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  1. A couple of bugs to report, sorry if they've already been mentioned somewhere: Trivial: The bottom right box of the Force Sensitive Exile specialization tree, Superior Defenses, is labeled "Gain +1 melee damage." 'damage' should be 'defense'. Thankfully it functions correctly. Now a more complicated one: 1. Create or edit a Companion. 2. Go to Skill. Give them the Astrogation and Athletics skills. 3. Go to Special Abilities. Click New. 4. Choose Upgrade Ability (under Special Dice for Skills). Check Astrogation. 5. Click the New button. Give the new ability a name. Click the new ability. 6. Choose Upgrade Ability. Check Athletics. 7. Examine the Skills box at the bottom left. Observed result: Astrogation skill has now been upgraded TWICE. (skills given are just examples, bug occurs for any combo of two skills) Hope that helps. Great work as always, hope Real Life calms down for you and you find energy and motivation!
  2. Nice update! Lots of good stuff. I can't work out why all Crafted Cybernetics show Encumbrance 1. The data file clearly has <Encumbrance>0 . Should the Custom Grip be given the category Powered Melee? Special Modifications says it "can be applied to any weapon with a handle". Should the Shield Craft Template be given the Bludgeoning Melee category? The Cortosis Shield, Sith Shield, Riot Shield and War Shield all have Bludgeoning Melee. (The Energy Buckler has Powered Melee.)
  3. Then again, Smuggler has probably the best Signature Ability: Unmatched Fortune. 2 destiny to turn the face of a positive die? Especially when that means there's a 50% chance on a yellow for there to be a Triumph adjacent, not to mention two Increase Number upgrades later? Yes please. I'd gladly spend 50+ XP on Force Sensitive Exile or whatever in exchange.
  4. Savage Spirits page 46. The Mk. III Modular Backpack, and the Pannier Modular Cargo Handling System. Both have similar wording, and I want to make sure I understand it right. The "modular backpack increases a wearer's encumbrance threshold by 2, plus an additional 1 point of encumbrance threshold for each accessory pouch added to the backpack (to a maximum increase of 6)." My first impression is that this means a maximum of 4 accessory pouches, yet it says in the flavor text "The Mk. III is also equipped with a system of hooks and fasteners that allows up to six smaller pouches to be attached". Does this mean 6 possible accessory pouches? Similarly, the Pannier has 2 cargo containers so "increases the creature's encumbrance threshold by 6, plus an additional 3 points of encumbrance threshold for each additional cargo container added to the system (to a maximum increase of 12)." Does this mean two more containers, or four?
  5. Thanks for bumping this -- indeed, these are awesome. Question: The 'Scan the Enemy' action's benefits - is this a house rule, or an expansion in a book I may have missed? It's huge! We never bother with it as found in the Core book, but I'd be using this version nearly every round if allowed. If a house rule, was there a thread somewhere where it was discussed? I'd love to read people's thoughts on balance - as is, I feel it's pretty powerful. Heck, with the right skills it's better than Assisting.
  6. Thanks all! Especially for the links. I find the sheer noise of Star Wars tends to drown out a lot of the signal; it's very easy to miss a useful website. Lots to consider here. The plot may take us to Geonosis already -- mines there would be convenient. ...Almost too convenient. Synthetic crystals were considered -- in fact it has been brought up as part of running joke about "ways to corrupt our Jedi", since said Jedi is surprisingly upright (and uptight) for having fallen in with a crew of smugglers and bounty hunters. I like the idea (and your blog has lots of great stuff!) but I suspect he's going to kneejerk away from it because of the Sith connection. Though Luke did made his... Upari crystals are an intriguing idea. We've already had some adventures in asteroid belts, and I suspect we're not following the rules correctly, but it has been fun. Speaking of asteroid belts, Cularin looks like a good candidate, especially being on the Corellian Run. Our pilot wants to try his luck at smuggling, so it'd be much easier to convince him to take this route than an odd journey all the way to Halm or Adega. Thanks for the map resource link! I hadn't found that one -- I like the routes.
  7. One of my players wants to find a lightsaber crystal, and the question was raised whether there were any 'crystal mines' or other such things not too far away. We're currently on Ryloth. I suggested two possibilities off the top of my head: krayt dragon pearl from Tatooine, and Jedi academy ruins on Socorro. Yes, I could just make up a planet, but does anyone have other ideas?
  8. Not sure if I should ask here or make a new thread. When it comes to minions, how do Talents work? 1. Do they stack the way skills do? 2. Can a minion have a higher rank than 1?
  9. That's the problem: most of the workshop stuff, including cost, is "GM's discretion". It just replaces a room. It does say with GM's permission you can use a hardpoint to add an additional Advanced Benefit beyond the built-in 3. I'd say for a ship that size you could do this at least twice, but that's just me. Droid brains are easier to answer! Autopilot and Astrogation Droid Brains are both found in Fly Casual, and Gunner Droid Brain is found in Special Modifications. Thankfully none of them take up hardpoints, so it's just a matter of cost. 6000, 7500, and 7000 respectively (rarity 5, 6, and 6). Each rolls 2 green dice for their respective skill (Piloting, Astrogation, and Gunnery obviously), and have 2 increase the skill modification options. They can also assist a player. The best part is the Autopilot and Astrogation are known to bicker with each other, and the Gunner can be antagonistic/hostile in attitude, which can all lead to hilarious conversations. Me, I'd like to know if anyone has any general ideas about converting passenger quarters to/from cargo bays, roughly how much encumbrance is gained/lost. I'm leaning toward 10-20 each, but I'm open to input.
  10. I just discovered the Stun Pulse attachment in Force & Destiny. If the above weapons haven't earned some scrutiny from the GM, this one will. Brace for yourself for "HOWmuch": Power Weapon again, and put all the advantages into Stun. Add the Stun Pulse which adds 2 Stun, and mod it 3 times (if you can!) -- you now have at least Stun 8, probably 10+. And since it's an Active ability it ignores Soak. Plus there's 4 more hardpoints to maximize your ability to activate the Stun, stuff like Balanced Hilt and of course Superior. (Question of course is whether the Power Weapon qualifies as a 'bludgeoning brawl/melee weapon' for the Stun Pulse.) If you really want to push boundaries, you can try adding an Energy Overclock from Keeping the Peace, which has a mod to give an automatic Advantage. That plus Superior is probably TOO powerful.
  11. Cartol's Emporium has a lot of great stuff, including some Manoevreing Jets. https://jegergryte.wordpress.com/category/ffg-star-wars-rpg/proposals-projects-and-ideas/cartols-emporium/ While it is an unofficial source, I find it is well thought-through (though for the Jets in particular I'm hesitant to allow the 2 Increase Handling even further mods). Worth a look.
  12. I don't think this system really cares what the rooms are actually used for. You're basically moving walls and furniture around -- unless you're actually affecting systems / capabilities, I don't think it'd affect hardpoints. How much did such mods cost under the old system? I'm thinking of doing somewhat similar, though to a YV-560 -- change some passenger quarters into cargo bays. What program / resources are you using to make these graphics? I quite like them.
  13. I like this proposed possible solution houserule! If you mentioned it earlier somehow I missed it.As for the Death Star and teams of scientists discussion, heck I'm ok with that approach too. Obviously in that "game" the "GM" knew that was the goal of those "players" -- it didn't turn out that the GM is saying "Where the kriff did you guys get that?!" and it ruins his campaign from all the unexpected minmaxing. Haha, actually they probably rolled a few Despairs for that thermal exhaust port!
  14. THIS is good input and discussion, thanks all! Yes, I looked before asking and there weren't tables and hard rules anywhere to be found, so I asked for some general ideas. I'm sure we won't have it come up especially often unless players make some stupid decisions, but I like thinking through what makes a plausible port/planet/sector, and an inspection may come up soon in the plot. Gives us good reasons to stick to certain areas or behave specific ways. One player already wanted to go break in to a BoSS facility/database to clean their record; another was sure there wouldn't be any trouble if we stick to shadowports. More things to roll about! More uses for Knowledge: Outer Rim / Underworld, and Streetwise and all the social skills.
  15. You're right about the first droid, I mixed that up. Still needs to be a specialist chassis since minions can't increase skill. But the directives will still take a while -- according to http://game2.ca/eote/?montecarlo=100000#proficiency=2&ability=3&boost=1&difficulty=1I show a 10.691% chance to get 6 or more advantages with YYGGGB P. (look at 6 advantages and sum all the percentages of 6, 7, 8, 9 etc.) Not horrid, but you still gotta do it a bunch of times or get really lucky. Tried it just now, it took me 9 rolls, haha! I maintain it's not broken because it's not easier or cheaper to program droids with max skills, even after getting the GM's blessing. It's a fun/silly kind of side hobby in every way -- you spend a lot of time and money (and have fun if that's your thing - and don't get me wrong, I love it) but you don't get much more than you would have on other paths. Plus if that's ALL you're doing, you don't even need a GM or party to play that game. All that said, I do quite like the mental picture of a swarm of droids building something, kind of like a miniature robotic assembly line. I think I'd rule that they'd all have to take the Unusual Size effect in order to not get in the way when building smaller things. But only if house-ruled to allow them to assist that way in the first place. Azrael Macool, I love your schematics template ideas. Maelora, those varied droid personalities are the best thing I've read all week.
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