 5 and the flagship is a small ship you can't fulfill both conditions and would have to only touch the station?) Or do you have some insight from the devs?
  11. I ordered in November for an adress in Germany. I wrote an email today and got an answer and comfirmation "Your order has been dispatched" within hours. I had a similar issue with preorder at Fantasywelt. A friend who made his order the day the expansion was "in stock" got his stuff in two days and I didn't get any message or anything. I wrote an email and got my stuff. I'm afraid they don't send the earliest orders first! For that SSD is in stock at Zatu and you should contact them!
  12. If you have only 1 ship (SSD) and you're not able to deploy according to the rules, you lose instantly. So if you are SSD-solo-player you shouldn't choose Fleet Ambush objective from your opponent's hand.
  13. I layed a "Support Team" icon over the circle in the image and it fits perferctly to the silhuette. I'm 99% sure the Harrow title card wil give a Support Team slot for 3 points. (I hope it's not 13.)
  14. Okay I draw back the "Admiral" and throw in: until, reveal, cancel, total, all, ... Your point has been, that it has to be "!" in the text, because you don't know another word that ends with "l" other than "Squall". And that point is proven wrong. I photoshop myself and if I take the screenshot, give it a higher resolution and filter it for clearer sight, I don't see any "!" at all. First line is a circle and most likely a "support team" icon. Second line is a "r." (but could be u.) Third line is clearly "g". Fourth line seems to be "ur", but that's hard to guess. Fifth line looks like a brace? ")"
  15. There are plenty of words at existing cards that end with a "l": small, hull, admiral, attack pool, additional, command dial, roll/reroll, equal, ... There is no card yet with an "!" in the card text. And I don't remember an upgrade card referring to another upgrade card's name. The exclamation mark is unlikely. At the moment we know near to nothing about the card text. If the first line ends with a circle (what we only guess) and with an "r." Then it resembles the layout of Minister Tua card. The rest is wishful thinking.
  16. I'm just about to write an email and ask for material like icons and card images. I only don't know which department I should adress it to? Any suggestions?
  17. That design ... is just ... not ... so ... very much ... exciting. In my eyes. I prefer them triangular.
  18. You're right! That looks very much like the "Liberator". But my point stands, that "additional" means that the same slot is already in the upgrade bar, at least potentially.
  19. So let's say 6 pts then, because it's you? 😎💲
  20. That would be a really great title card, that grant's you ... an additional title! Your ship's too cheap? How about the title-giving-title-card for only 5 pts this week?
  21. You don't look up stuff at wikipedia? That's not "official", but a very good way to start a research, isn't it? All entries in the Armada wiki are direct quotations of rulebooks or FAQ. If you find something here, you know what you have to look for. And if you're smart you just rely on the info as long as nobody doubts it. A master rulebook would be fine. But as it is we have to work with the things we got. (Another way would be that FFG pays me for my work at the wiki, what would make if official, I guess. 😄)
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