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  1. Triangular

    The SSD?

    That's because there will be no spanish SSD, nor a french or german SSD. This huge ship speaks only english (british accent I suppose).
  2. Triangular

    New factions

    Maybe that's right. We've already seen nearly all important ships and characters for GCW area. Maybe there is some more content to come, like 1 wave or 2, a campaign or accessories box with some new cards. But the game can't expand for ever, and it's not healthy to include strange stuff like Vong ships or never seen EU stuff in a too big amount. If FFG would bring PT ships and squadrons, which is likely, as you said, because they do it in X-wing and anounced to do so for Legion, they have to produce a new Core Set. You can't expect to sell the old box to new Armada players, if they want to play Clone Wars era. So when doing a new Core Set, I would change a few things a bit to adjust it to the flair of Clone Wars with older ships and robot armies. Maybe like different damage cards, range ruler and maybe even dice. But I would use the movement tool and more-or-less the same rules. Clone Wars: Armada would be a game, that could develop without all issues to come if you have to compete with 2 existing and fully spread out factions. No problem with tournaments! (Imagine you would have to go with wave 1 ships and cards only to a tournament.) No bad feelings for mixing two eras and characters fighting that don't live at the same time. Yet with rules and movement tools alike, CW:A and SW:A can be played together. So for existing Armada communities there is a possibility to play with old and new content, it they like. I think to do it like this would be a wise decision! (And maybe someone else wants to do the Clone Wars: Armada wiki...)
  3. Triangular

    New factions

    No. There is another one! If picture is not visible... https://georgespigot.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/flash-gordon-06.jpg
  4. Triangular

    Terrain for Armada?

    Tomorrow we will read about the SSD! 🤤 That will be MY favorite piece of terrain in Armada!
  5. It's not, that I would be too many for a team ... ;o) The guys who built it up 2015 did a great job! I do my very best to keep it up to date, with all this news going down like hail storms!
  6. Oh... thanks for noticing! That's one of the really early pages I didn't do myself ... I will fix that! And thank your for your kind allowance to use your videos for the wiki! It was nice to see the page in the Defense Token vid.
  7. FFG: SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! Forum: Yeah! When? What? ... Hello? FFG: ... (several months and a few thousand "Hello" later) FFG: It will be a SSD and you will get complete NEW RULES so you can play HUGE battles with HUGE battleships! Forum: Cool! When? What? ... Hello? FFG: ... (some months later) Forum: Oh, look! Just found a wonderfull add with the new ... FFG: Don't speak about what you've seen! Forum: What? Eh... why? That was your add, wasn't it? ... Hello there? FFG: ... (a few months later) FFG: Here are the wonderful NEW RULES for the wonderful NEW gameplay EXPERIENCE! Fans: Oh, you? We thought you were ... never mind! New rules? So cool! Tell us about it! FFG: Just take a little bit less squadrons. And now I will teach you: You can divide 600 by 2. And 600 by 2 gets 300! You can divide 800 by 2 you get 400. And when you divide 1.000 by two you get 500. You can divide 900 by 3. And ... Fans: Wow! Amazing! But what about the new rules? FFG: Just reread Corellian Conflict All-Out Offensive rules. You always liked our thrilling and neatly balanced campaign! Just throw away the interesting things and play it with old objectives. Forum: Campaign? Yeah! Tried it often, but didn't work so well... This rules? Without any adjustments? Coool! Any other new rules? FFG: Eh... no. Forum: Wow! What a proof that existing rules have always been perfect! FFG: Now go and BUY what you can get to field 1.200 FP! Forum: Awesome! FFG always knows best what we really want! ... Do you have another squadron pack? ... Hello? FFG: ... Forum: So cool!
  8. It's a fine system. I really enjoy playing it. I feel very sorry for being so negative. But Sector Fleet is a huge disappointment for me. After waiting patiently for such a long time I can't believe that's all they came up with. I cannot get it because all other new ships and rules have been good and inspiring for me. (All but Corellian Conflict, which was only inspiring in the beginning and proofed to be flawed and unbalanced. But squadron cards and new objectives are still worth it.) I predict an article next week about SSD release. I will feel better, when I can hug mine in a couple of weeks. Need something triangular soon!
  9. If you overlap a B-wing with the front of the SSD your opponent can make it move to the rear which is longer than the range ruler. Not very satisfying for a squadron with speed 2 in my eyes. A flotilla blocking the move of a SSD feels wrong, too. It's ridiculous if a flotilla blocks a large ship but with huge ships is more than I want to accept as abstract rule vs plausibility. I also think the SSD should ignore all terrain (including the station), because you will quite easily overlap nearly every round more than one. FFG can ignore all that, probably will. But I just would wish somebody thinks about it and tries to adjust that if feels more smooth, if you know what I mean.
  10. Hmm... I sort of liked the support of FFG for Armada better as long as they didn't release articles. 😳 I wouldn't have needed so much help to devide 1.200 FP by 2, or by 3, or by 4 players. Some thoughts about how objectives work when you multiply 400 FP by 1,5 or 2 or 3 would have been nice! A little bit more than: "All standart objectives are usebale, but objectives that alter the play area or introduce ongoing special rules will have a more pronounced effect on larger games." Best thing to say is that the chances for the SSD release in near future increased. But that nothingness of higher points/multi-player rules let me doubt if they thought about any of the problems the SSD will have when overlapping squadrons, when deploying in Fleet Ambush, when blocked by flotillas and so on. I hope FFG will proof me wrong! Don't expect any more ... only hope for the best.
  11. Triangular

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    I liked "Rogue One". But I had 2 problems with this film. First: it was uninspired and old-school to tell how bad guy Krennic shot Jyns mother as a preamble. It would have been better to tell jump into the story fast and tell this kind of things in flash backs. Second: the part with the mind-reading/cracking strange-pulp. It was good for nothing. But all in all I enjoyed R1. The film felt right for me. It brought some aspects of rebellion and asymmetrical warfare to live, not yet told in Star Wars. And the end was surprisingly non-happy ending! "Solo Story" was like a complete preamble movie ful of needless strange-pulps for me. It was predictable and ful of things that could have been let out. It just showed things we already knew. Han comes from Corellia - check! Han has been at Imperial Academy - check! Han met Chewie - check! Han has a blaster - check! Han met Lando - check! Han made Kessel Run - check! Han won Falcon from Lando - check! Actors were good, effects were nice, but story board was trash. It was no better than some fan fiction would have done. It was a mediocre film because of a weak script. And that's sadly enough much better than TFA has been in my eyes. (Didn't waste my money on TLJ.) No hope for Episode IX at my side, but want The Mandalorian to be cool!
  12. Triangular

    Meta Topic - What Will The SSD do to the Meta?

    We don't know this yet. That's only an assumption because of X-wing and can proof wrong. Or is there any source for that information? There are a lot of important details we can only guess at the moment. Rules for deployment, deploying squadrons, for ramming, does Motti work, does JJ work, ... It's too early now for detailed foresaying how the SSD will influence the meta. I would guess, that the SSD can be a nice Thrawn-2-ship in itself. And it's not so vulnerable to this kind of fleet build. I would also guess, that fast and maneuverable ships will do better against it. I played 3 times with or against a proxy. The SSD is surprisingly good in area denial. It's the only ship that has a wide angle in front of the point of turning (if you really use the notch of the rear base for maneuver tool). Other than you would expect maneuvering is a strong side of the SSD! Hammerheads and VSDs will be in trouble, because they won't get out of the deadly front arc. To bring an SSD down you need lots of firepower and you have to start early shooting at it! Raddus will help only if you can drop the heavy hitter early. (Raddus - Profundity - shenanigans will be awesome!) It will be very hard to stop the SSD with a flotilla (or any other single small sized ship) even if they won't do any extra rules for ramming. With 1 click at a joint the nose of the SSD makes a wide move! And ships in its front arc will die fast! And I think, that the SSD will shine as a super-carrier! The ability to activate 7 squadrons at once (with Squadron Value 5, Extended Hangar Bays, and guaranteed token) makes a solid first strike. If the opponents squadrons focus at your squadrons, the SSD will be able to counter with heavy flak. The synergy you can get out of three officers together with Weapons Experts is also unique! But I don't mind so much the role SSD could play in competetive play. There will be better options! But it's a really new and impressive experience to fly this ship (or against it). It's really different and feels huge! I really hope it will be released this month!
  13. Triangular

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    I never said that everybody has to enjoy or to like chess. My point is, that as Strategy Gamer you should respect another game with a huge community, a vast amount of literature and some thousand years of history. It's totally okay to like Armada more than chess. But if something feels boring for you, it's not boring for all! And there is a possibility to play chess and to make pew-pew sounds at the same time. 🙂
  14. Triangular

    Regionals Win with MSU

    Nice write up! Thank you!
  15. Triangular

    Always with the negative waves, Moriarty

    Chess is boring? How can a Strategy Gamer say that without being ashamed. Chess is the most successful Strategy Game ever. It has nowadays a community of competetive gamers in USA of 7.000. Casual games you can only guess. In Europe it's 170.000 competetiv chess players organized. They don't need your local gaming store to meet! No complaints on the internet about missing support, rules, and chess 2.0. Take a look at FIDE (International Chess Organisation). You will be surprised! There are more books written about playing chess, than you will be able to read in your life. There are more chess games written down than Armada games have ever been played at all. I played chess my self for several years. It taught me lessons about timing, area denial, patience, planing I can build on every single game of Armada or Legion. Ignorance is no merit!