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  1. Not a trait, but Dengar always seemed to me like he's waiting on a good new Condition that he can apply to make him worth playing.
  2. We often play 4-player skirmish, and have always just dealt all of the command cards out. The 1/4 you receive is the one you get first pick of 15 cards from. After everyone has chosen precisely 15 cards (regardless of cost initially), then all other cards are passed to the person on your left. Repeat until everyone is satisfied with their deck and has also satisfied the cost requirements. It works fine, although we could probably do with another copy of Element of Surprise and Assassinate...
  3. Far from a competitive player, but I did enjoy playing this last week: Bossk (8), Jabba (6), Maul (7), Onar (6), Elite Weequays (7), regular Jawa (2), regular Nexu (4)
  4. This is certainly true. But for me at least, I'm much more motivated by what makes for potentially more interesting storytelling than what's strictly-speaking canon. Perhaps that is the case for others who are interested in the concepts of Grey Jedi or other force traditions. Apologies if something along such lines has already been said.
  5. The only thing I expect for sure from it, is a lengthly period on the boat.
  6. Some really cool new Imperial Assault stuff announced. Shame there don't seem to be any RPG announcements for May 4th though.
  7. I've just finished being a player in the Jewel of Yavin. According to the Wookipedia article, Cloud City is kept aloft by repulsorlifts and tractor beam generators. So I was wondering if anyone has actually tried the idea I tried to pitch to my team about causing Cloud City to fall in order to create a, er, mild distraction while we conduct the theft of the gem? Apart from that, what stories are there of the most outlandish/extreme things that your party has tried in this, or other, adventures? (Don't worry, we didn't go for that and, in the end, only about 20 people died when we stole the jewel. )
  8. That's true, yes, I should give Disney credit for allowing Rogue One to explore some of those themes. I was heartened when Cassian murdered that informant at the start. I hope that more follows in Rogue One's style. But yea, was anyone on earth surprised by that "shock" killing? Similarly, I hope that Rey goes evil in Ep. 8. She's a very likeable character, and they need to do something interesting with her.
  9. I had rather gotten the impression that Lucas and Disney's attitude would be a doubling-down on a stark good/evil divide - both in terms of the Rebels vs Empire (hello space Nazis, uh, I mean Helghast First Order!), and in terms of the dark side of the Force being unambiguously evil rather than emotional/passionate. And from my perspective, that is depressing. Not necessarily because of changes from what these things were before, but just because I think it results in less interesting storytelling, especially in RPGs.
  10. Nice! Now if iTunes UK could just get the two episodes of Season 3's finale added so I can actually watch them, that'd be great...
  11. A Sith and other non-Jedi force tradition sourcebook for F&D would always be welcome. Perhaps there will be more incentive for it since we had Chirrut in Rogue One?
  12. Yes, I've been wanting to see life from the point of view of people who aren't rebels. Surely many must see the Empire similar to how Roman citizens viewed the Roman Empire. You know, where you don't have to be flat-out evil to join the Navy.
  13. Far Horizons is definitely one of the best for me. I like sourcebooks that explore a different take, and expand on the types of adventures and characters that are supported. For example, instead of just another slightly different combat class, it gives you inspiration for a totally different style of play with the Performer class. Someday I will make a cross-spec Gadgeteer/Performer who's only a bounty hunter to maintain his true calling of stage magic...
  14. I found the soundtrack underwhelming, mainly because the version in the "Story Trailer" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frdj1zb9sMY is excellent (especially around the 1.30 mark), and all of that was totally absent in the final film. The scene where the death star is revealed behind the shadow of a Star Destroyer in particular would have been much more dramatic if it had solid music to go with it, as was the case in one of the other trailers.
  15. What do we think is likely to be on the cards for Edge, now that the careers are complete?
  16. This song has been the soundtrack to my imaginary trailer for our Edge of the Empire campaign for a while now. It has exactly the right feel!
  17. If you're UK: https://shinygames.uk/product/special-modifications/ Still need to pick up my copy of that and Nexus of Power at some point.
  18. I love those guys. It's such a tiny thing, but the handwritten message on the invoice always makes my day
  19. I'm just waiting for that magic sourcebook that has Jawas, Miraluka, Zeltron, and lots of details on life as a normal citizen inside the Core Worlds of the Empire or as an honourable officer in the Imperial Navy. Please FFG. Do it for me!
  20. It seems to be in stock and for sale at Gameslore now.
  21. I love the art and atmosphere of AHlcg, but I'm not sure what exactly the intended play experience is. I've been playing Dunwich Legacy with a solo investigator, and after doing well in one mission, have basically failed my way through the rest. It seems so unsatisfying to get halfway through Curse of the Rougarou, seeing all of the interesting things that *could* happen, and then just... die. The worst was the first mythos pack though - again, you go through all of the complicated setup, try to set the mood and get in the narrative zone, and then get killed about 1/3 of the way through the scenario. With LotR, the focus is on the mechanics, so if you die you don't lose nearly as much momentum, and you can far more easily reshuffle and try again. It's akin to getting killed in a videogame, where you reload and try immediately. With Arkham, it feels more like you sit down for a 3 hour session of Call of Cthulhu RPG, and 20 minutes in the GM says "and you die. See you next week, and we'll pick up the story at a later point. I guess you'll never know what happened to the Rougarou etc." You feel that you've missed out on story content and it's very unsatisfying. Now, I know people say you can just try again anyway - but with the different "resolutions" and all, it seems to me that that isn't the *intended experience*. So... what is the intended experience? It would be great if on your first playthrough, you just about make it "through" each scenario whilst suffering along the way. But more often than not, you die at a far less satisfying moment. It doesn't seem possible to have a compelling narrative when the random elements of the game might kill you. There are other issues making this worse. A lot of the location effects (barriers etc) seem almost impossible to overcome depending on your investigator, and compared to LotR it frequently seems that there is just nothing you can do on your turn to avoid being killed. And I like the idea of exploring the locations, but when playing solo you can get really screwed because of the limited movements, and only realising in hindsight that you've wasted your precious actions by going to the wrong locations or pursuing the objective that is actually not best for your investigator. I really, really wanted to like this. But the concept just doesn't seem to work, and compared to the freedom of LotR at this point it hardly seems like a game at all.
  22. We've been playing Jewel of Yavin, and the only way we could of stealing the jewel was, uh, bombing the museum in the middle of the gala. Sooo... one *small* gas explosion later and we didn't even get the gem!
  23. FFG's deliveries seem to be very inconsistent across stores and types of products. The latest mythos pack for Arkham Horror LCG was in stock and despatched from my preferred UK retailer on the same day it was released in the USA, but they still don't have some restocks of the Lord of the Rings LCG that arrived three weeks ago at some other UK online stores. Meanwhile No Disintegrations was supposed to be released at the same time and is nowhere to be found :|
  24. My current character is an exiled and secretly force-sensitive Jawa gunslinger. I just find them aesthetically-pleasing, with their robes and decent intelligence. Wish we could finally see them in a sourcebook!
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