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  1. If commies or slave holders, we all like to shove around our plastic space ships! 😁
  2. A while ago I thought about a sort of campaign structure with this kind of idea for Commander cards. It was before wave 8 and RitR. We never had the opportunity to try it out. RitR and Covid dried the interest for my idea in my gaming group to zero. Maybe someone might find it interesting though. One side plays rebels, the other imperials. Both sides build new fleets every game. (Feel free to restrict used or destroyed units if you like.) {If played with 2 or 3 players in teams, the battles of all team mates are regarded to be simultanous. Named unique cards are limited to 1 in all fleets together for every round. (Aces, titles and commanders only once in all fleets. Fleet Commands and non-aces unique squadrons only limited to 1 per fleet.)} One side is declared player 1 for the first round. Player 1 declares the first attack. He must take the cheapest commander (he didn‘t play with before). Player 1 chooses 1 objective card publicly to be objective for the next game. Each player builds a fleet with maximum 10x FP of the Commander of player 1 (=200 FP for the first game). Player 2 may choose any Commander. Determine initiative as normal. (Higher bid wins.) After the game you ban the played objective. The cost for the winning commander card goes up 1% of the fleet max (would be 2 FP). The loosing commander goes down the same points. {If played in teams, one declares an attack, the next defends, and so on. These games are regarded as 1 round.} Next round the roles of player 1 and 2 flip. Example: Rebel player starts as first player. He/She can choose between Dodonna and Agate. Player 2 could take any commander seeming to fit. Let‘s say it‘s Dodonna and Volatile Cargo. The imperial player choose Screed. Dodonna wins and goes up to 22 pts. Screed goes down to 24. Volatile Cargo is banned. Next round imperial player could choose Ozzel or Romodi and any objective but Volatile Cargo. Rebel would be free to build a fleet with any Commander. Dodonna would be now 22 FP. Let‘s say rebel player choose Agate and loose. Agate would go down to 18 pts. Third round the rebel player would have to choose the cheapest commander, he/she didn‘t play before for the next attack. That would be Garm Bel Iblis. Fleet Max would be 250 FP. The winning/loosing commander would go up/down 3 FP. If you played all 11 Commanders you can quit or you make another round, always choosing the Commander with the lowest points or the least games for your next attack. After all objectives have been banned, all objectives come back into play. Both sides win if they had fun playing. (Feel free to make up another winning condition.) Because of starting with the cheaper commanders and linking the fleet maximum to their points, it’s also a bit like an escalation league. Starting with 200 FP is good to start with faster games. Limit then goes up to a level near the tourney limit (Ackbar/Tarkin = 380 FP). The idea was to force both sides to play with less popular commanders and objectives. Before wave 8 and RitR the number of objectives and commanders was lower. I would be interested if certain commanders find a new point level where they work.
  3. No, it's a polite way of showing, that there exists a community. I want them to know that before they decide how much energy they put in.
  4. Hello there! Maybe Star Wars: Armada will benefit if the game will be attended by a studio only developping miniatures games. Anyhow, let's go to the Facebook page of AMG and show them, that we are an active, vivid community that loves the game and wants them to make it a success! 😀👍 https://www.facebook.com/AtomicMassGames
  5. Yes, it is. Sorry, but I can‘t reveal the source of the info. But Governor Pryce and Bail Organa missing was already confirmed. So you can trust the info or just wait until we get anything official.
  6. Oh, we CAN complain. We usually do! I mean it's the internet ...
  7. Points will be the same. But only +1 die instead of +1 attack if the squadrons don't move during the activation of Yavaris.
  8. Okay you‘re right: Card text says „while a friendly ship is attacking a ship, if another friendly ship is at close-medium range of the defender“ So you need to have two ships in attack range and at least one of them at close-medium range to trigger Kraken, but you may change a die at long range. Thanks for clarifying!
  9. Kraken is „close to medium range“ only. Won‘t help for long-range HIE. I feel a bit sad that all cards we saw yet (save Munition Resupply) are CW-only.
  10. Waterboarding isn‘t nice. Lets keelhaul him. In space. As often as it needs until he‘ll be impressed by the blitz we all admired so much.
  11. What does your fleet look like?
  12. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/11/9/teaming-up/
  13. No. As far as I can see it's only the exageration of a remark that they will add traits to existing ships sometime in the future.
  14. Yeah, that‘s very likely. And I suppose, they limit the number of attacks you can perform from the same arc to two. The third attack from the same arc was a kind of accident with a new rule together with an old upgrade card, I would think..
  15. Old Ozzel gives you a double speed change, like from 1 to 3 or 2 to 4 (or the other way). Most imperial ships fly only max. speed 3. In effect there‘s only the Raider, that goes up to 4. He‘s totally useless for SSD or VSD. His effect is quite niche. You need a situation were you want or need to go speed up or down by two but don‘t have a dial and token. I nearly never saw him in play. New Ozzel is way better. All ships can profit. You can plan other usefull commands for all your ships. You‘re not affected by Assault, Slicers, Tractor Beams or Ion Weapons. He‘s only not good if you fly ships with Engine Techs or want the additional yaw for better maneuverability.
  16. New Ozzel will grant speed change for all his ships every round. Like a free Nav-token for every round you can‘t attack with Slicer Tools, Assault or other card effects.
  17. Yes, you may choose 2 non-subsequent rounds for the effect. But it doesn‘t help much. Now you may choose 4 and 6, instead of 3 and 5. But the new Ozzel will be cool!
  18. No, they won't. Sato will be 5 FP cheaper. But they nerf the most important cards for black dice. (And you want to attack with black dice at long range, don't you?) OE will only reroll 2 black dice. ACP and APT will get exhaust. The Intel-nerf won't make it easier to position the Sato-Squads there where you want them to be. All in all you'll need even more skill to play a Sato-list. In my eyes the only rebel commander that will get a boost should be Garm. You can choose the 2 rounds when you will get your tokens (not 2 rounds in a row) and the game will rely more on command tokens to ready or trigger upgrade cards (like Intel Officer and Gunnery Team).
  19. i would like if all Speeders would gain „Immune: Sharpshooter“.
  20. Anger, Comms Jammer, Fear, Force Barrier, Force Choke, Offensive Push, Aggressive/Defensive Stance, Seize the Initiative
  21. I‘m very glad to see you back with Armada battles. But a minor mistake happened. You can‘t engage Valen and another squadron AND shoot at Valen.
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